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With all the kids finally well and truly installed in their bedrooms (it has taken us a while but we got there!) it has become much easier to see what little bits and pieces we still need to finish their rooms and make them work for everyone. One of the things that I hadn’t been able to find so far was a nice storage unit to put next to the bunkbeds. We tried for a while to go without but we soon had enough of all the toys laying around so I continued my hunt and ended up at Mocka.

Mocka Storage Unit 4Mocka is an Australian family business that’s all about providing Australian families with designer furniture and toys without the designer price tag. Not only do they offer a large range of super hip kids products, there are some very stylish pieces for adults available too. From nursery to living room, from play room or bedroom, Mocka designs are really versatile and can be used anywhere and anytime. These Mocka Storage Cubes (2, 3, 4 or 6 cubes) are so popular and they even sell fabric boxes to fit!

Mocka Post Box 3Back to my hunt for a compact storage unit, which is how I ended up at Mocka in the first place. As soon as I spotted the funky Mocka Post Boxes I knew they would be perfect. The Post Boxes are available in lots of different colours and with 2, 3 or 4 compartments there is plenty of storage space for all your belongings. The little doors slide open easily so you can quickly tidy (read hide) any mess from visitors if needed.

Mocka Postbox

Mocka Post Box 2Because I know by now how often our kids change their mind on colours and bedroom configuration we went for a white Post Box 4, a safe option that fits in either of the bedrooms, suits boys and girls and has lots of room even for siblings sharing a room. I might even get one of the smaller Post Boxes too for next to the couch in the living room so I have somewhere to put my drink and store the remotes. Prices of the Mocka Post Boxes start at $69.95 with low shipping rates to match their affordable prices.

To find out more about Mocka, to browse the range and to order online visit www.mocka.com.au.

For your chance to win a funky red Mocka Post Box 3 visit www.mocka.com.au and answer the following question: Aside from the Mocka Post Boxes, which other Mocka product do you really like and why?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

Competition ends March 5, 2013. Sorry, Australian entries only. By entering you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

  329 Responses to “Mocka giveaway”

  1. I’m in LOVE with Mocka’s Tepees. They are so gorgeous, and perfect for some wonderful imaginative play for my little cherubs, which they love.

  2. What a gorgeous storage idea…these would look awesome in the “play area” of the family room for sure.
    Thanks for the chance at winning one of these beauties.
    Best of luck to all entrants.

  3. MOCKA Teepees – WOW! Such a great price too!

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  5. Sticky Biz – Ultimate School Value Packs

  6. Grox – Tiffany Tote Black & Cream

  7. Nana Clair’s Gifts – Missi Missi Bean Bag- JUNIOR SIZE- Dark Blue with Red Stars

  8. Havocdenim – Boys Hudson Skater ‘BLUE’ Shorts

  9. I love our mocha cowboys and Indians teepee. My children play in it EVERYDAY. It has been the best ‘toy’ they have ever received. Promoting imagination and inspiration, camp outs in the lounge room and a summertime outside reading nook.
    But if I had to choose a new favourite, I’d go with the balance bike. Super cute!

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  11. I like Storage Unit – Four Cubes because is practical for storage and keeping all the toys. Suitable from infants through to teens.

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  15. I love the ladder shelf, such a funky design idea!

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  19. Our house is tiny and with three kids and no storage it is a struggle to keep things organised. I love their storage units. The 6 cubes storage unit would be a perfect idea to go in my girls bedroom, under the window. That position is beside the bed so the top could be used easily for their alarm clock and bits and pieces and the cubes used for toy/craft/book storage. The three cube one would be perfect in my sons room near his change tablet o hold all his bits and pieces.

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  23. 5 IN 1 ACTIVITY EASEL from Gummy Babies

  24. Jane Jenni Insulated Lunch Bag – Diner from Little Boo-Teek

  25. Toddler Tints – Zoo Friends from Avidiva

  26. Bobble Art Duffle Bag – Flower from Nana Claires gifts

  27. New Liker, this is the perfect thing for me with three young kids!!

  28. I have Subscribed to @MockaOz on Twitter, glad to follow.

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  30. I Have Tweeted about this giveaway on Twitter using @hiplittleone and @MockaOZ in my tweet and shared on facebook!! Have a fabulous week!!

