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Juliet nearly a Vet Rebecca Johnson

For as long as I can remember I have loved reading. To some books are just letters and words but for me they are much more than that, they open up new worlds and exciting adventures, the possibility to jump into someone else’s shoes and explore a completely different life. I am determined to enstill the same love for reading in my children and I know children can never resist a book character that shares their name. I already found books ‘about’ my oldest two and I recently discovered a great series for my third child Juliet too: Juliet nearly a Vet.

'Juliet nearly a Vet' by Rebecca Johnson

‘Juliet nearly a Vet’ by Rebecca Johnson

Juliet nearly a Vet 1Juliet nearly a Vet is written by Australian author, teacher and mum Rebecca Johnson who has written more than 60 books. Over the course of four short books she tells the story of Juliet, a 10-year old Australian girl who dreams of becoming a vet. She loves helping out her mum, a vet, at the clinic and even keeps her own Vet Diary filled with every tiny bit of information about sick animals and their treatment. It might just come in handy when Juliet and her friend Chelsea start their own Pet Motel in Juliet nearly a Vet: The Great Pet Plan.

Juliet nearly a Vet 2From cats to wombats, from lizards to parrots and from snakes to koalas, Juliet loves them all and she is always happy to lend a helping hand to an animal in need. In Juliet nearly a Vet: At The Show Juliet and her friend are determined to get pony Midgie ready for the show. Surely that’s a piece of cake for someone who’s nearly a vet? And then there’s the new chicken coop to be built and nine little guinea pig babies to adore, vets have a busy life. 

Juliet nearly a Vet 3Life is busy at a farm too, especially around spring time with new babies arriving all the time. Luckily Juliet is not scared of some hard work so in Juliet nearly a Vet: Farm Friends she offers to help out for the week at her friend Maisy’s farm. Little lamb Flossy needs to be bottle fed, there are four ducklings and eight chicks to keep track of, pigs to be fed and where has Bella, the pregnant cow gone? Juliet is just in time to help deliver the new calf, I wonder what the farmer will call the new addition… 

Juliet nearly a Vet 4While my kids are a little bit too young to read Juliet nearly a Vet by themselves they have loved listening to me reading the books to them, in particular Juliet nearly a Vet: Bush Baby Rescue (a baby possum is now on their wish list). With 85 pages per book and a good font size they are the perfect read for the 8-10 year old age group. The books contain some lovely animal illustrations and at the end of each book is a short quiz to test your freshly gained animal knowledge.

If your kids like animals and in particular the Australian wildlife they’ll fall in love with Juliet for sure.

To find out more about Rebecca Johnson’s Juliet nearly a Vet book series ($9.99 per book) published by Penguin Books Australia and to order online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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  1. my little girl wants to be a nurse to look after people like her mum

  2. My daughter to me when she was about en that she was going to be a Librarian, live in Dubbo, drive a red sports car and she didn’t need any man to help her get all that. Her life hasn’t worked out quite to this plan but she has the degree, she has the bite little car and works at a high level in the public service and I’m happy to say I have a wonderful son-in-law and the birth their first child is due in six weeks. I’m proud as punch and I love tham so much.

  3. My 5 year old Grandaughter want to be a Vet,like her Father, She has endless books on animals, and can make all their noises,she loves to visit the zoo every year,they have 3 dogs, a cat, a Horse, a Pony, goldfish , and who knows whats next.

  4. I hadn’t heard of these books until seeing them here. So glad to know about them now!They will be perfect for my 6 yr old daughter & her friends who are little readers, all obsessed with the idea of becoming vets.

  5. Miss Abby (7) wants to be a teacher and Miss Tyler (9) wants to be a Vet Nurse

  6. My grand daughter (6) does not know yet, but we would love her to be involved with animals as we have a farm.

  7. Reading to your children is so important. Helps build up their imagination while teaching them proper grammar and spelling as well. Plus how nice is it to snuggle in bed with your muchkin/s and read them a book?!

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