Fun in the kitchen

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Jan 122013

Hook-a-CookieIf you are following Hip little one on Facebook you may have seen the photo I posted yesterday of our Friday cookie creations. The kids had so much fun using the Hook-a-Cookie Cutters ($5.95, Minifashionista), I should have pulled them out of the box ages ago. To try and limit the mess I made the dough myself and just let them do the cutting which worked really well. The cookies turned out tasty too so everyone was happy.

After seeing how much my tribe enjoyed our time in the kitchen I am determined to do it again soon, so I am now on the hunt for some other cool cookie cutters to use.

Fun with Hook-a-Cookie Cutters

Fun with Hook-a-Cookie Cutters

Fred Letter PressedI am definitely going to grab this Fred Letter Pressed Set ($20.95, Gigglepot Kids) as I know they will love it and it will keep them busy for ages. This set contains all the letters of the alphabet so it is educational too, kids can spell their own name, words or a special message. How cute would a box of home made ‘Merry Christmas cookies’ be? Big bonus: No arguments about who made which cookie, the letters will speak for themselves.

Fred Letter Pressed

Looking forward to sharing some more of our kitchen adventures with you soon.