May 162013

As you may know I am a big fan of Disney movies, in particular the real classics. They have the perfect balance to keep everyone happy: princesses for my girls, a hero for my son and of course the all important wise lesson (sometimes more obvious than others). When I first heard of Wreck It Ralph I wasn’t sure what to think but we decided to give it a try anyway and I am so glad we did. We all LOVED it, this has to be one of the best new Disney movies I have seen in a while!

Wreck It Ralph Blu-rayWreck It Ralph takes place in a busy games arcade, filled with everyone’s favourite (old school) games. What the players don’t know is that hidden behind the screens is a whole new world and all the characters in each game are alive. Big, clumsy Ralph is the bad boy character in the popular game Fix It Felix, Ralph does the wrecking and Felix steps in to do the fixing, day in day out. Slowly Ralph becomes sick of always being the bad guy, he wants to be loved and liked too.

At night when the arcade closes all the games are ‘open’ and character can move freely throughout the different games. Ralph decides to go undercover in the fast paced action game Hero’s Duty in the hope to score a medal and prove he is big hero. Everything seems to go to plan at first and he earns that much wanted medal, now all he needs to do is get back to his own game. If only it was that easy…

Wreck It Ralph DVDIn the middle of all the action clumsy Ralph ends up in the sweet, sticky game of Sugar Rush and loses his medal to the adorable and very cheeky Vannelope. Vannelope fights a battle of her own, she wants to take part in the Sugar Rush race but as she is only a glitch she can’t compete. Ralph realises Vannelope shares his dream of being loved and the two of them become friends.

Ralph uses his talents to help Vannelope practise for the race, but then he discovers that winning might not be in Vannelope’s best interests at all and she could lose her life. Like a real hero he puts her life above his own dreams, even if it means losing his medal. Will this be the end of their friendship? What happens to Vannelope’s dream of winning the race and will Ralph be recognised as the good, kind hearted hero he is?

Wreck It Ralph is available on Blu-ray ($49.95) and DVD ($39.95) at major retailers across Australia.

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