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With each baby our collection of baby items is growing and as I already have 3 other children there is not much more I need for our new addition. It won’t be easy for people to come up with an original gift! If you are struggling to find a nice present for a new mama and baby (or just don’t have the time to do the hunting) here’s a clever and very simple tip for you: Bellababy.

Those mums who still find time to put on a spot of make-up here and there or read a glamour magazine (not me!) may have heard of Bellabox before, an exciting subscription service that delivers the latest beauty products to your door every month. Bellababy is its younger sibling, pleasing both parent and baby with a refreshing selection of fabulous mum and baby goodies picked by the experts. What a convenient way to spoil yourself or a friend with a little luxury, something that is often hard to find for mothers!

Bellababy Introduction Box

Bellababy Introduction Box

Bellababy Weleda Nappy Change CreamFor $24.95 per month your postie will deliver your Bellababy box to your doorstep, a 20% discount applies for 1-year memberships. The Bellababy gift box will introduce you to a range of new brands and hip products for you and baby, you can try them at home and if you love them you can easily order your favourites online through the Bellabox website. No need to head out to the shops and spend hours trying to find the same must-haves at your local store.

Bellababy Boobie BikkiesWe’re all different so each Bellababy box holds a variety of products (usually 8-10 items), there is something in it for everyone. Some skincare products for baby, special treats for mum, fun goodies for your tot or something practical to make a parent’s life easier, you never know what you’ll find under the lid but you’ll definitely love the Bellababy picks. For an idea of what brands you may find in your Bellababy box click here.

To find out more about Bellababy and to order a Bellababy Box for yourself or as gift for someone else visit

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Dec 302012

A few weeks ago I shared with you some of our Dutch Sinterklaas traditions and as we are nearing the end of the year I thought it would be nice to tell you about a typical Dutch New Year’s tradition too. When my husband came to The Netherlands for the very first time in December 2005 he was introduced to a special Dutch treat called ‘oliebollen’ (Oil balls) which people traditionally eat around New Year’s Eve as well as at fancy fairs etc. I myself am not a big fan but in my husband’s memory they are delicious so this year we made our first attempt at making them here in Australia.

Target Essentials Deep FryerTo make oliebollen you need a deep fryer and as we didn’t have one yet we popped into our local Target store and picked up this Target Essentials Deep Fryer for $30. Obviously we don’t use a deep fryer that often and this one is simple, affordable and does the job really well, a wise choice I think. I am sure you can guess that being a deep fried food oliebollen are not overly healthy, it is good you only eat them once a year!

Koopmans Oliebollen MixNow I’ll be honest here, to make it easy for ourselves (you could call it lazy) we just used a prepacked mix from the Dutch shop called Koopmans Oliebollen Mix. You only need to add water and you can also add sultanas/raisins if you like but they are not a must. One packet is enough to make 20-25 oliebollen depending on what size you make them. I’ll share a proper recipe later too for those who are keen to give it a go and prefer to make them from start to finish.

Real Dutch Oliebollen

Real Dutch Oliebollen

The preparation process is easy: Add water to the powder, whisk or use a kitchen machine to mix, cover and let it all rise for 45 minutes. In the meanwhile you preheat the deep fryer to 190 degrees celsius and then it is time to make your oliebollen. Use two tablespoons to make your mixture into balls, drop them in the hot oil and deep fry until cooked and golden brown (3-4 minutes). Take them out, let them rest on kitchen towel to remove the excess oil and they’re ready to be served!

Target Vintage Blue PlateOliebollen are generally served with a good sprinkle of powder sugar (preferably the real Dutch stuff as it does taste different). I wish you could all have a try, I think they look really yummy! We served our oliebollen on these gorgeous light blue Target Vintage Dinner Plates ($5 each) and the striped paper napkins ($3.99 per 25) are from Target as well. If you love those cute plates too you should pop into the Target Homewares section, they even have matching bowls!