  31. I like the Storage Unit , so practical and great for keeping the mess off the floor!!

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  33. LOVE the Mocka Art House and teepees but my absolute fave Mocka item is the Kids Tree Hanger!

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  35. The armchairs are great and really cheap. Thanks for the tip off!

  36. Love the SoYoung Insulated Cooler Bag – Green Robot from Sustainababy

  37. Love the Lelby’s Bean Chairs – Damask RED from Avidiva. I want the adult size in that divine fabric 🙂

  38. Alimrose Designs Lil’ Red Riding Hood – Woodland Friends Doll from Baby Donkie is too cute!

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  40. wow these Mocka post boxes are a great idea for keeping kids tidy

  41. I think we need to get the Le Toy Van- Honeybake Mixer Set from Nana Clair’s Gifts. I love it!!! And I promise i will let Miss 4 play with it also 🙂

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  46. This Mocka Postbox would be perfect in my sons room and he’s turning 12 so I think they’d be useful for a long time!

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  48. Love the Mocka Original Highchair

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  51. I love the Mocka wood table and chairs, the colour of the wood would go nicely against the different types of wood in my house.

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  56. I like Mocka Urban Bike because my 3 years old daughter really love bikes and car. she would love to ride on Mocka Urban bike. It looksq cute too.

  57. I like the Mocka Table and Stool Set- It’s practical and colourful!

  58. email subscriber.

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  60. Would love a buy a Mocka Teepee, my boys would adore one rather than a sheet over the dining room table!

  61. Mocka Industrial Stool – Small, so handy to have around the house.

  62. Ernie the Elephant, what a great name & an even better product! Lots of fun to be had with this.

  63. Kids Tree Hanger, cute & functional.

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  68. I love the kids armchairs.

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  73. AWWWWW I Love the MOCKA urban bike! How ccol is it!

  74. I adore the Rocking Horse. I can see it becoming a favourite for generations to enjoy.

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  76. http://gr8x.net/ – ‘Penny’ Top Zip Hobo

  77. http://www.sustainababy.com.au – FLATOUTbearbaby

  78. http://www.mocka.com.au/ – Mocka Urban Bike

  79. http://www.avidiva.com.au/ – BabyLuxe Bamboo Blanket

  80. Love the Storage Unit – Four Cubes. Just what we need to store away our knick knacks and other bits and pieces!

  81. I love the Mocka Original Highchair – looks so much sleeker, lighter, stylish and easier to clean than the current grubby ‘beast’ I’m using!

  82. I absolutely love the ladder shelf. It would look good in any room and have multiple uses! I love Mocka and can’t get over how cheap the prices are for such designer style products! Thanks for helping me discover them!

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  88. I adore the MINI TEEPEE – the ultimate girlie getaway for my two little princesses, tea party heaven.

  89. I’ve LIKED Mocka

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  91. I’ve SHARED this giveaway on my F/B page

  92. HAVOV DENIM – My fav item is Girls New York Ruffle Playsuit

  93. BABY DONKIE – My fav item is Happy Cupcake Land Wall Decal

  94. gr8x – my fav item is the Odette Satchel

  95. I love their balance bikes because they are mega cute!

  96. EARLY BIRDS = my fav item is the Gift Set a

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  98. i like all these, all my favourite, mocha storage units, great storage and the chair looks so comfy ( our current chair is falling apart). And my little girl would love the rocking horse too!

  99. Mocka Storage Cubes are so useful fitting into small spaces and easy for kids to tidy their toys into them

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  105. I love the Mocka Urban Bike, we’re looking into one of these for my kids, unfortunately they still don’t reach the pedals on the bikes and trikes that we have yet, so they can’t get around with their friends, they are old enough to ride a bike but genetics gave them short legs 🙁

  106. The other Item that I love on Mocka is the Kids Armchairs they look Comfortable and Stylish and the Perfect Place for Reading a Book.

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  112. Oooo! I love that Mocka Urban Bike.

