Feb 282013


When I was pregnant with the twins, and before I started Hip little one, we set up our nursery with what we thought were the nicest, best nursery pieces around. Looking back now I knew so little about what was available and more importantly, what actually works and what makes a parent’s life easier. Four years on and I have made it my hobby to research all the options, compare product features and hunt down the products that mums can really use and will truly love.


Tommee Tippee has been busy doing research too. A talented team of designers, mothers, doctors, midwives, lactation specialists and other professionals has combined their knowledge and developed an innovative range of products that ticks the boxes for everyone, meet Miomee. In the upcoming months I will introduce you to some of the best Miomee products and it wouldn’t be Hip little one if we weren’t giving away lots of fantastic prizes as well. Today we are kicking off the series and talking about ‘Getting ready for baby’.

Miomee 4-in-1 Digital Thermometer As a mum of 4 I have dealt with my share of fevers high and low. Often a light fever is nothing to worry about but when it comes to newborns it is something to keep a close eye on so a good thermometer is a must-have. The Miomee 4-in-1 Digital Thermometer ($89.95) is a fantastic multi-tool that is very helpful for parents in many ways. Not only does it give an accurate temperature reading of baby’s forehead and ear, it also tells you what the nursery temperature is like and what the time is.

Just keep the thermometer in its cradle in your baby’s room and you’ll always know if the nursery is too hot or too cold. If you do need to take your child’s temperature it is within reach at any time (no need to go to the medicine cupboard and hunt for it). The large, clear LCD display is easy to read and will flash red if your baby has a fever (green if normal) so you can even take the temperature in the dark.

Miomee Musical NightlightOne of the things I have learnt from my other babies is that routine and stability is very important when it comes to bedtime. When you do things exactly the same at every sleep your baby will soon recognise the pattern and fall asleep peacefully. The Miomee Musical Nightlight ($79.95) is specifically designed to provide your baby with a calm, reassuring environment that will encourage a restful sleep time and time again.

The night light can be set to a cool blue or soft pink glow, not too bright to keep baby awake yet bright enough to comfort baby and for you to find a lost dummy. As the light is portable you can just pick it up from the stand and walk around with it which is very practical for a mid-night inspection, it will last approximately 7 hours before it needs a recharge.

In addition to the light settings there are three sound options to choose from: Mum’s heartbeat, nature sounds or gentle melodies. You can set the Miomee Musical Nightlight to use ‘light only’ or ‘light and music’ for a selected period of time (15 min, 30 min or permanently). Clever feature: Even if you choose one of the shorter times the light will still turn on automatically if your baby starts crying during the night. With a bit of luck this will calm baby down and he/she might just drift back off to sleep!

Miomee Electronic Baby ScalesAs you might know my first three babies were rather small (my lightest was 2.1 kg) so I know how important it is to keep a close eye on baby’s weight. Especially with my smallest twin every 5-10 grams gain was a win and at the same time the tiniest loss was a worry. Instead of waiting for the midwife to make a house visit (or having to walk to the local chemist and weigh baby in public) you can now weigh your baby at home with the Miomee Electronic Baby Scales ($139.95), how convenient!

The sleek looking digital baby scales are suitable for babies up to 15kg, for comparison: my 4-year old weighs 15kg but so does my 2,5-year old so it depends on the child. Whether you just want to weigh your baby every now and then, daily or even before and after feeds, you always get accurate results. Accuracy is as close as 10g from 0-6kg and 15g from 6-15kg, because Miomee understands that sometimes every little bit counts. A handy carry bag is included and the clever display-lock function makes sure you can calmly read the recorded weight even if baby keeps moving.

The Miomee Nursery Humidifier ($99.95) keeps the air in your baby’s nursery healthy and clean. By controlling the humidity in the air you can not only prevent congestion, soothe coughs and reinforce your baby’s natural immune system, it will also reduce dust and dust allergens. The unit is easy to clean and fill and will last all night through without waking up your baby. If the water level gets too low the humidifier turns off automatically.

Miomee Bath and Room ThermometerThe Miomee Bath & Room Thermometer ($34.95) takes the guessing out of bath time. This floating thermometer scans the bath water every second and displays the exact temperature so you can be sure the water is at the right temperature at all times. It also shows the time, features a count down timer and can be used as a nursery thermometer, four great functions in one small product. Flashing, coloured lights will remind you if the water is too hot/cold or if the count down is over.

