Sunday Coffee with Oksa

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Jan 132013


Last week I wrote about my first shopping experience with Australian label Oksa, home to a stunning range of maternity and nursing wear for stylish mamas. It made me interested to find out more about the clever lady behind it all, meet designer Kirsten in today’s Sunday Coffee:

Oksa - Kirsten and family

Oksa – Kirsten and family

What does your ideal Sunday look like?
Getting up early and heading to the beach for the morning with my husband and boys. Then grabbing a roast chicken, crusty bread and coffee and heading back home for a lazy lunch and afternoon in the backgarden (spotted with a few gin and tonics!)

Why did you start Oksa and how did you decide on the name?
I started Oksa after giving birth to my first son with the intention of designing a few breastfeeding pieces, mainly to see whether they would work or not. One thing led to another and after receiving really good feedback on some of my designs, our first collection was created. When choosing a name, I wanted something that was separate from all things pregnancy and baby related as I felt my designs suited the non-pregnant/ breastfeeding market as well. My nephew actually started calling my eldest Oksa Rockstar (his name is Oscar) so the label’s name was born.

What do you love most about running Oksa?
Staying mentally stimulated whilst being a stay at home mum. I run the whole business from the design and fabric sourcing, accounting, advertising, social media etc. so I really feel like I am maintaining a career on the side of my main job as a mum. Keeping active both mentally and physically is my key to being a good mum and I feel it is a really good role model for my boys. In addition to this, I feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment when I see pregnant women looking and feeling so feminine and comfortable in my designs and also for providing an easier alternative for breastfeeding access.

Oksa Printed Overlay ShirtWhat is your favourite Oksa design from the current range?
I love the Printed Overlay Shirt. The design is so classic and the print adds an element of femininity. It has breastfeeding access as well so I really wore this piece throughout my most recent pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. It is my most versatile piece- whether you pair it with some tailored shorts or casual jeans, it looks and feels fantastic. I know I’ll be wearing this for years to come.

What is your best tip for keeping the kids entertained during the school holidays?
Well this is the first time I have had a “school holiday” as such so with slight panic, I have tried to set activities out for each day. Whether it be heading to the beach for the morning, soccer camp at our local park or a new project in the garden. I have two boys, so the key is to set activities that are going to tire them out! My eldest has a new fascination with Bear Grylls so that buys me a good hour at lunchtime to work on Oksa.

To find out more about Oksa, to order online or to locate a stockist near you visit