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  116. I confess: I absolutely adore the post boxes. So cute, colourful and practical. But Mocka do have other gems. That ladder shelf is terrific, and the adult’s recliner in bright red looks just the ticket to relaxation. But the post boxes are the best! 🙂

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  119. I love the Girly Girl Teepee. Such a perfect and exciting place to play for my two little girly girls.

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  121. I love the Tree Hanger – perfect for the girls dress ups!

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  127. The Girly Girl Teepee. Absolutely beautiful. Not for my kids – for me to hide out in and relax and get some me time 😉

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  129. We’ve been eying off Mocka balance bikes well before our son was born!

  130. Pretty keen on the Mocka Original Highchair actually.
    I recently gave mine away thinking I’d no longer need it, but seems I actually do!

  131. LOVE the Mocka Table and Stool Set with the coloured seats. This will be my next buy from Mocka 🙂

  132. I love the Mocka Industrial Stool (small) – funky, functional and a bit retro. Can go anywhere in the house!

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  134. I love the small mocka industrial stool – very versatile and a bit retro; would be able to put it anywhere; it’s fab!

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  136. love everything, love the teepees and kids arm chairs but the best would have to be the practical storage units, practical but very modern and colourful in the kids room

  137. Kids Armchairs they’re so adorable!

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  142. The Kids Tree Hanger is a gorgeous stand for my daughters Enchanted Fairy Forest bedroom. Purple or Mauve would be a Adorable colour also. Perfect for school hats , jacket & bag.
    These trees are Fantastic they also come in a Mini tree & Adult tree..
    I’m looking at purchasing soon BUT Miss 7 cannot make her mind up which colour.
    I’m choosing Adult Black.

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  146. Love the Mocka Wood Table and Chairs – beautiful.

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  151. I love the balance bikes, my son has a mocka one and it’s great!

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  156. The kids armchairs look stylish and durable. Exactly what I need for my rough and tough little sons.

  157. Red Doris the dog, I can see my little boys having a woderful time with these taking the dog for a walk around the house, bringing Doris to life and even introducing him to their real dog Ringo. I forgot I think they would love spending time with Doris at the table. What a fantatstic seat. Wait I have 3 little boys so I think I will need 3 Dorises to save the fight.

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  161. I love the Kids Steel Wagon – reminds me of my own childhood, as I had something very similar and it would pull all my stuffed animals around with me 🙂

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  169. We love the Soho Wooden Highchair so much we recently bought 2! Our daughter has sensory processing issues, she is a movement seeker and for the first time in her life she sat at the dinner table for an entire meal on the Soho chair! We would recommend them to everyone!

  170. I have been looking for a beanbags for the girls room and haven’t found any ones I like, but the Mocka Bean bag is perfect. Big and I love the bright red colour. Must get two.

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  173. Nana Clairs Gifts – Krooom – Trinny Fairy Playset

  174. Babiedonkie – Happi Cupcake Land Wall Decal

  175. Mocka.com.au – Mocka Kids Bean bag

  176. Avidiva – Lelby’s Bean Chairs – Faux Fur Chocolate

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  178. I love the kids table and stool set. A great place for my kids to eat at, draw at and just sit at

  179. I love the Mocka change table and drawer set, it would be perfect for my baby’s nursery 🙂

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  184. My favourite item at Sustainababy is the ERGObaby Organic Carrier – Black

  185. From hootkid I love the Little Prairie Skirt

  186. My favorite thing in the baby donkie shop is the Alimrose Designs Bird & Flower Teether – Posy Stripe

  187. And my favourite item at Skip to my Lou is the Dandelion Chloe Dress 🙂

  188. The two cube storage unit in blue, is a simple neat little storage unit for beside the bed.

  189. Stunningly stylish, balance beautiful. I see funky fun times ahead on park pathways with a MOCKA Urban Balance bike…essential for co-ordination and balance. MOCKA magical!

  190. Am a subscriber to your weekly giveaways and comps email

  191. We love the Mocka Highchair ~ we have one at home, and its best feature is it can ‘grow with the child’ ~ it’s adjustable and can become a normal chair when they are older. It is made from beautiful wood and the delivery fee from Mocka is so reasonable for large items.

