Sep 092012

One thing that comes with preparing for a new baby is looking back at my past pregnancies and that hectic first time after the birth. Breastfeeding has always been a little tricky for me but with baby no.3 I finally felt like I sort of got the hang of it. Obviously I am going to try my hardest again this time around and lucky there are some great products out there to help mums like me. One of those fabulous products is the Breast mate, designed by Australian mum Brooke who is joining us for today’s Sunday Coffee.

What does your ideal Sunday look like?
Ideal Sunday would be to wake up at leisure, when called the kids come in to bed for a chat while hubby makes me a cup of tea in bed. After a lazy morning we venture out for the afternoon and weather dependant spend the day outside so the kids can run around. Come home to a glass of red wine, yummy homemade pasta, kids in bed by 7pm and then lie in bed to watch an early movie. If only every day could be like this!!

Why did you start Breast mate?
As a full time working mum of a toddler, breast feeding my new baby was difficult. No-one tells you this about breastfeeding. There is this political silence about the practicalities associated with breastfeeding and often nothing to help. I was tired of losing my pen, paper and wrist band which I used to help me remember on which side I had last fed. I decided there must be an easier way. I remember one night I lay in bed after a feed at about 2am and I kept saying to my husband “I cannot accept that there is nothing out there to help remember everything about breast feeding” I got up and spent the next 3hrs researching on the net and came up with nothing. After speaking to other mums and realising there was a need. I decided to see just how far I could take my idea. 5 years later and another child here I am!

What do you like most about running Breast mate?
I love that Oogy Baby is my business and I have brought breast mate to market on my own. I love making my own decisions and learning from my own mistakes. As I still work full time with my other job it is a juggling act to invest time in both jobs, however being my own boss I can decide when I have to work and prioritise what needs to be done. Overall, I love my product and I love that I can help new mums. I think it is just fantastic.

What is your best breastfeeding tip?
I am not an expert on breast feeding and would always recommend anyone with concerns to go and speak to their health professional. My best tip I would give mothers is to understand that it is not always easy and it is ok to admit that. It does not make you a bad mum if you can’t breast feed or decide to stop. I would say, have confidence in yourself and most importantly just enjoy your new baby.

What part of being a mum do you like most?
I love that we have created these 2 little people that are so innocent and just keep growing in to little people, learning new things every day. I love that they have a funny comment that makes me laugh every day, at night time they can’t ever seem to get close enough to give the biggest cuddle and each day they make me so proud to be their mum. I love that when times get tough I can always rely on the love from them to get me through each day. The most rewarding thing in life!

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