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Cold Power

The most heartwarming smile, the tiniest fingers and toes, big sparkling eyes and a cute little nose, I just love everything about babies except the large amounts of washing they create. Somehow I thought that one little person extra wouldn’t make much difference when it came to my already huge laundry pile, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Just for fun I have collected all the washing I have done this week for the baby only (imagine all the winter washing from the other five of us on top of that!):

Tiny baby, big washing pile

Tiny baby, big washing pile

Cold Power Sensitive TouchCountless sets of clothes, bedlinen, wraps, towels and of course an enormous pile of burp clothes, our little Sybil is an expert at making dirty washing. Because of our experience with eczema in our older children we are very aware of the first symptoms and unfortunately it looks like Sybil may have inherited the same sensitive skin as the others. When it comes to skincare products and washing powder I try to avoid unnecessary ‘nasties’ that could irritate her delicate skin.

Because I do at least one wash every day we go through our detergent quite quickly so I was pretty happy to receive a bottle of the new Cold Power Sensitive Touch laundry liquid to try. Cold Power Sensitive Touch is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested and is free from perfumes, something that often triggers irritation of both skin and airways. This ‘gentle’ promise is backed up by a partnership with the Eczema Association of Australasia so I felt confident it was a safe choice for our family. I have not noticed any difference in their breathing or skin so Cold Power has earnt a tick there.

We put it to the test: Approved!

We put it to the test: Approved!

Cold Power Sensitive Touch may be gentle on the skin but of course a laundry detergent is not very useful if the washing doesn’t come out clean. As the name suggests Cold Power stands out from other laundry products by its ability to deliver excellent results in cold water, saving you both energy and money. I will admit that I normally wash with warm water because my kids take out the no.1 prize when it comes to making stains and those stains don’t easily budge without hot water (or so I thought).

Cold Power SSI didn’t think they would but the cleaning results with Cold Power Sensitive Touch are identical to my ordinary washing powder, it looks like there are no more excuses for me not to go cold! A small number of really tough stains could not be lifted but to be fair my usual laundry detergent couldn’t get rid of them either (I tried!) so they needed a simple overnight soak, no problem at all.

Cold Power Sensitive Touch laundry detergent is available as a powder ($14.99, 2kg) and liquid ($14.99, 2L) and you can find it in the cleaning aisle of your local supermarket. One 2L bottle/2kg pack holds enough detergent for 44 washes (on average), that’s a lot even for a big family like ours. When you think of the energy and therefore money you save by using cold water I think Cold Power offers great value for money and of course it is better for the environment too. To find out how and how much you could save on your washing costs by washing smarter take the quick Shrink Your Bill test.

To find out more about Cold Power Sensitive Touch visit www.washsmarter.com.au.

This is a sponsored post for Cold Power and Digital Parents Collective. Cold Power Sensitive Touch provided complimentary samples 
for this post, however the opinions and content expressed within are completely my own.

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  13 Responses to “Cold Power giveaway”

  1. The test would not let me use zero. I always use cold water & very rarely use the dryer. Interesting though.

  2. Cold power os my preferred brand but now even happier to use this new sensitive touch to keep my family, safe from additives that may cause an allergy.

  3. Cold Power is the brand that I love to use- we all love its smell & the way it washes. I’m very excited that it now comes in a sensitive option for the littlies!

  4. The test is great i never knew i could save so much 🙂 Awesome giveaway

  5. It allowed me to use zero and my total years cost was only $5.39. Hard to believe.

    • Hi Deb,
      I am afraid I can’t help you out there as I am not responsible for the Shrink Your Bill application, I am so sorry. Obviously the answers differ per person and the same goes for energy and water prices, the main goal is to make people aware of the unnecessary use of hot water and the dryer.

  6. Thank-you,

  7. Thankyou I have 3 princesses with sensitive skin cold power sensitive touch will be on my shopping list.

  8. Thanks for the chance to win such a useful prize! I wash with cold water all the time, but find some detergents aggravate my children’s eczema, would be interested to try this product. 🙂

  9. I used zero as we only have cold water and it worked for me. (Rural well water).

  10. I was amazed at the amount I’d save. Love Cold Power, have used it for many years.

  11. My mother uses cold powder and she has recommended it to me since I was married I have always used cold powder in cold water and it has always washed my clothes perfect.

  12. My mother has recommended cold powder to me and it really works I love it

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