Apr 162013

Yesterday we kicked off the school holidays with a lazy breakfast, some craft and a visit to the playground and finished the day with a nice relaxing movie on the couch. Now of course holidays are a bit special so the kids were treated to Disney’s Aladdin, brand new to them and an old favourite of mine.

Aladdin Blu-rayLike all good Disney classics Aladdin is usually safely tucked away in the Disney vault, but last month the vault doors opened once again and Aladdin was released on Blu-ray and DVD for today’s generation to enjoy. No matter how young or old you are, you can’t help but fall in love with the magic of a thousand and one nights: flying carpets, Arabian sultans, mysterious princesses dressed in traditional gowns and not to forget the genie in the bottle.


When handsome and street wise commoner Aladdin falls heads over heels in love with the beautiful princess Jasmine their blossoming friendship is not approved by everyone. Everything changes when Aladdin and his monkey friend Abu get their hands on a magical lamp, home to a friendly (and very funny) genie. The genie grants Aladdin three wishes, giving him the chance to change his future. Will he find a way to be with Jasmine after all?

Aladdin 2

Aladdin DVDBad boy Jafar (a little scary for my kids!), together with his parrot helper Iago, is doing everything he can to get hold of the magical lamp and use it for his own good. For a moment it looks like his evil plans may mean the end for Aladdin but thanks to teamwork, friendship, true love and a bit of luck everything works out in the end and the two love birds are free to live happily ever after.

Aladdin is available on Blu-ray ($49.95) and DVD ($39.95) at major retailers across Australia.

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