Learning with LeapPad: Disney Princesses

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Aug 112012

A few weeks ago I wrote about my plans to pick up some new LeapPad games at the toy sales and I am glad to say I found some great titles on sale. When selecting games it is tempting to go by the characters on the box and pick one your child really likes, however every game focusses on different learning areas so it is important to look further than the picture on the box.

For my eldest daughter, who turns four this month, I chose the LeapPad Explorer Learning Game: Disney Princesses. This not only because she loves princesses but because it teaches a wide range of valuable skills that are important for her development. Suitable for children aged 4 and up this game helps children with letter recognition, spelling and reading, matching, logic and reasoning, phonics skills and much more.

I absolutely love that the LeapPad games (well, all the ones we have tried) consist of several mini games so kids can play as much or as little as they like. This also means that achievements are within reach even for the little ones, which is very important for their confidence (I think mine would struggle to concentrate for longer periods of time anyway). The Disney Princesses mini games only go for a few minutes each.

The Disney Princesses Learning Game is based on a pop-up book concept where players ‘travel’ through the pages of the book to hear the story of Cinderella and Belle and play games along the way. My daughter’s favourite games were tracing shapes to light the chandelier, bursting bubbles and creating Cinderella’s party dress by practicing letter recognition. Overall it was a big winner and it kept both of them busy for ages on the plane.

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