Oct 252012

As a child I remember spotting a cute blue rabbit soft toy in a store but sadly my parents felt it was a little bit too expensive. Then, at the bottom of the box of rabbits, we found one lonely little rabbit, its arms removed and its ears hanging off. My mum bought all the pieces at a discounted price and put her back together for me, creating a unique little bunny that still means a lot to me. When I spotted the gorgeous Boska’s Teddies at Coccinella it reminded me of my special rabbit, and I think you will love this sweet range too.

Making your child a precious soft toy was never this easy! The adorable Boska’s Teddies are just about finished, all you need is a loving hand with a needle and thread and you are ready to make your very own custom made teddy. The best part about the Finish Your Teddy concept is that there are no two teddies the same, just like there are no two children the same. A happy face or a sad face, it is all up to the maker whether that be you or, if old enough, your child.

There are lots of different Boska’s Teddies to choose from but my favourite is this grey little character called Ouchyououch. Yes he looks a little bruised and battered but all kids get hurt from time to time and this could be just the friend they need to put a smile back on their face. It is also a gorgeous gift idea for a special little person who needs to go into hospital, with Ouchyououch on your side you are never alone.

If you are a little short of time, or just don’t like the sound of handling a needle and thread, there are also Finished Teddies available in store. There is an even an Eco Teddy made from 100% bamboo yarn! Boska’s Teddies are designed and handmade in Poland and they are 30cm tall. They are huggable, very soft, terribly cute and will steal your heart the moment you see them.

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