Oct 022012

This is a sponsored post for Santa Email via Digital Parents Collective

I am sure you have noticed that more and more stores are putting out their Christmas decorations already, it may seem early but (don’t freak out) Christmas is only a little over 80 days away. Yes, it really is that close! Before you know it the first Christmas toy catalogues will arrive in your letterbox and the kids will start dropping hints about their favourite toys and other presents.

Keeping track of all those wishlists is not easy, usually they tell you all about their wishes just when you are busy cooking or cleaning the bathroom. Then there is the aunt who rings you to say what your nieces and nephew would really like, just when you are outside hanging up the washing. Even if you don’t have a baby brain like me it would be hard to remember everyone’s heart desires! Luckily there is help in the shape of Santa Email.

Santa Email is coming to the rescue of busy Australian parents with a fantastic FREE service. Guided by a parent kids email their wishlist to Santa via the Santa Email website. Parents will receive a copy of the wishlist and can then browse Australia’s favourite online stores to find the best price for each product, simply tick off as you go! You know I am a big fan of shopping online and especially around Christmas time it can be a real sanity saver, no lining up at busy checkouts or fighting for a parking spot.

Aside from helping you remember your children’s wishlists and finding the best prices Santa Email can also save you precious time coordinating presents with other family members. Once your child has submitted his/her wishlist you can choose to share the wishlist with eg. grandparents or aunties and uncles. They can tick their purchases off on the same list and voila, no doubles on the big day!

If you would like the helping hand of Santa Email make sure you ‘like’ Santa Email on Facebook for the latest news and updates. Right now they are giving away a $100 Toys Etc gift card, now that should help with your Christmas budget this year.

To find out more about Santa Email and to send your child’s wishlist off to Santa visit www.santaemail.com.au.