Miomee Orthodontic ComforterLast but not least, a basic baby item that most parents will reach for sooner or later, the dummy. As you will soon discover not all dummies are the same and the new BPA-free Miomee Orthodontic Comforters ($7.95, 0-6, 6-12 and 12-18 months) are most definitely different to what you are used to. Their unique wider shape ensures that biting pressure is more evenly distributed over your baby’s palate.

By distributing this pressure evenly the Miomee Orthodontic Comforters will protect against teeth and jaw misalignment, very important for your child’s future health. Developed in conjunction with leading orthodontists you can rest assured that these pacifiers look after your child’s mouth and teeth in the short and long run whilst offering the soothing, comfortable feeling many babies ask for.

To find out more about Tommee Tippee Miomee, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.miomee.com.au, shipping is free Australia wide.

For your chance to win a Miomee Prize Pack containing all of the items featured above (RRP $468) visit www.miomee.com.au and answer the following question: Which of the items above are you most keen to try and why?

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Sales & Savings – Week 9

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Feb 272013

What? 40% off storewide
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Little Boo-Teek
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Outlet Shop For Kids
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Cocoon Couture
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Gummy Babies
What? 25% off UPPAbaby Alta Strollers
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When? Until March 4, 2013
Where? www.gummybabies.com.au

Maternity RevolutionMaternity Revolution
What? Maternity Bra sale, prices starting at $15
How? Prices as marked
When? Until stock lasts
Where? www.maternityrevolution.com.au

Feb 262013


Like most other children my little tribe absolutely loves playing with bubbles, they just can’t get enough of it! The 4-year olds are now pretty good with their bottles, but for miss 2 it is still a bit tricky. I don’t care so much about the spills or the mess, but I do care about the accidental taste of bubble blowing solution (do yo really know what is in it?) so I was pleased to find this Eco-Friendly Bubble Set at Kidsberry.

Mother's Corn Bubble Toy

Mother’s Corn Eco-Friendly Bubble Set

The Mother’s Corn Bubble Set ($18.99) consists of an innovative blowing tool, tray and a 150ml bottle of bubble liquid. The funky looking blowing tool and tray are made from corn starch and are non-toxic, anti-bacterial, bio-degradable, BPA free and contain no environmental hormones, carcinogens and heavy metals. Now surely it can’t get much safer than that?

The special Mother’s Corn bubble liquid is made of natural cellulose extracted from trees, which is generally used for medical or food additives in ice cream or bread. Sounds a bit healthier than all those mystery ingredients with names that are too hard to pronounce, doesn’t it? Even better, the blowing tool is specifically designed to prevent a backflow of liquid, making sure the bubbles only go away from and not in your child’s mouth.

To find out more about Kidsberry, to browse the range and to order online visit www.kidsberry.com.au.

Feb 252013

Ricky Riot

After five weeks at home the twins really had enough of school holidays, they couldn’t wait to get back to kindy. I was starting to run out of ideas on how to keep them entertained and being heavily pregnant I didn’t really feel like going out much, so I was keen to find some simple and affordable craft projects to do indoors when I discovered the cool craft kits from Riot Art & Craft. Move over Mister Maker, here comes Ricky Riot!

Ricky Riot Crocodile KitRicky Riot is all about fun, simple craft for kids with the help of easy-to-follow craft tutorials or, even better, with the ready-to-go Ricky Riot craft kits. With prices starting as low as $4.99 per kit the craft kits offer great entertainment for crafty little people without breaking the bank. Each kit contains everything you need to complete the project (even the basics like glue!) so why not keep a few different kits on hand for rainy days and unexpected little visitors (great idea for grandparents)?

Miss 2 concentrating

Miss 2 concentrating

Ricky Riot Majestic CastleWe tried our hand at the Ricky Riot Majestic Castle Kit and we had a ball. Although officially designed for ages 6+ my 4-year olds did really well, with help of course. Their favourite tasks where, surprise, surprise, the painting and sticking down the foil confetti. The mess was not too bad and the end result looked great! For a taste of some other great Ricky Riot craft projects watch Ricky Riot in action here.

The finished product

To find out more about Ricky Riot, to browse the different craft projects and to locate a Riot store near you visit www.riotstores.com.au.

For your chance to win 1 of 3 Ricky Riot Majestic Castle Kits visit www.rickyriot.com.au and answer the following question: Aside from the Majestic Castle Kit, which other Ricky Riot project would your kids like to make?

