Oct 012012

A few weeks ago I wrote about the LeapPad and told you about the evergrowing LeapPad App Centre where you can download loads of games, eBooks, Ultra eBooks, videos and much more. To get into the App Centre you simply plug your LeapPad, Leapster Explorer or Leapster GS into your computer and visit LeapFrog Connect, it is very easy.

There are apps available from as little as $7.50, that’s a very affordable and quick present (ideal the evening before going on holidays or an unexpected situation calling for a reward). You can purchase apps 24/7 using a LeapFrog App Centre Download Card. Purchased apps are stored in your LeapFrog Connect account and max. 2 devices per parent account can share the same app. Great for us as we have a LeapPad and Leapster Explorer, no fighting about games anymore!

One app our kids really enjoy is Cooking with Hap ($15), they can’t get enough it! It is all about fun in the kitchen while measuring, pouring, cutting and counting and of course learning interesting facts about food. The twins love ‘shaking’ the LeapPad to ring the bell and ‘tipping’ it when pouring milk. I especially like how it teaches kids to listen to instructions first and then follow up eg. Cut the apple THREE times to get FOUR parts.

Another favourite is Disney Animation Artist ($15) in which kids learn how to draw famous Disney characters. This is a great exercise for their fine motoric skills and it shows them how lots of little shapes can work together to create a bigger picture. It also teaches them how animations are made and kids can make their own drawings into an animation. There are simple and bigger, more difficult images to choose from, for my two 4-year old the simple ones are challenging enough.

LeapFrog toys are available at leading retailers all over Australia, click here to find out where to buy your favourite LeapFrog products.

To find out more about the LeapPad, to watch a LeapPad demo and to browse the range of games and accessories visit www.leapfrog.com.au.

For your chance to win 1 of 6 LeapFrog App Centre Download Cards (RRP $29.99) visit www.leapfrog.com.au and answer the following question: What sort of apps would you like to see available in the App Centre?

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  111 Responses to “LeapFrog App Centre giveaway”

  1. I’d love to see more CBeebies characters, lots of music Apps, multi-lingual/language learning apps and I would love the App Centre to change it’s screen resolution requirements!!

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  4. Love the Framed Wall Art – 30 Image Mini Gallery at ar teater

  5. Girls Havana Lace Skirt at Havoc Denim is so cute!

  6. Madison Hobo Taupe from gr8x…beautiful

  7. How great is it that Tiny Twig make uniforms?

  8. I would like to see any type of educational apps which would help/encourage learning in literacy and numeracy.

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  15. Application – “Be a good and healthy kid” This s good for kids development.

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  18. Would like to see more apps with characters that my daughter likes…e.g my little ponies, peppa pig, more animals etc.

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  21. My daughter loves Shrek so I would like to see shrek ebook and games.

  22. Apps to help teach toddlers different coloured items or a learning potty training app

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  24. Id love to see counting, colour recognition and animal sound apps

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  25. My little man is crazy for Peppa Pig at the moment would love to see that game

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  30. I would like to see more maths apps.

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  33. I would love to select the language of aps & games (much like we can at the start of a dvd movie) to complement the language instruction aps. My son (4) loves the singing/ musical aps so the introduction of more music is great. Whereas our daughter (6) loves making creative/ artistic projects.

  34. Would love to see apps that would help my daughter with the alphabet – she’s 2 so that’s what we’re working on right now 🙂

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  38. Racing car games. I’ve taught my son numbers from race cars and colours and they even helped with toilet training. Surely they can make a learning game from them.

  39. Spelling apps

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  41. a bigger range of maths apps would be good 🙂

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  44. We love our LeapPad! I’d like to see more apps suitable for younger kids. They are tech-savvy so early now, but don’t quite have the dexterity to get things exactly right (like in Mr Pencil).

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  51. If they had a Play School App my daughter would never turn her LepPad off! If they ahd some easier apps it would be good too, she is only two byput loves to try allreaddy.

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  57. would love to win it for my neices and nephews


  59. a media app where children can make their own movies of themselves and others and turn it into a story, including pets. Being able to select scenes.

  60. a money app where you have a cash register and people buy stuff from you in a shop and you have to count and give the change.

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  62. Definatley a shopping app where kids can learn how to use cash reisters and give the right change back

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  65. I would like to see an app like a reality game, similar- but more basic than the Sims, more suited for younger kids. A simple, fun way of learning.
    Make friends, (social skills) go shopping,(money concepts) decorating your bedroom, (creativeness) showering/washing hands (hygiene) looking after a pet (responsibility) etc.

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  70. An app that is both educational and entertaining, and guaranteed to entertain my little ones long enough for me to have a shower!

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  76. Sesame Street with counting, alphabet and spelling, Every child loves Big Bird, Elmo and Cookie Monster.

  77. I would love to see interactive apps for the little ones 1 year olds!

  78. Hubby is German and speaks in german to my kids. They understand but don’t talk much German. Would love to see a German language app.

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  81. More educational apps for little fingers.

  82. I would like to see an app on there store involving “new” popular characters with the younger ones these days to lure them in and teach them maths & algebra!!! 🙂 🙂

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  88. Would love to see an app for learning the time. My litte one is trying to learn the time and I can’t find a good app for it yet.3x

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  91. id love to see easy kids cooking aps

  92. Great prize!! subscriber 🙂

  93. Would love to see more language learning apps.

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  99. Tiger Tribe Building Site Magnetic Playbook at Little Obsessions – looks like an ideal toy for car or plane rides.

  100. Bobble Art Large Canvas Backpack – Butterfly at Nana Clair’s gifts – my girls would love this for kinder.

  101. Baltic Amber Teething Bracelet – Cherry at gummy babies – my son is going to need this (or needs it already).

  102. Garden Room – Complete Set at Sticky Biz – currently redoing my girls room so this looks great.

  103. An app where kids can learn about healthy choices, exercise and good foods as well as social skills 🙂

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  108. Spelling apps, try to learn at an early age all the phonic sounds, yet fun at the same time

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