Aug 102012

The last time we flew to The Netherlands the twins had only just turned one, in hindsight it was a difficult age for traveling and this time it was so much easier. The twins had always been good eaters but on the plane they were served tasteless baby food in jars which didn’t go down very well. At home I have always tried to serve my children homemade food from the start of solids onwards, some find it a lot of work but it is very simple with a great product like Qubies.

Qubies is an award winning Australian product designed to take the hassle out of making home cooked meals for baby. Simply pour or scoop your freshly made baby food in the base, snap on the silicone divider lid and freeze. Once frozen just give the container a little twist, take off the lid and your portion sized cubes will just pop out; quick, easy and hassle free. A Qubies tray holds 8 cubes of 30ml, a great size for the youngest ones (no wasting) and you can defrost more cubes as baby gets older.

I had tried using ordinary ice cube trays, carefully filling the little quares, but found it nearly impossible to get the food out once frozen. I snapped a few trays, picked at them with a knife and scrubbed to remove stubborn stains that never came out, in the end I just gave up. Qubies on the other hand are slightly flexible, easy to fill and clean (dishwasher + steriliser safe), reusable and of course BPA free, a must have for any young family.

Using Qubies is super easy and it is all quite self explanatory, but just in case you want to see Qubies in action first you can watch this helpful Qubies YouTube demo video. To get you started you will find loads of tasty recipe ideas on the Qubies website, conveniently divided over different age groups (6-8 months, 8-12 months, 12 months+) so you can present your baby with something suitable and delicious every day.

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