Mar 172013

I was lucky enough to have hubby home for a few weeks while we adjusted to life as a family of six but this week he’ll go back to work, I am a little nervous to be honest. The twins loved having daddy home all the time, he walked them to school and played lots of games with them, just like a holiday!

For the past months we have been working very hard in our garden to get it kid-ready and now we can finally start enjoying it. While hip daddy takes the kids out for some outside fun I can calmly feed the baby and maybe even sneak in a little nap. I recently spotted these kids Gardening Kits at Little Me Little You and I think they look gorgeous.

Kids Gardening Kits ($34.99) at Little Me Little You

These cute Gardening Kits are available in a boys and girls design and contain all you need to keep the kids busy in the garden for ages. A handy toolbelt, 3 carbon steel gardening tools with wooden handles and of course a pair of gardening gloves to fit little kids’ hands. I can already hear the kids say ‘I look just like daddy’! Looking forward to eating lots of yummy salads with vegies from our own vegie patch.

To find out more about Little Me Little You, to take a closer look at the Kids Gardening Kits ($34.99) and to order online visit

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