Mar 232013

Our three oldest children were always happy to sleep in their cot. Wrapped up nice and snug, cot mobile with light show on and off they went without fuss. And then came baby no.4, a gorgeous little girl who will sleep anywhere but in her own bed. She often moves from room to room with us and a ‘portable’ sleeper calls for a portable light show too, cue Pillow Pets Dream Lites.

imagesCA2PF11XWith the simple touch of a button the new Pillow Pets Dream Lites turn a boring bedroom into a beautiful star filled sky. If your child is not too fond of the dark a Pillow Pets Dream Lite will be an ideal bed buddy. Kids can easily turn on the magic themselves as there is only one button, conveniently located on top, and they can even change the colour of the stars by pressing it multiples times.

Unlike our neighbours’ dogs the soft brown Snuggly Puppy is nice and quiet and our little lady loves staring at all the stars on the ceiling and even the walls, there are lots and lots of them and they’re actually surprisingly bright. Dream Lites work on 3 AAA batteries and to make your batteries last a little longer you can use the 20-minute sleep timer.

Pillow Pets Dream Lites Snuggly Puppy

PIllow Pets Dream Lites Snuggly Puppy

product1_81802There are currently six different Dream Lites available with more designs on the way, keep an eye on the My Pillow Pets website to see the latest additions. If it was up to Miss 4 she would definitely choose the gorgeous Ms Lady Bug which happens to be my favourite too, which Dream Lites character do you like most? You can find the new Pillow Pets Dream Lites (RRP $29.95) at major department stores and independent toy retailers across Australia.

For a limited time only, order two or more items from and receive free shipping Australia wide.

To find out more about Pillow Pets, to take a closer look at the different designs and to order online visit

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