May 302013

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When our little baby Sybil was born three months ago we received many lovely comments on our name choice (and a few scrunched up noses too). Call it classic or old fashioned but we just love it. Luckily for us quite a few people had recently warmed (back) up to the name thanks to the gorgeous Lady Sybil from Downton Abbey, one of my favourite tv shows. Beautiful dresses, stiff butlers, gossiping housemaids, impressive titles and stunning houses, I really enjoy a good ‘costume drama’ so once I heard about The Heiresses by Allison Rushby I knew it was the perfect read for me (and a good excuse to sit down for some me-time).

Heiresses CVR SI.indd

The Heiresses will take you back to London in 1926, where the lives of three teenage girls are about to be changed forever. Clio, Erato and Thalia don’t know eachother and each of them grew up in very different circumstances, so what do they have in common? When they all get called to London to meet with Hestia, the aunt they never knew they had, they discover that they are triplets. Hestia is determined to help the girls claim the fortune their birth mother left them when she passed away, not an easy task as the money is in the greedy hands of their half brother Charles.

There are a lot of questions surrounding their birth and while they put the pieces of the puzzle together the three sisters are invited to stay with their well off, and rather progressive, aunt. The prospect of being rich, living the life of a socialite and getting to know your brand new family; a whole new world opens up for the girls and at times it is a bit much to take in for them. Does money come before family? Each sister has her own struggles and their characters clash sometimes, but family is worth a lot and through it all they come closer together.

I really enjoyed The Heiresses, I read it from cover to cover in one day because I couldn’t wait to find out the ending (Lucky I started on a Sunday morning). I loved discovering the differences between the sisters, even more so because I have twins myself who are very different too. The book is full of interesting turns and just when I thought I knew what was coming the end still surprised me, which is just what a good book should do. Priced at just $14.99 it is a great gift for yourself or a lovely friend, you won’t regret the purchase.

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