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The more children you have, the more you get to deal with sickness too (at least in our house that’s definitely the case). Each child has its own medical history, allergies and little accidents and when you combine your baby brain with sleep deprivation it is easy to get things mixed up. I am sure you all agree that your child’s health is not something you want to play with so I think you will love this great product by MessPots: the I’ve got an ow! Medical Journal.

I've got an ow!

I've got an ow! journalThe I’ve got an ow! journal was created by Australian mum Monique to help parents and carers keep track of their child(ren)’s big and little ‘ows’. The compact notebook is a great aid for your (sometimes foggy) memory and you’ll grab it more often than you think. It lets you record anything from immunisations (and side effects) to small complaints, from allergies to hospital visits and anything else that concerns your child’s health. I’ve got an ow! keeps it all in one spot, making life easier for everyone.

If you are looking for a thoughtful and useful gift for a new or expecting parent that doesn’t end up gathering dust at the back of a drawer this is it, any parent will love this handy journal! If you have multiple children you can keep one for every child, it will not only prevent mix-ups (Was is master 3 or miss 5 who complained about a sore ear just last month?) but it will also make a nice keepsake for later. I think our oldest daughter will have a whole pile of them by the time she’s grown up!

I've got an ow! journal insideWith over 70 pages you’ll have plenty of room for all your notes over a long period of time, so you (or the doctor/health nurse) can look back months or even years. The I’ve got an ow! journal is a fantastic tool to recognise patterns that you may have missed otherwise, I have high hopes that it will help us see the big picture and find a reason for miss 4’s reoccurring complaints. No more ‘Didn’t she have this before?’ moments for us!

To find our more about MessPots, to take a closer look at the ‘I’ve got an ow!’ journal ($24.95) and to order online visit www.messpots.com.au.

For your chance to win 1 of 3 I’ve got an ow! journals visit www.messpots.com.au and answer the following question: Do you ever ‘mix up’ your children and what things do you mix up?

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  144 Responses to “MessPots giveaway”

  1. I’m always mixing them up. When I look down and see the tops of their little heads, they’re both easily confused with their mops of identical blonde curls. Be OK if they were the same sex, but little boys really do not like being called a ‘good girl’!

  2. Do you ever ‘mix up’ your children and what things do you mix up?
    I have a 4month old, and I just love being a new mummy! But I know mixing children up happens alot. My mum has on many occasion called me by my sisters name. Like wise my husband (who is the last 1 of 3 boys) gets all three names sometimes…and…the other day (blaming it on tiredness) I called my baby boy Ellie who happens to be the dog! Seriously, no resemblance what so ever, just splurted it out and Husband corrected me 🙂

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  7. I don’t usually mix up human names but our cat is another story. We have a new addition Named Felix who came into our life after we had to say goodbye to our beloved 15 year old cat, Sylvester. I constantly call him Sylvester (especially when he is naughty) and of course he doesn’t respond and continues clawing his way through our lovely leather couch!

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  13. I had a panic attack thinking I missed taking our son for his two year old needles (a per the health care record book). I took him to the doctor, feeling like a terrible mother, to find out he didn’t even need to have them.

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  17. I mix up their names, including the cat! Luca, Jackson, Georgia …. aaaaghhhh … Otis!

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  21. i never mix up the kids just there names it can get confusing here at times i have a bad habbit of calling one thr others name or my son my hubbys name.i often mix up the clothes and socks as there are so many pairs.

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  23. Only one child here but I still find it hard to remember WHEN different illnesses occurred and what was the treatment. How old was she when we took her to the hospital for this or did we go to the doctors for that?

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  25. I mix up their names all the time. It annoys them so much!

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  30. I don’t mix up my own children yet as I only have one, but I do have a terrible habit of mixing up names of children I teach sometimes. I stumble with siblings! It can get very tricky.

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  34. I like the personalised name labels from StickyBiz

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  40. I mix up my children all the time and it’s their names. I will call one name but be looking and calling after another child :/ I used to hate it when my mum did it to us as a kid and now that we’re all older well it still hasn’t changed, oh no, i’m ending up like my mum lol!

  41. I would like to win this for my sister and my new nephew. My sister and I have names both starting with a S and our mum gets us mixed up all the time. We also look very similar so when we are out some of my friends who see my sister sometimes think its me and vice versa!

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  45. I have only one kid, might mix them up when I have more 🙂

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  50. Wooden ‘laptop/notebook’ blackboard at rudy and the dodo store is my favourite.

  51. Artiwood Flip Kick at Little Boo-Teek is my favourite.

  52. Back Me Up Short – Light Stone at HoodKid store is my favourite

  53. Alimrose Designs Super Hero Doll at Baby Donkie store is my favourite.

  54. This little book will assit me in trending and following small illness, mishaps and allow me to focus my memory bank on other things !

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  59. This is G.O.L.D! One of five daughters, Mum always mixed up everything! – something to do with brain cells killed during childbirth she tells us!! LOL!!

    This book would be perfect for my gung-ho nephew, who has already seen the four walls of (various) emergency departments more than his poor mother cares to count – it would be words AND pictures for him!

    Upon our last visit, they’d appointed him with oversized flippers simply to slow him down whilst he climbed their apple tree!

  60. I used to mix up their clothing and so I assigned each boy a different colour, easy to sort when it comes throught the wash

  61. I always mix up their names. I was always called trisciel (my brothers name first, then mine) I was also called gyp-ee-ciel, which was a mix of my mums two dogs and my name. Thanks mum lol.

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  67. I most often mix up their names! I feel like such a bad mummy!

  68. I often mix up the names of my children! I feel like such a bad mummy!

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  75. I don’t mix up the kids, I mess the ’em! Our bunny got a visitor – a huge Angora rabbit named Reuben who’d just been shaved. I told the kids it was a funny-looking dog. They discovered what Reuben was in a couple of minutes.

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  76. My mum had six kids and she was always mixing our names up she would yell at us and use another siblings name

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  80. No I don’t. I have 1 noisy boy and 1 quiet girl !

  81. My kids all have different sandwich toppings and many times I have sent them to school with the wrong ones!

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  89. With three boys, I am constantly mixing all their things up!

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  105. Oh definitely i mix up their names and their clothes, have started labelling their undies!!

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  107. I only have one human child, but on occasion I accidentally mix him up with the furchild ~ I think the dog is getting into something she shouldn’t, then I realise it’s the toddler…

  108. Love the Overcrawl overalls in star patterned fabric from Sustainababy store.

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  110. Love the Mocka Original Highchair ~ it’s great ~ we have one at home.

  111. The Prem Baby Gowns from Earlybirds are great ~ very useful for a baby with lots of medical monitors ~ very easy to put on and remove.

  112. Love the funky Bottle Packs from Gr8x.

  113. their names – all the tine! and I usually throw their father’s name in the mix alsop

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  115. No, I don’t! I only have one. 🙂 I am sure I will when the second one comes around!

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  125. Yes I do!!! All the time! Their names mostly… plus call them the dog’s name… awful I know!

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