Oct 012012

A few weeks ago I wrote about the LeapPad and told you about the evergrowing LeapPad App Centre where you can download loads of games, eBooks, Ultra eBooks, videos and much more. To get into the App Centre you simply plug your LeapPad, Leapster Explorer or Leapster GS into your computer and visit LeapFrog Connect, it is very easy.

There are apps available from as little as $7.50, that’s a very affordable and quick present (ideal the evening before going on holidays or an unexpected situation calling for a reward). You can purchase apps 24/7 using a LeapFrog App Centre Download Card. Purchased apps are stored in your LeapFrog Connect account and max. 2 devices per parent account can share the same app. Great for us as we have a LeapPad and Leapster Explorer, no fighting about games anymore!

One app our kids really enjoy is Cooking with Hap ($15), they can’t get enough it! It is all about fun in the kitchen while measuring, pouring, cutting and counting and of course learning interesting facts about food. The twins love ‘shaking’ the LeapPad to ring the bell and ‘tipping’ it when pouring milk. I especially like how it teaches kids to listen to instructions first and then follow up eg. Cut the apple THREE times to get FOUR parts.

Another favourite is Disney Animation Artist ($15) in which kids learn how to draw famous Disney characters. This is a great exercise for their fine motoric skills and it shows them how lots of little shapes can work together to create a bigger picture. It also teaches them how animations are made and kids can make their own drawings into an animation. There are simple and bigger, more difficult images to choose from, for my two 4-year old the simple ones are challenging enough.

LeapFrog toys are available at leading retailers all over Australia, click here to find out where to buy your favourite LeapFrog products.

To find out more about the LeapPad, to watch a LeapPad demo and to browse the range of games and accessories visit www.leapfrog.com.au.

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