Aug 202012

Last Thursday it was finally time for my beautiful twins to start kindy. They had been looking forward to it for as long as I can remember and ‘school’ didn’t disappoint, they loved it! A little while ago I started talking to them about kindy, took them there for a visit and each of them got a gorgeous new Woddlers backpack to take along on this big adventure.

At Australian label Woddlers they know exactly what little ones like so they have created a range of children’s products with an appealing look and of course the great quality that parents demand. Within the range you’ll find backpacks and lunchboxes, soft soled baby shoes and a brand new personalised cushion collection. Parents are loving the Woddlers style with the brand now available in over 60 stores nationwide.

I had meant to put the backpacks away until the first day of kindy but our holiday fell just before so they got to take them as carry-on luggage on the plane and on our days out. I can confirm they have had an intense workout the past 5 weeks and have survived it all. The backpacks were comfortable to carry on little shoulders, held loads of toys, books, snacks and drinks and were very easy to open en close for small hands. Here’s the adorable Olive the Owl Backpack in action at the airport.

There are currently 10 different backpacks designs to choose from and the matching Woddlers lunchboxes are just as cute (they make a lovely set!). Just like the backpacks they are made with a strong, durable nylon outer, feature a sweet embroidered print and name tag and of course they are PVC free so they are safe as well. The insulated inner will keep those tasty snacks or lunch at the right temperature.

To find out more about Woddlers, to browse the range and to order online visit

For your chance to win a Woddlers backpack and lunchbox of your choice (subject to availability) visit and answer the following question: Which Woddlers backpack design is your favourite and why?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

Competition ends September 20, 2012. Sorry, Australian entries only. By entering you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

  272 Responses to “Woddlers giveaway”

  1. I love the cheeky little monkey backpack. I always call my son a cheeky little monkey so it would fit perfectly!

  2. Cannot go past the monkey as the cheeky little monkey reminds me of my two little boys!

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  6. i liked woddlers 🙂

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  9. i shared the giveaway. not sure if you mean the url to my facebook page but thats what i used 🙂

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  11. My daughter loves the Owl design. She loves pink!

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  13. My Little Lady Bug Backpack is my favourite. It’s so gorgeous and my girls would love to own one!

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  16. Love the elephant design! So cute!

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  18. I like the flutterby backpack for my daughter and cheeky little monkey for my son. They are soooo cute 🙂

  19. Love them:))

  20. I’m a liker on Facebook! 🙂

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  24. the monkey is my favourite, bright and colourful and cheeky!

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  29. I love Olive the Owl

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  32. Ooh, my fave is the lovely red lady ‘love’ bug one!

  33. I love the ‘Im a big brother T shirt’ from Sticky Biz
    The Artiwood soldier skittles from Little Boo Teek
    Crepe play set from Whimsy Child
    and Boys cargo trainers from Gummy babies!

  34. Awww the monkey one! My sons room is decorated with monkey! he loves them… He sure is my Cheeky Monkey =)

  35. Ps liked & Shared on facebook (beck Baker)
    And subscribed to the 3 newsletters
    =) Thanks so much x

  36. I love the elephant bag my Granddaughter is always thumping around the house .

  37. I love the Tiny Tiger range! He’s so cute!!

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  44. CJ (15 months tomorrow) has just started making an elephant noise and using his arm as a trunk so it’s the elephant for us.

  45. I Love the cheeky Little Monkey design the best as we call our son a cheeky little monkey all the time, suits his personality 🙂

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  47. I asked my 3 year old to choose a design she likes(she’ll be going to Kindy next year!!) and she liked the My Little Lady Bug design the best 🙂

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  56. I love the hippo one – super cute.

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  58. Little Obsessions-Discoveroo Farm Tractor & Trailer Set

  59. We LOVE Woddlers in our house and this is a great review! The Woddlers range is also on SALE this week at Mumgo!!

  60. Little Boo-Teek- Milky Chambray Frill Dress

  61. Sustainababy- Cheeky Little Soles Walkers in Scarlett

  62. Looking At You Kid-Dandelion Blossom Bird Tank Top

  63. the monkey one. My little Daniel is the cheekiest little monkey ever. He also loves doing the Wiggles monkey song, that’s how much of a monkey is. This backpack would be awesome and suit him to a T!

  64. I love the monkey backpack. Since the first night i held my son in the hospital and sang ‘the monkey chased the weasle’ he has been monkey. 🙂
    He even has a cute little monkey smile 🙂 i showed him the pic and hw thinks its very cute 🙂

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  66. I love Olive the Owl!!!

