Mar 292013


Breastfeeding, what can I say, it’s almost a sport really: It takes a lot of exercise, you need to show persistence, for some people it comes naturally and for others it doesn’t, some people end up choosing a different sport, you even burn the calories! This is my third go at breastfeeding and I still find it hard.

While I have not missed a single feed yet I know there might come a time I will be away from our daughter when she needs a feed, whether it be for work, an evening out or just to catch up on some sleep. With that in mind I have started to build a little breastmilk stash by expressing some extra milk every day. Now expressing can take quite some time if you do it by hand or with a manual pump but with the Miomee Double Electric Breast Pump it is a quick and effortless task.



There are many different breast pumps available so it is hard to know what pump is best. When I first used a breast pump in 2008 the nurses told me to make sure I bought a ‘hospital grade’ pump with a strong, durable motor that is suitable for daily use if needed. The Miomee Double Electric Breast Pump ($399.95) is designed to fit the bill, it is made with high quality materials, a strong motor and adjustable settings for ultimate comfort and efficiency for every user.

The gentle flex cups are most definitely comfortable on both low and strong suction settings, no painful vacuum seal or red marks like with some other pumps. The cups are specifically designed to compress the breast to replicate baby’s feeding action and they will fit most breast shapes. Cleaning the soft 100% food grade silicone cups is super easy as you don’t need to pull them apart, this will save you so much time (more time to sleep!). When it comes to expressing just screw on any size Miomee bottle and you’re ready.


The Miomee Double Electric Breast Pump motor unit looks neat and is simple to use with few buttons, but it actually has a massive 9 different suction strengths and 9 cycle rates to suit your body, your preference and your baby’s natural feeding action. After all, every woman and every baby is different and your milk expression will be most efficient if your pump ‘feels’ like your baby. This natural feel makes let down very easy and you can change the settings during your session to suit your personal taste.

Miomee DEBThe Miomee Double Electric Breast Pump Kit contains all you need for expressing, storing and feeding breastmilk. The kit consists of the motor unit with two gentle flex cups, four feeding bottles (2x 150ml and 2x 270ml) with slow flow teats, two 3m+ medium flow teats, two bottle stands, four milk storage lids and six disposable breast pads. With a bit of luck these are all the feeding supplies you need, all in one complete box. A special Miomee backpack is included for easy transport and storage.

Whether you are breastfeeding or bottlefeeding, now is the time to stock up on all your feeding essentials. This Easter weekend you can save 15% storewide at Simply create an account and enter the code ‘EASTER15’ at checkout, minimum spend is $25. Be quick as this great offer ends April 1, 2013!

To find out more about Tommee Tippee Miomee, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit, shipping is free Australia wide.

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