Safety comes first

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Oct 092012

As much as I am looking forward to the new baby arriving I am also a little nervous, it will be tricky to divide my time and attention between all four kids and, very important, make sure there are no accidents. I know how excited the older ones are about the new baby arriving so I will have to keep a close on them, I can already see them picking up their baby brother or sister from the rocker when I am not watching! Because there will be times when I have to leave the baby for a short moment I have made sure there is safe place for the baby, out of reach from loving siblings.

The shape of our house is quirky to say the least and one of its features is a living room with two doorways (yet no doors). Sometimes that is quite convenient because you can get to the living room from both sides, other times it is a big pain like when the kids are running around in circles! To separate the living room from the rest of the house we have installed two Childcare safety gates.

The great thing about safety gates is that they can keep small children contained in a safe area, very handy for when the baby starts crawling and exploring, and it also keeps other children or even pets out (my two 4-year old haven’t worked out how to open the child proof handle yet so it really is safe!). The other real benefit is that you can still see the child and he/she can see you, so you can easily keep an eye on your baby while you do eg. your cooking or cleaning in the kitchen.

The Childcare Pressure Mount Safety Gates ($79.95) are super easy to install, 5 minutes and you are done. The best feature (I think) is that you don’t need any tools as the gate stays put with sideways pressure, there is no permanent damage to you door frames thus great for renters. You can easily remove them and use them in another room temporarily (very useful for us while we are renovating).

The standard Pressure Mount Safety Gate kit contains the main frame and two extensions, making it suitable for most standard doors (from 760mm to 955mm). Extra extensions are available if your doorway differs from these dimensions. Big bonus: the gate opens both ways so it is suitable for any situation, you never have to open the gate into furniture or your baby’s face.

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