Aug 122012

As tomorrow marks my daughter’s second birthday I have been thinking a lot about her birth, our short time in hospital and her very first days. When I look at the photo’s of her arrival I remember clearly how happy I was not to be wearing one of those ugly hospital gowns, instead I was dressed in my very own, stylish gown from Designer Mamas.

Designer Mamas hospital gowns are designed by Australian mum Nicole. What made her decide to create a fashionable alternative to the hospital gown and which one of the gowns is her personal favourite? Join us for Sunday Coffee with Designer Mamas to find out.

What does your ideal Sunday look like?
Living up in North Queensland we just have the most sensational weather at this time of year so I love when we go and spend the day out at the beach. Although with 4 little ones it is quite a mammoth effort but all worth it in the end.

Why did you start Designer Mamas?
After I had an emergency c/section with my 3rd baby I just felt there had to be something better than those ugly hospital issued gowns to give birth in. After extensive research I realised there just wasn’t hence the concept and product was developed! Although not planned I then actually had the benefit of using all of my gowns for my 4th birth, a planned c/section and for weeks after at home whilst recovering.

What do you like most about running Designer Mamas?
I really love when people love the concept and the product as much as I do! I get comments all the time about what a fantastic idea it is so it’s really nice to see that other people share my enthusiasm about my product.

What is your favourite Designer Mamas design?
My favourite is the Chic Mama – I just love the freshness about it and I am a big fan of the blue and green combination.

Apart from a Designer Mamas gown, what is your mama-must-have tip for the hospital bag?
Lip gloss (hospital air is always so drying) and a post pregnancy belly wrap to help flatten your tummy and give your back some stability and support. I’m loving Vespa & The Ladybird right now.

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