Apr 092013


When it comes to feeding time our household gets pretty busy. It not always easy to find a meal that all the kids like and then there is the all important issue of who gets to use what plate. I recently decided to end the struggle and get rid of my mish mash of kids plates. The old plates started a new life in the toy kitchen and the real meals are being served on the award winning BecoThings tableware from Avidiva.

BecoThings Feeding SetMade from sustainable and durable natural plant fibres found in bamboo and rice husks the BecoThings Feeding Sets ($22.95) are a great fit for the lovely eco-friendly Avidiva store. The BecoThings feeding gear is BPA, PVC and Phthalate free and once the kids are too old for it you can just plant the pieces in your garden and watch them biodegrade over 2-3 years, how cool is that?

BecoThingsThe BecoThings Feeding Set consists of a funky shaped plate, bowl and cup so dinner, dessert/snack and drinks are all covered. Cleverly designed with raised edges the plate and bowl are easy to use for little people and the cup is the perfect size for a kids drink. Bonus: The BecoThings Feeding Set can be cleaned in the (toprack of the) dishwasher saving you the handwashing, easy peasy.

BecoThings PinkThe BecoThings Feeding Set is available in three colours (blue, pink and green), the plate and cup are coloured while the bowl is a neutral colour. My master 4 calls it the ‘blue star plate’ and the two little ladies think it is a ‘pink flower plate’, either way they love using these plates and so do little guests when they come over. In fact I am about to order a few more sets so we have some spare!

To find out more about Avidiva, to take a closer look at the BecoThings Feeding Set and to order online visit www.avidiva.com.au.

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