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After spending 5 lovely weeks with family it is very hard to come home knowing you won’t be seeing them for a few years. We had such a great time and one of the highlights was our first family day. Thirty of us got together for lunch, old videos, a delicious barbecue and of course games. I come from a game playing family and I still love playing games now, luckily hubby and kids do too. Our latest additions to the game cupboard are from the Bananagrams range by Moose.

You can’t help but be very curious when you hear the name Bananagrams, it sounds fun and intriguing which is just how I like it! The range consists of 3 cheeky letter games for players aged 6 and up: Bananagrams, PEARSinPAIRS and Appletters. Each game comes in a cute fruit shaped fabric bag, ideal for easy storage at home and while traveling. Don’t let their compact size fool you, there are multiple ways to play each game to keep it challenging and to suit the age and number of players.

Leader of the pack (or should I say fruit bowl) is Bananagrams, my favourite of them all. The goal is for each player to create their very own combination of connecting words using letters from the ‘bunch’. You can keep rearranging your words as you add new letters so it keeps your brain very active. Unlike with Scrabble you do not have to ‘build’ on the words of others as you work individually, this lets players play to their strength (perfect for me, English is not my native language so I know fewer words than others yet I can still win!).

Next comes Appletters which is ideal for younger players as it uses the easy-to-understand snake principle of adding new words to the front or back of the existing snake word. Tricky letters can be removed from the game at the start so that the youngest family members can easily come up with new words and it even works well with short words. But you can make it as challenging as you like with 2 other game suggestions included.

Last but not least there is PAIRSinPEARS which, you guessed it, is all about making pairs. The pear shaped bag contains 4 complete alphabets in different patterns. Not only do you need to come up with pairs of words (two words that share one letter), you also need to make sure the pairs are using letters from the same alphabet family (same pattern). Anyone who loves a good word game will very much enjoy the Bananagrams games, they provide great (educational) entertainment for young and old.

To find out more about Moose, to take a look at the different Bananagrams games ($24.95 each) and to locate a stockist near you visit

For your chance to win a Bananagrams prize pack containing the three games featured above visit and answer the following question: What is your favourite family game and why?

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  1. The Logo board game, although it’s scary how many you actually recognise!

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  6. My favourite family game is definitely monopoly! I can remember games lasting days and days during the school holidays! <3 Hubby and I will play with our kids when they're old enough too 🙂

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  10. My family’s favourite game is Killer Bunnies. It’s an awesome card game that keeps everyone busy for ages!

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  13. i’ve never heard of these games… but i would love to get my kids into playing board games. i always liked scrabble. my prep child would love that too 🙂

  14. My favourite family board game would have to be “Scrabble”. It’s great to get that baby brain functioning again, but can be a little advanced for the children. These fruity games sound great for kids- good for letter recognition, spelling and reading. These would be welcomed in our household with open arms.

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  16. Yahtzee – it’s great for all ages and was the only game I could get my father to agree to play with me when I was young. I think because it is relatively easy. The one and only game the whole family is willing to play! It is important to me to have the family involved in something that brings everyone together for a short amount of time during our busy week.

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  22. Mighty Beans – my nephew is more than a little obsessed with them.

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  25. The Logo boardgame, great for all the family to play because no one can cheat like they do with other board games we’ve played.

  26. I think Smubbles would be great fun for all the family.

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  28. Mighty Beanz, the kids have come up with a game that has their Father and I addicted. Sometimes just the two of us play long after the kids have gone to bed!

  29. Ball Zoons, we play our indoor adaption of pretty much every ball game possible, in a Round Robin style event. Always kids vs parents, and we have a blast.

  30. The Logo Boardgame

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  35. little obsessions – Mudpuppy Nature Counting Ring Flash Cards

  36. sustainababy – Ethical Eating book

  37. hoot kid – Kinder Bag – Yellow School Bus

  38. skip to my lou – Paper Wings Butterfly Swing Tee with Frills

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  43. I love the bananagrams word games such a nifty idea for a little pouch to put all the tiles in, but i think my favourite would be The Logo Board Game, i can just imagine the laughter and the the loud excitement now of my family playing this.

  44. We have lots of board games, and used to play them just about daily. Now with a 20month old, we don’t quite get the time any more! We have heaps of complicated ones that we love, but for simplicity, and something that you can teach to visitors quickly for a fun night, you can’t go past the old classic “Skip-Bo”. Fast and fun, yet simple, it’s one that we play over and over, with just the two of us, or family, or new friends.

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  49. We all lve uno and skip bo, oldies but goodies…

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  51. Uno. Oldie but a goodie!

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  53. Plain old pack of cards….can play so many games. Current favourite – whiskey poker. It’s ok to teach kids how to gamble, isn;t it?

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  57. Scattegories, I spent hours playing this with my family as a child – can’t wait to teach my kids how to play when they’re a bit older.

