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When I look at the beautiful gummy smile of our 1 month old I can hardly imagine that in just a few short months the first teeth will start to appear. While those little white stubs do look terribly cute they can cause a lot of trouble, not only for your baby’s (and as a result also your) mood but for your nice furniture too. Before you know it that stunning cot you picked out with so much care is likely to turn into a chewy treat, so check out Munch before it is too late.

Munch Teething Rail

Munch Teething Rails ($55) are specifically designed to protect your (expensive) cot and your child’s teeth at the same time. The rails are made from soft, chewable, durable TPE that is free from PVC, BPA, phthalates and other toxins so it is perfectly safe for little mouths to chew on. In fact, little ones will love this oversized ‘teething toy’ as it bounces back when chewed on and features multiple ridges that provide much needed teething relief.

Pink-cot-teething-rail-sameAs the Munch Teething Rail is a one-piece product there are no small gaps for germs to hide in making it a very hygienic design. When it comes to cleaning all you need is a wipe, it’s done in a flash and you don’t even need to take the rails off. This makes it a much cleaner option than fabric alternatives which soak up dribble (think of all that dried up drool!) and need to be removed for washing.

Limetini-strapsInstalling a Munch Teething Rail is a breeze, it attaches to your cot with adjustable velcro straps underneath (out of sight) or you can choose to use the stylish over-the-top Munch Straps. The length of the teething rail is a generous 1.3m so it will fit most cots, you simply cut it to fit your cot perfectly. The Munch Teething Rail is available in six stylish colours to¬†compliment your baby’s nursery.

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