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To them it probably felt like the day would never would come but tomorrow my beautiful twins are (finally) turning four. Although we already celebrated with family on the weekend and gave them their big present (big bikes), we might just spoil them a little extra tomorrow with some small gifts I know they are going to love. My daughter is a real character and she is very clear on what she looooves (this is my favourite mummy!) and doesn’t like at all. She has a soft spot for collecting pretty things so I am giving her a head start with some gorgeous Forever Clover goodies.

The name Forever Clover may ring a bell with my regular readers, I wrote about this Australian company last year when they had just started and they are still here and going strong. The Forever Clover swap cards range has been welcomed with open arms by Australian girls (and their mums), everyone loves the six lovely friends who represent everyday Australian girls with an active, healthy lifestyle and fun hobbies.

Recently Forever Clover Series 2 has been released, offering 128 new swap cards with delightful images of the six Forever Clover friends. This year the cards feature popular topics like school, adventure, pets, a slumber party and much more. Real collectors will love the new rare glitter cards, wouldn’t it be awesome to have all three rare cards to complete the special picture? Don’t worry if you are still busy completing series 1, the first 98 cards are still available to collect.

Have you spotted the Forever Clover girls yet, maybe at school or at a local sports club? More and more stores all over Australia are selling the Forever Clover range so it won’t be long until they arrive in your neighbourhood. A pack of 6 swap cards costs $3.95 and you can keep the cards safe in one of the gorgeous Collector Tins (with limited edition glitter card inside, $9.95) or a lovely Forever Clover album ($14.95).

Thanks to Forever Clover we have five fabulous Forever Clover prize packs to give away. The Forever Clover collection of our major prize winner will be well on the way with a Forever Clover Album, Forever Clover Collector Tin and 4 packs of swap cards. Four runners-up will take home a Forever Clover Collector Tin and 2 packs of swap cards each, make sure you enter and you could be giving your collection a fantastic boost. You might even find one of those rare glitter cards, or how about all three?

To find out more about Forever Clover, to locate a Forever Clover stockist near you or to order online visit

For your chance to win one of these great Forever Clover prize packs visit and answer the following question: Which card of the Series 2 Swap Cards do you like most and why?

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If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

Competition ends September 28, 2012. Sorry, Australian entries only. By entering you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

  116 Responses to “Forever Clover giveaway”

  1. My fav is number 027 because that’s my favourite thing to do 🙂

  2. My favourite is 024 as I’m a piano teacher!

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  5. My favourite item from Havoc Denim is the Girls Vintage Lace Yoke Pinafore

  6. My favourite item from gr8x is the Alice Shoulder Bag Black.

  7. My favourite item from Little Obsessions is the Le Toy Van Sweetheart Cottage Dollhouse.

  8. My favourite from 41 Orchard is Tree Top Friends Tree Wall Sticker.

  9. 127, because it’s the cutest.

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  12. Friendship card 123 is my pick of the lot. I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends. To share so many treasured moments together, and now with our children, is something I will always hold dear to my heart.

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  14. I like forever clover on facebook

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  16. I love number 83 a slumber party because it reminds me of my daught and her best friend, cute! I will have to show my daughter these, she will pove them!

  17. 100 because its either my young toddlers or myself who have the camera in their hands

  18. I could not go past 032 with the little mouse on the swing. Absolutely adorable.

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  20. Love card 039 as I am a big cat person!!! I love cats and my new kitten Felix is like a child to me!!!

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  27. Number 066 – reminds me of my two oldest daughters, always hanging off the monkey bars!

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  29. My favourite is the Disco Party 094, this is my daughter all over – a glittery disco diva.

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  36. My favourite is 070 it looks like a peaceful place to be

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  39. Ava honed right in on 030 (the rhythmic gymnast) – after the recent Olympics, she is obsessed by rhythmic gym and spends her afternoons after school rolling and leaping around the lawn with balls and ribbons!

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  42. […] (after all, you only turn four once). As expected our oldest daughter was over the moon with her Forever Clover presents, she can’t get enough of looking at them. After seeing Opa playing his guitar while on […]

  43. My favourite card is no. 120 because it’s got all the girls in it and it’s a picture of three other cards that join up. Also its sparlkly and says something positive on it: “best friends are like a four leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have”.

  44. Maggi So Crispy fish pieces – yum!

  45. My dad liked Forever Clover on his facebook

  46. Arteater frames are awesome!

  47. I want a 41 Orchards Girlsname wall sticker!

  48. I’m a memebe of the FCC!

  49. Our favorite card is 126 because it’s rare, and we love Olivia!

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  54. The acrylic photo blocks from Art Eater are AWESOME — what a great idea!

  55. Love the giraffes on the Jungle Scene Canvas at Sticky Biz — Giraffes are my daughter’s favourite!

  56. Lelby’s bean chairs look so comfy! I love the damask prints, but the bluebell garden is nice, too — so hard to pick just one! 🙂

  57. My daughter would love the Beneath the Leaf Fairy Dolls from Little Obsessions. Lots of super-cute things on that site!

  58. I like the 003, very cute!

  59. My favourite is number 38 because it’s so cute… I like chooks 🙂

  60. My daughter is a huge fan of Forever Clover already being a member on their site and having a few swap cards already. According to her, the most favourite is Disco Party 97-99 (she can’t choose just one) because simply she loves to dance.

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    I like no 127 Friendship card because girls love to have friends around. Making friends, more fun!

  62. My favourite is 006, because my son was born last year which is Rabbit Year.

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  67. Lelbys Blue Damask Owl is one of my favourites.

  68. 5 Piece Melamine Meal Set (Farm Theme) is great!

  69. Going Places Cardigan from Hootkid is so cool.

  70. Sustainababy ErgoPouch Organic Cotton Quilt Sleepbag Warm Weight 3.5 TOG (Blue/Grey) is fantastic!

  71. School play no 66 remind us of fab time with friends

  72. love card 041 bunnies are soo cute

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  75. 035 is so cute, my girls love forever clover

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  78. The ALice Shoulder Bag in Black

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  80. I love number 035

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  82. Going places cardi from hootkids is gorgeous

  83. omg loving the beneath the leaf fairy dolls from little obsessions

  84. my favourite is 123 cause i love the number lol

  85. Matilda & Abbey Birthday set cards would be great to try – cute.

  86. Forever Clover FB liker.

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  89. I like Djeco Farm Building Blocks at Little Obsessions.

  90. I like Pink Skinny Jeans at Havoc Denim.

  91. I like Personalised Height Chart at Sticky Biz.

  92. I like Stroller Strap at the Gr8x.

  93. 029 is such a carefree and happy looking card

  94. The My Dear Friend cards as the verses are simply beautiful

  95. 127 and 128 because friends are really Golden

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  100. I like 043 card with a mouse – cute!

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  105. I like DaVinci Art Cabinets at Art Eater!

  106. I like B.Box Nappy Wallets at Nana Clairs Gifts!

  107. I like Small Address Labels at Sticky Biz!

  108. I like Wall Art at 41 Orchards!

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  110. Liked forever clover on Facebook cheers!

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