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  61. Love the Dandelion Organic Plush Rhino from Sustainababy – he looks so soft & cuddly.

  62. Love the Alice Shoulder Bag in Black & Cream from Gr8x

  63. The Girls Vintage Lace Yore Pinafore from Havoc Denim is just gorgeous

  64. Love the Fruity Play Set from Coccinella

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  69. Without a doubt UNO been playing it since I was a child, love playing it with my son and when we all get together with my Mum and Dad we ALL sit up till midnight playing it best family bonding game ever invented!
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  70. Scrabble,it always keeps the whole family chatting,laughing and thinking all night.
    Good for the brain and the heart.

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  73. Scrabble – it’s an oldie but the best. My hubby and I always have a game on the go….of course I almost always win 😉

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  75. The Game of Things – a family favourite and gets everyone laughing!

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  77. Twister – because no matter how ‘disinterested in playing a family game’ you might be to begin with, you always end up laughing!!

  78. Monopoly, i always loved beating my brother

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  86. My favourite family game would have to be twister because the weather doesn’t matter, you can play inside our out and it always ends up in laughter no matter the ages.

  87. Done all of above

  88. I love the game “Trouble”. It’s easy, fun and mind numbing.

  89. The Logo Board game would be my favourite family game because I think it’s one children of any age could plat and do quite well at. 🙂

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  93. love boardgames – very hard to pick one favourite as there are so many i love but if i had to pick one of them it would be boggle as i always win lol 😉

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  96. from lelbys i love the bean chair bluebell stripes

  97. from hootkid i love the im all set dress

  98. from sustainababy i love teh Mimi The Sardine Organic Children’s Apron – Flora Pink

  99. from little obsessions i love the Whimsy Jurassic Quilt Cover Set – Single bed

  100. Monopoly – my entire family love to play it.

  101. Love the Adan + Anais Star Light Dream Blanket by Little Boo-Teek

  102. Love the Pull Along Deer Lillifee from Bright Button Toys

  103. Love the Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset Barn House from Little Obsessions

  104. Love the ‘Australian Girl’ Doll – Emily

  105. My favourite game is Boggle – I love games involving letters!

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  107. Monopoly is so much fun to play with my families and you can learn many things from playing this game.

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  112. Red Orchard Bean Bag at Lelbys is my favourite

  113. Frog high chair at Coccinella is so cute and is my favourite.

  114. Love Bigger Birds jumpsuit at Early Birds

  115. Blast Off Name Wall Sticker at 41orchard is awesome one.

  116. Articulate! Great fast furious fun for the whole family! We can play for hours.

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    I love Bananagrams games as family or friends will get excited to play the words together. This is so much fun!

  118. we are big fans of scrabble over here… we love being clever with words 🙂

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  120. i like bananagrams on facebook!

  121. Scrabble. I love that there’s now options to take kids through memory and matching letter stages to forming their own words. We’re a wordy family!

  122. Twister is still one of our favourites. We end up laughing too much to play properly, and tickling usually ensues, for which there aren’t really any rules. : )

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  124. My sister has the Logo Board Game – we all get together as a family and have heaps of fun playing it.

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  127. Favourite family game is LUDO. It’s simple, provides plenty of fun & can easily turn into a marathon.

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  134. Love the Ebulobo Red Riding Hood Blanket from

  135. Love the Caramel Bean Chair (faux?) from

  136. Love the Djeco Ribbon and Lace Chalk Markers Art Set from

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  138. I love Twister with us all,
    We laugh and have a ball!
    Exercise and thinking too,
    Except when I need the loo!

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  140. our family loves to play scrabble and its good because it teaches the young ones how to spell

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  142. the Logo Board Game is so much fun. A great family entertainment

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  145. When the whole family gets together we love to play Pictionary. It gets really rowdy and we just have a blast playing it!

  146. Bananagrams liker.

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  148. I like Plush Robot Toy at Coccinella!

  149. I love the Travel Nest at Earlybirds.

  150. I love Amber Teething Necklaces at Gummy Babies.

  151. I love Djeco Farm Building Blocks at Little Obsessions.

  152. Favorite board game….. Cluedo!

  153. Liked on Facebook 🙂

  154. liked shared and love the doggy doo game because it teaches kiddies about how to care for pets

  155. Eye Spy, especially in the car, it gets everyone guessing and entertained.

  156. Has to be TWISTER. Always ends with the whole family in stitches…

  157. We love playing Jenga! Tense and exciting from beginning to end!

  158. My kids love Guess Who and coming up with weird questions to ask

  159. Subscriber 🙂

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  162. Monopoly. Even though it goes on and on and on and…..

  163. I love Articulate – it’s fast-paced and super fun for the whole family!

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  167. Scrabble – A saturday night family favourite. We are always on the quest to find new words to get those high word scores. Lots of laughter, fun and simple memories.

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    Great giveaway:)

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