Feb 262013


Like most other children my little tribe absolutely loves playing with bubbles, they just can’t get enough of it! The 4-year olds are now pretty good with their bottles, but for miss 2 it is still a bit tricky. I don’t care so much about the spills or the mess, but I do care about the accidental taste of bubble blowing solution (do yo really know what is in it?) so I was pleased to find this Eco-Friendly Bubble Set at Kidsberry.

Mother's Corn Bubble Toy

Mother’s Corn Eco-Friendly Bubble Set

The Mother’s Corn Bubble Set ($18.99) consists of an innovative blowing tool, tray and a 150ml bottle of bubble liquid. The funky looking blowing tool and tray are made from corn starch and are non-toxic, anti-bacterial, bio-degradable, BPA free and contain no environmental hormones, carcinogens and heavy metals. Now surely it can’t get much safer than that?

The special Mother’s Corn bubble liquid is made of natural cellulose extracted from trees, which is generally used for medical or food additives in ice cream or bread. Sounds a bit healthier than all those mystery ingredients with names that are too hard to pronounce, doesn’t it? Even better, the blowing tool is specifically designed to prevent a backflow of liquid, making sure the bubbles only go away from and not in your child’s mouth.

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