Mar 302013

Isn’t it amazing how much a little bit of a sleep-in can do for your energy levels? I have really been looking forward to this long weekend, I love spending time as a family and my lovely husband even let me have a sleep-in yesterday morning so that was a great start to the Easter break. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore my four little ones but it is hard work!

Alive_Womens_60s_3As a mum of four I sometimes (read: often) wake up feeling ‘more dead than alive’ so I take a good multivitamin to give me the much needed energy to get through the day (believe me, I need it when I’ve been up all night with an unhappy newborn). At Blackmores they understand that most women lead a busy lifestyle and we all have our flat moments, which is why they have developed a complete multivitamin that contains all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes you need to feel alive.

The Blackmores Alive! Women’s Multivitamin does more than just help restore your energy levels, it also contains important antioxidants for healthy skin and key nutrients for a healthy immune system, healthy brain performance and healthy bones and muscles. It will also support your metabolism and give your system a little boost in times of stress. With just one tablet a day Blackmores Alive! has got all these important factors covered, no wonder it makes you feel more alive!

AliveWomens60s503Because your body, needs and lifestyle (usually) change as you get older there is a special Blackmores Alive! Multivitamin for women over 50. Of course women are not the only ones who sometimes wake up feeling far from energetic (ask my husband who keeps me company during the night feeds) so the men can count on Alive! Men’s Multivitamin and Alive! Men’s 50+ Multivitamin for daily support.

UntitledTo help one lucky Hip little one reader feel extra alive we are giving away a fabulous Blackmores Alive! Prize Pack valued at $250+. Our lucky winner will receive the following prizes: 4 bottles of Blackmores Alive! Multivitamins, a Blackmores water bottle, a Blackmores visor and a cute Alligator Pink overnight bag to take with you on your next adventure. What’s the first thing you’ll do when you’ve refound your energy?

Blackmores Alive! Multivitamins cost $29.95 per 60 tablets or $49.95 per 120 tablets.

To find out more about Blackmores, to take a closer look at the Blackmores Alive! range and to order online go to or visit one of the many Blackmores stockists across Australia.

For your chance to win the $250+ Blackmores Alive! Prize Pack visit and answer the following question: What moment/event this year made you feel most alive?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

Competition ends April 30, 2013. Sorry, Australian entries only. By entering you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

  190 Responses to “Alive! giveaway”

  1. Would love to win with three kids and my son who still wakes up heaps throughout the night this will give me the energy I need!

  2. I felt most alive for the beginning of the year. A new year & a fresh start.

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  6. 1. – red checks bunting

  7. 2. – Alimrose Designs Lunch Box – Girl with Deer Pink

  8. 3.
    Baby longsleeve tee Fly Away by Retro-Rock-and-Robots


  10. Has to be the birth of our precious baby boy.. And suddenly having 3 children under 4 years! 😉

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  15. Avidiva-Eco Peko Happy Daks in chocolate

  16. Baby Donkie-Alimrose Designs Small Round Snack Pots Vintage Style

  17. Love the Ride On Truck!

  18. Itty Bitty Box-Breakfast Play Set in Tin Case my kids LOVE wooden playfood.. 🙂


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  21. Love the Ultimate School Pack Labels for girls on stickybiz:

  22. Gift set B looks beautiful on Earlybirds site:

  23. Guardian Opulence looks like an extremely useful hygienic mattress on Bedguard:

  24. “What moment/event this year made you feel most alive?”
    I suffer from depression but when my little grand-daughter paid an overdue visit she was genuinely thrilled, throwing her arms around me, shouting “Poppy” and giving me the biggest kiss. This is being alive – experiencing unconditional love for no other reason than being me!

  25. Losing 10kg in 8 weeks, all done in a very healthy way has made me feel more alive than I have in MANY years.

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  29. My man returning from overseas deployment!!! For so many reasons 😉

  30. Going extreme four wheel driving in the bush.

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  32. amazingly it was when I broke a rib…. that pain let me know I was well and truly alive! 🙂

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  37. I felt most alive when I ran my first 5km run post baby. It was great!

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  43. I love the frog high chair from gummy babies. Would look great in our kitchen.

  44. I like the pink and navy maternity dress from – my favourite colour combination

  45. I love the Jujo Baby Stripe Hooded Jacket in Silver. It is a perfect winter unisex piece. It’s from Little Boo-Teek

  46. The Walk & Ride Bunny Sorter from Avidiva would make a great Easter present.

  47. I believe all things happen for a reason and my husband having cancer, at age 49 and surviving, sent us both on a spiritual journey we would have never gone on if it wasn’t for the cancer. However not all people are this lucky! While in hospital I witnessed and experienced the pain and trauma families and friends are put through with this disease and it shook me up quite a bit. I would have to say this is when I felt most alive and lucky to still have my husband!

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  54. being involved in the Mother’s Day Classic promo here in Tassie, Made me, Feel alive and full of energy

  55. Dislocating my shoulder last week – the pain has definitely let me know how alive I am!

  56. About two months into jogging for the first time for a fitness kick. One day I started out and felt really good, realising I can jog and can go beyond what I thought I was capable of. Yippee I can really do this and enjoy the satisfaction and alone time.

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  61. My favourite item from SUSTAINABABY is Flatoutbear baby

  62. My favourite item from MOCKA is Ernie the Elephant

  63. My favourite item frm STICKYBIZ is Chirpie Canvas No. 2

  64. My favourite item from AVIDIVA is Calffy Paddie Rider

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  69. love Pastel-striped singlet dress from Maternity Sale

  70. love Coq en Pâte Tee – Mibo Lion from Little Boo-Teek

  71. love Mini Rodini Budgie Summersuit from skiptomylou

  72. like Pink Flower and Bow Party Dress from baby donkie

  73. My little girl’s birthday makes me feel most alive because she came to my life and gives us lots of joy and happiness. Love her so much!