  192. Have ‘liked’ on Facebook, and not just because of the comp, because they are a great Aussie company.

  193. Like the Coqenpate ‘Protect Nature’ design bag from Nana Clair’s Gifts

  194. Love the Bounce Bike design Balance Bike from Mocka

  195. Love the Alimrose Designs Super Hero Squeaker from Baby Donkie.

  196. Love the ‘I’m a Star’ tee from Hootkids (and the ‘Eyes on You’ harem pants, too).

  197. I love the Kids Tree Hanger, it is sure brighten up any kids room, and not to mention avoid clothes all over the floor!

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  200. I love the Mocka folding change table for its space saving and classy design, it would be perfect for our two bedroom home

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  203. I love the kids tree hangers because they are a whimsical and fun way for kids to keep their rooms tidier. They would fit into my theme of Alice in Wonderland nicely!

  204. Would love some of the Storage Units with 3 Cubes. We need more storage that goes up not across the floor!

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  208. Love the Boys Hudon Skater ‘Blue’ Shorts from Havoc Denim

  209. Love Baby Donkie’s Boys Dino Hoodie in Blue

  210. Love Skip to my Lou Boys Mini Rodini New York Narrow Jeans

  211. Love the Change Wallet by Gr8x

  212. I love the mocka change table with drawers. I love it so much I bought it before my daughter was born! It looks great in our room!

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  216. I love the teepees – somewhere to play make believe.

  217. love the kids arm chairs so they can chill out and watch tv in something their size

  218. liked on fb

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  220. Mocka’s LITTLE NUTTY HELMETS..help establishing the habit of wearing super safe head gear from a very early age.

  221. I love the Mocka Kids Tree Hanger in Red. It would be perfect to get my kids to hang up their hats, coats etc!

  222. I like Mocka Australia on Facebook

  223. I’m a subscriber to the sales, savings and giveaways email!

  224. I follow Hip Little One on Pinterest

  225. At Bink Kids, I love the Organic Summer Dress by Duns

  226. At Gummy Babies, I love the 5 in 1 activity easel

  227. At Havoc Denim, I love the Girls Nolita Flutter Dress

  228. At Avidiva, I love the Lelby’s Bean Chair in Damask Pink

  229. I just love Ernie The Elephant in Red from the Mocka range. It is a simple & stylish design that wouldn’t date and would look great in our house. But what I love most is how versatile and indestructible it is. It can survive your kids can using it as a chair, stool and playing with it or it can be a jungle themed feature for their bedrooms.

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  234. I love the Lelby’s Bean Chair in Bluebell Stripes from Avidiva (Sponsor)

  235. I love the Babysaurus Wall Decal from Baby Donkie (Sponsor)

  236. I love the Rhubarb Pyjamas in the Motorbike design from Nana Clairs Gifts (Sponsor)

  237. I love the range of Click Clack wooden cars and trucks from Sustainababy (Sponsor)

  238. Mocka kids armchair, suitable for my son who love to read books!

  239. Liked of facebook

  240. I like Mocka Australia on Facebook!

  241. I love the Mocka Missy Balance Bike. It would be so fabulous for my daughter. She needs to get up her confidence before she can start riding the big bikes liker her cousins!

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  243. I follow Hip Little One on Pinterest!

  244. I like the Milk & Soda Ava Bag at Skip to My Lou!

  245. I like the Garden Height Chart at Stickybiz!

  246. I love the Flatout Bear Baby at Sustainababy!

  247. I like the Double Stretch Swaddling Wrap at Gr8x!

  248. i love the kids arm chairs, look very comfy

  249. I love the Mocka storage cubes – they would be perfect for storing my yarn stash (but I would probably need quite a few units!)

  250. I have liked Mocka Australia on FB.

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  252. I follow Hip little one on Pinterest.

  253. I love the Mocka Missy balance bikes, its very cute.

  254. I like the balance bikes, especially the Moto X Bike. They make a great transition from trike to a bicycle. I also have my eye on one of the kids armchairs.

  255. I subscribe to the weekly Sales, Savings & Giveaways email.

  256. The Astra adult chair
    Can see many stories being read in this comfortable chair 🙂

  257. The MOCHA Children’s Table and Chairs
    Look like they are made with great care
    I can see hours of fun with so many uses
    Especially the art work my grandson produces.