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  68. They are all gorgeous but I’ll choose “The Pretty Bird” – it’s quite a unique design.

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  70. Tiny Tiger, they’re all so cute, but this one’s super cute 🙂

  71. Elephant. I adore elephants & blue’s my favourite colour, so this backpack is all and more.

  72. My little lady bug, not only does it look good, but lady birds bring you luck.

  73. The Elephant is my favourite design. Why, you may ask? Well, the elephant is a strong, intelligent and awesome animal, much like my little guy!

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  76. I love all things Elephant and so does my Son so the Elephant Design is Our Favourite!!

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  79. The Happy Hippo Backpack. So cute!

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  81. I love the Tiny Tiger Backback

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  87. Flutterby Backpack is our favourite one
    Chasing butterflies on way home from school for fun
    Chelsea my girl adores butterflies and thats a fact
    Would love to have Flutterby on her back

  88. Favourite is the zebra design as according to my 2 yr old son they should have a giraffe! Failing that the zebra comes up trumps!! I like that it is a versatile style to go with any outfit!!

  89. Love the Mini Shatsu Music Shades Hoodie on lookingatyoukid

  90. Like woddlers on fb!

  91. Favourite Product on Skip to my Lou is ESP No.1 Howlin Wolf Tee

  92. Favourite item on coccinell is Wooden Stacking Bear

  93. Favourite product on Gr8x is the ‘Alice’ Shoulder Bag Black and Cream

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  98. Love the toddler cowboy boots at hootkid!

  99. Love the Jack and Jill Natural Toothpaste in all the flavours at Avidiva! Definitely on my shopping list!!

  100. Automoblox Mini Yellow Hot Rod at Whimsy Child is so cool! My son would love it

  101. My daughter loves elephants – therefore the ELEPHANT BACKPACK has to be out first choice.

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  106. You want me to choose just one?
    They all look like loads of fun!

    Awkwardly proportioned, I think the Zebadoo backpack is adorable!

  107. I love the happy hippo backpack. Pink for girls but just not overly pink like some other products

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  111. My little lady bug design is my favourite as it is bright and suits my daughter to a tee.

  112. Dino the Dinosaur, so cute for any little boy,
    a perfect bag for going out that will bring oh so much joy.
    My little man likes anything green and dinosaurs are a hit,
    this Woddlers backpack will be a great present I must admit

  113. Cheeky little Monkey Backpack is our favourite, perfect for our little monkey!

  114. Toss up between the checky little monkey one ( as everyone else has said its what we call our little monkeys) and the Dino the dinosaur one, but i think i like Dino the Dinosaur one the best and it matches his day care name labels!!

  115. Love the Flutterby Backback as Miss 4 would adore that one 🙂

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  119. Cheeky monkey for my cheeky son that starts kindy soon

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  121. Love the My Little Lady Bug Backpack as the red is such a pretty red :), and its a great size too

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  124. little boo-teek – Artiwood Tutti Tune

  125. 41 orchard – Speech Bubble Chalkboard sticker

  126. whimsy child – Djeco Stickers- Covered in Stripes

  127. looking at you kid – Mini Shatsu Fashionista Summer Dress

  128. I love the Happy Hippo, just like my baby girl, always happy and smiling

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  133. Zebadoo Backpack backpack is my favourite one. Look at his smile, such a happy and lovely zebra. My little one likes smiling, when he sees others smile to him, he always smiles back 🙂

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  138. Way to go harem pant at Hootkid is so cool!

  139. Tree top friends tree wall sticker at 41orchard is so beautiful and lovely.

  140. Farm Animal finger puppets will bring my little one lots of fun.

  141. Farm Animal finger puppets at WhimsyChild will bring my little one lots of fun.

  142. Stella messenger bag yellow one at Little Boo-Teek is so stunning.

  143. My favourite is the Elephant Backpack. I love it because it is so cute, and trendy too!! It is a funky little design, that would catch the eye of my little boy, I know he would love it!!!

  144. I love Olive the Owl, such a cute girly design perfect for my cute little girl.

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  148. Olive the Owl is sooooooo cute!
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  149. Happy Hippo Backpack – LOVE it!

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  152. I just love the My Little Ladybug Backpack!! It is gorgeous and matches my daughter’s cuddly, which is a Ladybird!!

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  155. Pretty Bird- That’s Isabelle, prancing around, wearing girly frills and laces, enjoying life.