To locate your nearest Target store or to order online visit

Fancy oliebollen from scratch:

1 big apple (soft and slightly sour) cut into very small pieces

225 gram sultanas/raisins

500 gram plain flour

1 sachet yeast

1 teaspoon sugar

1 teaspoon salt

1 egg (beaten)

300ml beer at room temperature

200ml milk at room temperature

1. Mix the apple, sultanas, salt and a few tablespoons of the flour in a bowl.

2. In a separate bowl mix the remainder of the flour, sugar and yeast.

3. Add to this the egg, beer and milk and use the hand mixer to combine until smooth. Gently fold in the sultana mixture.

4. Cover with a damp cloth in leave it to raise for about 2 hours in a warm spot until the mixture has doubled in size.

5. Heat the deep fryer to 185 degreese celsius.

6. Use an ice cream scoop or two table spoons to make the mixture into balls, drop them in the oil and cook for ca. 5 minutes until golden brown (turn them at halfway point). You can cook 5 oliebollen at the same time.

7. Once cooked remove them from the oil, place on paper towel to rest and serve with a good serving of powder sugar.


Dec 292012

A few weeks ago we met up with Aunty Rozzy for Sunday Coffee and talked about her latest adventures and new products. If a healthy family diet is one of your New Year resolutions and you want to give the kids a push in the right direction you’ll love our latest giveaway:

In the latest Aunty Rozzy DVD It’s Yummy Tummy DVD ($19.95) you can see Aunty Rozzy herself dance and sing accompanied by her animal friends Harriette the Rabbit and Perry the Parrot. As you can expect from Aunty Rozzy the songs are catchy and of course educational too. Broccoli, mango and courgettes are just a few of the healthy foods passing the revue, lollies or chocolate are not on the menu!

The new DVD contains 11 songs in different music styles and although the set-up is simple Aunty Rozzy had our 2-year old intrigued in no time. The lyrics and images were easy for her to understand/recognise and as many of the lines are being repeated the songs were easy to remember too. Over all a fun and healthy addition to the DVD cupboard.

To find out more about Aunty Rozzy, to browse the range and to order online visit

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Dec 282012


Tonight we’ll be leaving for a nine hour drive to Melbourne and although I am looking forward to visiting our Melbourne family I am not overly excited about the trip itself. Nine hours is a long time with three little ones so we are trying to travel mostly at night time in the hope they’ll sleep, fingers crossed. Of course I’ll come prepared with lots of toys to play with, movies to watch and yummy snacks which will hopefully get us through. If you are hitting the road these holidays you may want to save a spot in the car for Zimmiz.

Zimmiz Boy Scout GreenAll the way from out of space the quirky Zimmiz creatures have recently set foot on Australian soil and they are looking for new friends. At first sight you may think they are just a fluffy toy but once you pop in your iPhone or iPod Touch you’ll soon discover that your new Zimmiz buddy has a surprising personality of its own, he will keep kids entertained for ages! Zimmiz are designed for children aged 4 years and up.

To start your own personal friendship with Zimmiz you will need to install the Zimmiz App on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can download it for free from the Apple iTunes store. Bring your new friend to life and see what happens when he falls asleep or eats his food, when you tickle him or shake him and much more. There are more than 300 animations and actions to explore and fun games to play, it really is all about interactive play and keeping little minds busy.

Zimmiz in action

Like with all electronic toys it will take a bit of practice for kids to properly control their Zimmi, but these days a lot of kids have experience with touch screen devices so they’ll get the hang of it soon. They’ll love shaking Zimmi up and down, selecting his meals and wiping his boogers from the screen (not kidding!). Aside from the standard options there are additional games etc available to purchase in the iTunes store.