  74. I feel most alive while swimming at the beach ,its so refreshing

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  78. love the little tiny Isolette Suits over at Early Birds

  79. loving the Dwell Studio 2 Bib and Burp Set – Owl Tree over at Baby Donkie

  80. The ‘Eliza’ doll over at Itty Bitty Box is so so cute

  81. how cute is the Fox & Finch Stella Pocket Dress over at Little Boo Teek

  82. The birth of my 1st baby boy!

  83. Going away for our family holiday. I felt so alive just relaxing and soaking up the nature and having fun and really being there for my little girls.

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  85. From Itty Bitty Box the Lily Dress

  86. From Avidiva the Giimmo Night Light Lemon the Rabbit

  87. From Nana Clairs Gifts the Krooom Trinny Fairy Playset

  88. From Hovoc Denum the Girls Nolita Flutter Dress

  89. * Havoc Denim! Sorry should really watch what I type!

  90. My 3 year old running out in front of a car. She was okay, thank Heaven, but it certainly got my heart racing!

  91. When I found out I was pregnant

  92. Keeping up with my 4 month old lets me know I’m alive.

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  97. After having a laparoscopy and D&C and being told I could have a baby after being told I would never get pregnant!

  98. I felt most alive when out and about on the road for a week last month with my partner! It was such a relaxing fun trip!

  99. The other when my son took his first steps! Amazing feeling!

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  102. Today when my babysitter told me that she lost my son at the shopping centre! He was found by security luckily.

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  107. I like the Terry Gimmo light on Avidiva

  108. TODAY I feel more ALIVE than I have in a while! I’ve decided than I need to be less grumpy, and the only way I’m going to achieve that is to be more healthy. Yesterday I swapped my usual morning coffee and over-buttered toast, with a healthy smoothie! Then last night, I thought to myself ‘stuff the nightly last-minute clean-up’, and went to bed at 8:30 (two hours earlier than usual). And I feel AWESOME!

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  112. From itty bitty box my favourite item is the natural play makeup lip balm and crayons.

  113. I love the boys skull harem pants from babydonkie! =)

  114. My favourite item from Sustainababy is the Sophie the Giraffe “My First Hours” Case. Such an adorable gift!

  115. I absolutely love the Calffy Paddie Rider from avidiva

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  119. Giving birth to our baby girl. That birth adrenalin is great but after being house bound and so unwell for so long it will be a long slow recovery.

  120. I felt most alive this year during my second trimester once the terrible all day morning sickness was over, I suddenly felt energised and great being pregnant!

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  127. Having my now 11mth old start walking properly at 9mths, my little over-achiever and mr independent has now joined the mobile ranks of his older brother and sister, so I no longer have a little baby which I so longed to have for that little bit longer this time, so I now feel definitely alive with 3 cheeky monkeys under 4 running circles around me 🙂

  128. Sorry. My internet crashed this morning and I only got half way through entering.
    I like Jujo Baby Stripe Hooded Jacket by Baby Donkie

  129. My Cute Baby Co – has a great little Fly Away tee by Retro-Rock-and-Robots

  130. Mocka – ride on truck. Trucks rule!

  131. Little Boo Teek has the cutest Jujo Baby Stripe Hooded Jacket for sale.

  132. I felt most alive this year when my dad suffered a heart attack and stroke without warning, and was raced in for a quintuple bypass. (He’s all good and tikity-boo now) and it got me thinking about my health and my responsibility to look after myself. I stopped to value my friends and family and just to breattttthhhhhheeee in the gorgeous surrounds that is my garden, and to be grateful for all I have. It was a turning point for me.

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  134. I felt most alive this year swimming at the beach over summer! This is not something I get to do often as I live in the country.

  135. Jumping into a cold, cold ocean! It’s makes you feel alive all right!

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  137. my most alive feeling this year is still yet to come after having a young baby waking all through the night and then a cancer scare with various dr appointments and a trip to hospital, my energy levels can only get better

  138. Going to the big day out musical festival!!!! ALIVE!!!!!!! Being parents to two young children and having this day “off” made us feel like we were in our twenties again and FULL of energy

  139. Playing in my first roller derby bout, after training for 4 years!

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  143. I grlt Alive when I found out on the 3rd of January that we are pregnant after years of trying, a whole new direction for us this year!

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  145. What moment/event this year made you feel most alive?…

    Life resumed when I left the kids home earlier this year and took off with the girlfriends!
    Nothing beats the exhilaration of being in a jet accelerating down a runway!

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  149. LOVE the Calffy Paddie Riderat AVIDIVA

  150. I felt most alive when I thought I had won the lottery. Turns out, I was looking at last week’s winning numbers

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  153. The birth of my niece 🙂

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  155. Love the ‘Australian Girl’ Doll – Emily

  156. Love the Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset Barn House from Little Obsessions

  157. Love the Pull Along Deer Lillifee from Bright Button Toys

  158. Love the Avidiva – Lelby’s Owl – Bluebell Stripe

  159. At my Brother’s Wedding on the Weekend!

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  165. From Baby Donkie I love the Blafre Robot Steel Bottle!

  166. My doggy giving birth to 6 adorable pups, showing them to the kids, taking care, it was so amazing.

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  171. I like Layla Top at Bink Kids.

  172. I like Small Address Labels at Sticky Biz.

  173. I like Amber Teething Necklaces at Gummy Babies.

  174. Like Fedora Hat at Little Boo-Teek.

  175. Taking my family of 6 to Melbourne the first flight ever for my little ones it was such a thrill!

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  178. Haven’t found it yet, still waiting on the moment

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  182. Getting up at 5.30am and going for my morning walk has made me feel alive and very energetic.

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