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  158. Olive the Owl – big eyed and cute, just like my baby girl.

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  160. I adore Dino the Dinosaur. My 14 month old loves dinosaurs. It was one of his first words…

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  170. I love the Snotty grotty room spray by Milk Baby on Avidiva- its a fantastic idea for helping to clear the congestion with out the discomfort of nose blowing or snot sucking.

  171. Olive the Owl – my favourite little princess would love this!

  172. Love the ‘Australian Girl’ Doll – Emily

  173. Love the Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset Barn House from Little Obsessions

  174. Love the Pull Along Deer Lillifee from Bright Button Toys

  175. Love the Adan + Anais Star Light Dream Blanket by Little Boo-Teek

  176. I love the Cheeky little Monkey backpack design as it’s a standout and my son is rather cheeky when he wants to be!

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  184. I love the blue elephant bag, because it’s so cute and not overly boyish so my daughter would love it as well.

  185. I would love the tiny tiger for my soon to be born son! It is so bright and cheerful!

  186. Olive the Owl is so adorable and would be the perfect gift for my best friend’s little girl!

  187. I like Little Woddlers on Facebook

  188. Olive the owl backpack, she has the cutest hair bow

  189. Love,love,love the Cheeky little Monkey Backpack! It suits my little man, I’m always calling him my little monkey!

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  194. The 3 Sprouts Storage Bin – Monkey from Little Boo-Teek

  195. Melamine Wolf Bowl from coccinella

  196. Tiffany Tote Arizona from gr8x

  197. Milky Owl Bib from Skip to my Lou

  198. Lady bugs because it’s a really cute design that suits my little people because they are always so busy!!

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    I love the Dino the Dinosaur backpack as my daughter was born in dragon (dinosaur) year. It would be a great gift for her.

  200. ‘The Pretty Bird Backpack’ simplistic, cute and adorable.

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  202. I like Woddlers on Facebook.

  203. I love the My Little Lady Bug Backpack – it is so bright and colourful. My little girl is the Lady Bug rescuer in our garden, so she would love this.

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  205. I love Flutterby Backpack because it makes me want to fly away…

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  208. Flutterby Backpack is my fav it so pretty like all butterflys

  209. I love the cheeky little monkey backpack – what toddler isn’t cheeky!

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  211. I love the Cheeky Little Monkey backpack. My son loves “bunkeys” and this would be the best birthday pressie for him:)

  212. Liked Woddlers on FB

  213. I shared on FB but not sure how to post the link here:(

  214. Love the back packs, especially the monkey one which would be perfect for when my boy starts kindy

  215. My little Miss 3 would love the cute lady bug back pack. She loves bugs.

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  218. The monkey, he looks like my baby boy when he’s getting up to no good.

  219. Olive the Owl is SO sweet and adorable perfect for my little hoot fan

  220. I am a fan of Woddlers on FB

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  225. I like Zebadoo best because he is funky and has attitude! 🙂

  226. The cheeky little monkey,he just loves monking around and having fun

  227. My little one would look adorable carrying the Flutterby Backpack if she could have wings she’d fly with butterflies

  228. have signed up for hip little ones emails

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  230. subscribed to your email, love the baby shoes, the backpacks, you have a new fan!

  231. Olive the Owl is so cute!

  232. I like Woddlers on Facebook

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  235. Classic, simple but oh so adorable, the elephant back pack for sure

  236. I just LOVE the tiny tiger backpack!!

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  238. I love the lady bug for those gorgeous shiny eyes!

  239. Signed up to Woddlers news

  240. we love the flutterby butterfly design both my girls are butterfly obsessed and this would be a perfect present for them for when we do our outings to the shops, parks, zoo etc it will be soo handy and cute and we will tell everyone where we got it from!

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  242. i already have liked/shared you on facebook heaps of times

  243. SImply adore Dino the Dinosaur backpack….too cute

  244. How cool is Lelby’s….chocolate bean chair for us

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  247. My Little Lady Bug is my favourite!

  248. I like Woddlers- For the little people on FB.

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  251. Love Amber Teething Necklaces at Gummy Babies. 🙂

  252. Love Plush Robot Toy at Coccinella!

  253. Love Djeco Farm Building Blocks at Little Obsessions.

  254. I like the Travel Nest at Earlybirds!

  255. I just signed up for the sales, savings & giveaways email.

  256. The monkey design, because it can be used by both boys and girls!

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