Apr 152013


With two weeks of school holidays ahead of us I know my kids will spend lots of time on pretend play. They love dressing up and enjoy playing in their toy kitchen. From cooking scrumptious meals for us and eachother, playing restaurant or setting up shop, our basket full of toy food is sure to get a great workout this holiday. I don’t know if you have noticed but quite often pretend play food does not really fit in with a healthy a diet…

Educo Healthy Salad KitHamburgers, chips, cakes and icecream, you’ll find them in almost every play food kit but what does that teach kids about healthy eating? I recently stumbled upon these healthy alternatives which I think should be part of any toy kitchen. Teach your child about healthy food with this gorgeous Educo Healthy Salad Kit ($39.95) from Send a Toy. Yummy lettuce leaves, tomato, cucumber, capsicum, onion and carrot make for a very tasty salad and they are good for you too!

Pasta Kit

Like most kids my tribe also loves pasta and this Educo Pasta Pretend Play Set ($32.95) looks almost good enough to eat. With three different types of felt pasta, sauce and even Parmesan cheese little chefs can creates delicious meals in their toy kitchen. Two plates, forks and knives are included to complete the beautiful dinner-for-two table setting.

To find out more about Send a Toy, to take a closer look at these and many other pretend play toys and to order online visit www.sendatoy.com.au.