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Hip storage, think outside the box

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Feb 242013

As little as my kids are they gather belongings quicker than I can keep up with. From little hair accessories to small gifts and from ‘special rocks’ to sea shells and colourful clothing tags, in their eyes they are all treasures worth keeping. If you are looking for a stylish way to store and/or display your child’s precious goods take a look at all these super stylish storage solutions:

Stylish Storage

Blafre Circus Tin Suitcase at Baby Donkie $24.95
Bobangles Rainbow Cases (Set of 2) at Little Boo-Teek $42.95
Cottage Case at MiniStyle $39.95
Bobangles Trolley Case at Little Boo-Teek $39.95
Fruit Cases (Set of 3) at MiniStyle $49.95
Polkadot Suitcases (Set of 3) at Rudy and the Dodo $39.95

Feb 232013

Personal Planner

We’ve only just become a family of six and I can already tell life is pretty busy with such a ‘big’ family. Daddy at work, twins at kindy on some days yet not on others, hospital appointments and post-natal checkups, immunisations and much more, it is hard to keep track of it all. My memory could really use a hand so a new diary/planner was in order, perfect timing with the year only just starting. Instead of settling for a mass produced planner that is full of stuff that doesn’t apply to our family I created my very own customised Personal Planner.

Personal Planner - Designer Editions

Personal Planner – Designer Editions

Personal PlannerThe Personal Planner concept is super simple and very clever at the same time. Just visit the Personal Planner website and use the easy design tool to put together your ideal planner, full of all the stuff you want and without all the useless bits you never use anyway. You can choose from different sizes (from handbag size to desk size), colours, covers, layout, components and much more, so that you end up with a planner that suits you and your family perfectly.

I designed my Personal Planner to start in January but you can start any month you like (Yay, no more wasted months!) and you can even pre-fill all your special dates and birthdays to be printed in your new planner. I decided on the smallest size so I can stick it in my nappy bag and it turned out great. With one week on 2 pages I can easily see what’s on for everyone which is very handy. I love all the extra options for the final pages, eg. colouring-in pages, Sudoku puzzles, sheet music, addresses, how cool is that?

Personal Planner - Layout Example

Personal Planner – Layout Example

Personal PlannersFrom start to finish it took me maybe 10 minutes to create my own design and place my order, but if I hadn’t been so indecisive about all the colours and cover options it would have been a lot quicker. I really enjoyed putting it together and I think it makes a great gift idea with a personal touch. Usually it takes around 3 weeks for your Personal Planner to be printed and delivered and shipping is included in the price.

Planner prices range from $35 for the smallest size up to $45 for the biggest size (A5).

To find out more about Personal Planner, to check out all the design options and to order your own planner online visit www.personal-planner.com.au.

For your chance to win a customised Personal Planner visit www.personal-planner.com.au and answer the following question: What is the first event you would mark in your personal planner?

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Feb 222013

No matter how cold and rainy the weather may get this Autumn, the new Hootkid collection is sure to brighten even the darkest of days. The always fabulous Hootkid team has done an amazing job, delivering a colourful, cheerful range of hip clothes for the cool kids on the block.

Hootkid Party Dresses

Hootkid Party Dresses

Hootkid caters for boys and girls who don’t mind being a little different, if you are looking for something plain and ordinary this is not the brand for you. On the other hand if you love your clothes funky, colourful, original and super stylish you’ll have no trouble filling up your shopping basket here. How gorgeous are these new dresses? Your little lady is sure to steal the spotlight at any party and there are plenty more styles to choose from with lots of options for girls who don’t like sparkles, pink and frills.

Patch It Up Beanie Scarf SetHats, beanies, scarves, mittens, Autumn is the season for cool accessories and Hootkid has shelves full of them. I just love all the chunky knit styles, perfect for keeping the little ones nice and toasty while out and about. Let’s hope we’ll get a good dose of cold weather this year! Speaking of accessories, don’t miss the cute Escapulario Jewellery and the eye catching Old West Cowboy Boots to complete the Hootkid look.

Hootkid I'm the Captain TeeIf you are crazy about stripes like I am you are going to love the current Hootkid range as there are stripes galore in different colours and styles, this is one of my favourite pieces for the boys. The Hootkid I’m the Captain Tee ($29.95) would look fantastic with a nice pair of jeans, it will bring out the vibrant colour of the collar beautifully. Nice bonus: When you spend $100 or more in the Hootkid online store delivery is free Australia wide.

To find out more about Hootkid, to locate a stockist near you and to order online visit www.hootkid.com.