Zimmiz Green Boy ScoutSeeing how much my 4-year olds like playing on their LeapPad and how quickly they learn I think they would really enjoy Zimmiz too. Sadly we don’t own an iDevice to try it out yet but a little birdy told me that an Android application will be released next year so there is hope! A real big bonus of Zimmiz is that you are not left with an outdated product as apps can be updated and change continuously. 2013 will also bring a pink Baby Zimmi, red Girl Scout and blue Soldier Boy for even more Zimmiz fun.

To find out more about Zimmi ($24.95), to download the free Zimmiz App and to order online visit, shipping costs are $4.95. Zimmiz are also available from leading toy stores nation wide.

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Sales & Savings – Week 52

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Dec 262012

Mini Sandcrabs
What? 20% off swimwear, thongs, beach towels, beach bags and sunglasses
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When? Until December 31, 2012

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What? 40% off storewide
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When? Until January 1, 2013

What? 10% off storewide
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When? Until December 31, 2012

What? 20% off T-shirts, rompers and dresses
How? Enter the code ‘MIKYBDEC’ at checkout
When? Until January 6, 2013

Holster AustraliaHolster
What? All ladies sample and sale items $24.99, all kids sample and sale items $19.99
How? Prices as marked
When? Until January 31, 2013

Charlie’s Bucket
What? 25-50% off storewide (Excludes selected items)
How? Prices as marked
When? Until December 29, 2012

Safe-n-Sound Unity Infant Carrier

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Dec 252012


Saying goodbye to our old car two weeks ago was very sad, I will miss it a lot but I knew I would be excited once the new car stood on our drive and the seat for the new baby was all installed. There is something about seeing an empty baby seat in the car, all of a sudden it really hits home that this baby will be here very soon and how tiny a newborn really is (even after three babies that still amazes me!).

For our other three children we originally considered an infant carrier but once we realised they only last until baby is around 6 months old we decided on a Safe-n-Sound Convertible Car Seat instead. We were very happy with the seats but I admit at times it was tricky to get a sleeping baby in and out of the car seat without waking him/her up. Any parent will agree that a baby’s sleep is like a little holiday, you want to treasure every moment of it and make it last! Those were the times that I wish we chose an infant carrier instead so with a new baby on the way I wanted to reconsider my options.

Safe-n-Sound Unity Infant CarrierA lot has changed in the past 4 years and so have car seats. A few months ago well known label Safe-n-Sound released a brand new infant carrier that stands out from other infant carriers around, the Unity Infant Carrier. Unlike all other infant carriers available in Australia the Unity Infant Carrier suits babies up to 12 months old, allowing parents to enjoy the ease of a portable infant carrier for twice as long (more value for money!).

My Christmas present, seat all ready for the new baby!

My Christmas present, seat all ready for the new baby!

These extra 6 months of use won us over straight away so here’s our Unity Infant Carrier all installed. With the older three children I was home most of the time, but this time around I will be in and out of the house a lot for kindy pick-up/drop-off and other errands so I was worried how the new baby would go with sleeping. It will be so easy when baby can sleep in the car seat and we can just take the seat off the base when we arrive at home or kindy without having to wake the baby up.

Safe-n-Sound Unity Infant Carrier BaseAnother bonus of using an infant carrier: It also provides an instant baby seat for when we visit family, friends or church, how convenient! Installing the Unity Infant Carrier in our Toyota Tarago was very easy, we did need an extension strap but they are widely available from all big retailers. Taking the seat in and out will need a bit of practice but I am sure we’ll get the hang of it in no time. You can even purchase a second base so you can use the same carrier in two cars, which I think is very practical.

Steelcraft Travel SystemSome other quick facts: The Unity Infant Carrier is available in Black Bubbles/ Eclipse and protective sun hood is included. The carrier is compatible with selected Steelcraft Travel System Stroller and Prams so your carrier doubles as your pram seat too, from car to pram and pram to car with ease. A multi-position harness, adjustable crotch straps, EPS foam, high side walls and easy height markers will keep baby safe at any stage.

To find out more about the Safe-n-Sound Unity Infant Carrier (RRP $399) and to locate a stockist near you visit