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  259. I like Mocka Australia on Facebook!

  260. I have already got a mocka teepee in cowboys its great the kids cant get enough of it

  261. liked mocka facebook

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  264. The Mocka Urban Bike is fun

  265. I Like Mocka Australia on Facebook

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  270. I like Mocka Missy Bike. It looks fabulous and easy to ride. Also, it is time for little one to learn how to ride. So, we can enjoy outdoor activity together in the afternoon.

  271. Aside from the Mocka post boxes, I love the kids tree hanger. The one in my daughters room hangs all her pretty fairy dresses, playsilks, bags and jewellery. It really livens up the room and gives her quick access for dress ups.

  272. I love the Ride on Truck and so would my little boy. So cute and looks like a lot of fun.

  273. I like the adult wooden stool for its versatility, as a stool and table, for big and little people.
    And it’s easily portable and stackable.

  274. I’m a Subscriber to the weekly Sales, Savings & Giveaways email.

  275. Hi There, I love the Mocka Kids Bean bag – i’ve tried to keep our lounges clean why not have a huge pillow the kids can sit – eat – play on and make a mess and the clean up no worries wipe it off our wash the cover – Im getting one of these…

  276. Love the gorgeous “Ernie the Elphant” stool. It’s cute and a great decoration as well.

  277. I already subscribe to the weekly Sales, Savings & Giveaways email

  278. The Kids Tree Hanger – gorgeous and functional, what more does a child’s room need?

  279. A *liker* of Mocka on FB

  280. Newsletter subscriber 🙂

  281. I absolutely in love with the “Ernie the Elephant” stool. What a funky and versatile accessory for any prince or princesses room!!

  282. FOllowing on twitter

  283. i could choose more than one!! but the ride on bettle in gorgeous and could see my son wizzing away on it.

  284. Sponsor 1 – Baby Donkie – Alimrose Designs Super Hero Squeaker

  285. Sponsor 2 – Mocka – Mocka Kids Bean bag.

  286. i think the teepees look really cool 🙂

  287. Sponsor 3 – Skip to my Lou – Mini Rodini Jaguar Sunglasses

  288. i like mocka on facebook 🙂

  289. Sponsor 4 – Itty Bitty Box – Automoblox – Mini S9 Heather

  290. i subscribe to the weekly sales alert 🙂

  291. Omg- these are awesome a red one in our yellow and red playroom would be so cool!

  292. from Itty Bitty Box love the lily dress

  293. from sustainababy love the lunchbots quad stainless steel lunch box 🙂

  294. from my cute baby clothing love the Green pyjama monkey by Lipfish 🙂

  295. from nana clairs gifts love the Missi Missi Bean Bag- JUNIOR SIZE- Dark Blue with Red Stars

  296. Mini Teepees. Love your products 🙂

  297. Mocka Australia liked on Facebook

  298. The four cubes storage unit….looks great and extremely practical for storing books and toys.

  299. Liked Mocka on Facebook.

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  302. Subscribed to Sales, Savings and Giveaways email.

  303. What a fantastic little storage unit…I would have to buy an extra 3 if I win, for each of the Grandies!!!

  304. The Kids Tree Hanger – practical and gorgeous!

  305. Liked Mocka – Australia on Facebook

  306. Following Mocka Australia on Twitter

  307. Love the ‘Australian Girl’ Doll – Emily

  308. Love the Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset Barn House from Little Obsessions

  309. Love the Pull Along Deer Lillifee from Bright Button Toys

  310. Love the Avidiva – Lelby’s Owl – Bluebell Stripe

  311. I’m a huge Mocka fan even from way back when I lived in NZ. Their balance bikes are fab, the industrial stools would look amaze in my kitchen and the tree hangers would be a great storage item in my kid’s room. Great to see you support such a fab brand.

  312. I follow Mocka on Twitter (@colourmethere)

  313. I follow Mocka on Bookface (Maddie ColourMeThere)

  314. I subscribe to your weekly newsletter

  315. […] bank. While ordering the cute Post Box storage unit for miss 2 from Mocka (read more about that here) I spotted the stylish Mocka Asta. The Mocka Asta is a modern armchair designed to be enjoyed by […]

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