Dec 292012

A few weeks ago we met up with Aunty Rozzy for Sunday Coffee and talked about her latest adventures and new products. If a healthy family diet is one of your New Year resolutions and you want to give the kids a push in the right direction you’ll love our latest giveaway:

In the latest Aunty Rozzy DVD It’s Yummy Tummy DVD ($19.95) you can see Aunty Rozzy herself dance and sing accompanied by her animal friends Harriette the Rabbit and Perry the Parrot. As you can expect from Aunty Rozzy the songs are catchy and of course educational too. Broccoli, mango and courgettes are just a few of the healthy foods passing the revue, lollies or chocolate are not on the menu!

The new DVD contains 11 songs in different music styles and although the set-up is simple Aunty Rozzy had our 2-year old intrigued in no time. The lyrics and images were easy for her to understand/recognise and as many of the lines are being repeated the songs were easy to remember too. Over all a fun and healthy addition to the DVD cupboard.

To find out more about Aunty Rozzy, to browse the range and to order online visit

For your chance to win a copy of Aunty Rozzy’s latest DVD It’s Yummy Tummy Time! visit and answer the following question: Which song from the It’s Yummy Tummy Time! DVD do you think your child will like most?

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If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

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  111 Responses to “Aunty Rozzy giveaway”

  1. I would love to win the Yummy Tummy DVD for the primary school where I work. The kids would love bopping along to ALL the songs (including Nanna’s Carrots and The Incredible Edible Alphabet) while they eat the fruit and vegetables every morning that the school provides. It would also provide a great educational tool for the teachers.

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  4. I think my son will love nannas Carrots!
    And He really Does LOVE them.
    As she makes them in Honey & Seasem seed style.
    He loved them that much,
    that he now always asks me to make them for him =)

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  7. “Nanna’s Carrots” – so very true. She grows the best carrots.

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  14. My son would love Nanna’s Carrots. What a delightful and happy song.

  15. Would have to be “What’s the Time Perry? It’s Berry Time!” and I bet we all would have great fun joining in

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  24. The Brocco Rock! is the song I think my toddler would like – broccoli is strangely one of her favourite foods. She does need to get to grips with a lot of others though, would so love this DVD for her it looks fab 🙂

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  30. I would love them to love ‘Brocco rock’, I love broccoli and wish with all my might that my kids would too!

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  33. I think my daughter would like “Little Green Courgettes, the Veggie Everyone Forgets”. She hates zucchini!

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  40. I haven’t heard any of the songs and neither have my kids, sounds like this would be a lovely addition to our library though, i think the kids could really rock along to “The Brocco Rock” just by the sound of it’s title 🙂

  41. My little would love ‘Nanna’s Carrots’ cos he loves eating carrots a lot.

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  46. The Brocco Song

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  54. I hope she would love Nanna’s Carrots, as I (her nanna) cook yummy carrots

  55. The best judges of kids music are kids. As I played the music my 2 year old daughter raced in and danced to ‘The Incredible Edible Alphabet’. What a jazzy, snappy song. I’m still singing it to myself.

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  64. My 5yo would love The Incredible Edible Alphabet. He is in prep this year and is loving learning thealphabet.

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  69. Little Green Courgettes, the Veggie Everyone Forgets”…It’s been fun watching our zippy zucchinis grow in the garden. A happy song to ‘herald’ their entry onto the plate would be great!

  70. Nannas’ carrots as my son can relate as his nanna has the best carrots in her garden and he loves to help her pick them

  71. they would lone nannas carrots track, cause then they can sing it to nan and she can film them on her camera phone

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  75. The Brocco Rock! sounds like a lot of fun for my busy little ones 🙂

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  81. My favourite at is the Khaki-striped singlet dress, would love one of them now they look very comfy 🙂

  82. My favourite at Gummy Babies is the Dash Baby Handbag / Change bag- just love it!!

  83. “Little Green Courgettes”. Very catchy.

  84. Nanna’s carrots would be a hit with my 3 Nanna loving carrot eating boys!!

  85. Magnificent Mango Salsa! My little girl loves mangoes.

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  87. E-mail subscriber, too.

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  93. Brocco Rock

  94. Nanna’s Carrots

  95. Perfect Plump Peaches

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