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With the kids growing up so fast I feel like I am constantly putting away clothes they have outgrown. Some pieces don’t mean that much to me but others hold special memories and it saddens me to see them folded away in a storage box, safely packed until they can be worn by a sibling or when I am ready to say goodbye to them. But there is a clever solution to this problem, check out these dolls from Oobicoo.

New to Australia the Oobicoo dolls are a perfect buddy for young children, they are soft, cuddly and the same size as an average 6 month old (60cm tall). This means you don’t have to buy special dolls clothes, the Oobicoo dolls can just wear your child’s old baby clothes. What a fantastic way to recycle old baby clothing and op-shops should be able to provide an instant wardrobe if you needed any more clothes.

The Oobicoo dolls can sit up unaided which is great for role play and as you can imagine they are also a perfect tool for preparing your child for the arrival of a new baby brother or sister. He/she can look after Oobicoo while mummy cares for the new baby! The dressing and undressing, doing up buttons and zips, tying up laces etc. will aid the development of fine motor skills in young children.

There are three different Oobicoo designs available: Ollie, Orla and Olwyn, so there is a huggable Oobicoo friend for both boys and girls. The recommended age is 3 years and up but children as old as 9 are known to enjoy playing with Oobicoo too. Oobicoo dolls ($69.95) are made from recycled and recyclable materials and each doll comes with its own Oobicoo bodysuit and fabric ‘pod’.

To find out more about Oobicoo, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.oobicoo.com.au.

For your chance to win your favourite Oobicoo doll (subject to availability) visit www.oobicoo.com.au and answer the following question: Which Oobicoo doll do you like most and why?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

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  205 Responses to “Oobicoo giveaway”

  1. I like Olwyn as she has blonde hair (just like our two girls). And our toddler would love this as we have a 6 month old too 🙂

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  6. Initially i liked olwyn as she looks like my little girl madi but then i decided on ollie, ollie is ever so cute. and i like both facey pages, signed up to newsletter and shared on facey too lol sorry i dont tweet hehe

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  8. little-boo-teek – Hootkid Weekend Tiara in Hot Pink

  9. 41 orchard – Tree Top Friends Tree Wall Sticker

  10. What a fabulous idea! It would have to be Ollie – 5 boys in this house! It would be lovely to actually see those special clothes on him, instead of put away in the cupboard 🙂 And he’s recycled??? love him!

  11. havoc denim – Unisex Coloured Skinny Jean

  12. I like Oobicoo on facebook 🙂

  13. coccinella – Canoe Hammock (Earth/Sky)

  14. I am a Sales, Savings & Giveaways email subscriber!

  15. My favourite Doll is the Oliie doll. You don’t often see boy dolls, I think this one is great.

  16. My toddler loves the Orla doll, same great hair colour and she loves babies! I love this doll because it will be a fantastic way for my daughter to learn about dressing herself.

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  21. I like Orla most. As a child, I always wanted dolls with brown hair like me.

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  25. Gummy Babies Teething Necklace + Adult Necklace

  26. Bright Star Kids School Labels Value Kit

  27. Sustainababy Soar Swing

  28. Coccinella Coco Nut Tea Set With Milk Jug And Sugar Jar

  29. Ollie. He looks exactly like my godson, except with big feet and hands.

  30. Wow…I like the dolls, my favourite is Olwyn, with blond and surly hair like my little miss:)

  31. We love Orla Oobicoo, because she looks a lot like our gorgeous 4 year old, Isabella, who just loves ‘baby’ dolls. The Oobicoo dolls are a perfect size, being larger and able to wear actual ‘real’ baby clothes! So much easier for the littlies to dress/undress the dolls, with larger buttons, etc. We also love the recycled aspect, so great for helping to teach kids about reusing materials, and how fantastic a recycled product can look! We just love Oobicoos!

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  37. Love Havoc Denim’s Girls Luxe Twill Skinny Jeans in Bright Purple!

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  42. Ollie, he looks like my husband when he was little !!!

  43. Orla – she has the same hair as us girls in the family, so will fit right in.

  44. Ollie is by far the best, there aren’t enough boy dolls in the world, that aren’t covered in combat gear, carrying weapons !

  45. I adore Orla for my little girl, they both have gorgeous brown hair and she would be perfect to practice my daughters fashion skills on.

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  49. I love Orla, she is almost as cute as my daughter!

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  52. I like the plain pink t shirt at sunnydays

  53. I’d love to get my son a doll, and Ollie would be perfect!

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  56. Love Ollie. His smile is like my little boy’s.

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  61. Keep It Green bag at Coccinella is my favourite one.

  62. Love Hess Fairy Learning Clock at Little Boo-Teek

  63. Farm Animal Finger Puppets at WhimsyChild is one of my favourites.

  64. Really like Boys AMAZON Hoodie at Havoc Denim. Looks so cool.

  65. I really had to toss up between Orla and Olwyn as they are both so very cute but I ended up choosing Orla as she has more of my daughters hair coloring and is absolutely beautiful. My daughter absolutely loves dolls and babies and i think she would be absolutely frilled to see one of her favourite baby dresses on a doll of her own. I also like the fact that they have their own uniqueness about them that you don’t normally see in dolls. My daughter would absolutely love to own one of her own.

  66. I love Ollie because I think it is unique for a doll of this type to be male. He’s rather cute too!

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  72. We would love to adopt Orla into our family, settling into hand me down recycled clothes and baby blankets which we treasure and can’t bear to part with. It would be a great opportunity to display them on life size doll rather than hide them away. It will bring back fond memories of when my children wore the same outfits or used bunny rugs. Being soft and plush will assist my daughter two and half to dress her independently and make for beautiful cuddles. I can already picture her taking Orla for a ride in the car when there is an empty seat or for walks in her stroller and playing with her hair. She will make a lovely addition to our family and I know my son would love her too.

  73. shared the Oobicoo doll love

  74. What a great idea! I LOVE Ollie! Its hard to find dolls that aren’t covered in pink. My little boy would love him! But I think I would love him even more. I have my kids baby clothes hoarded away in plastic containers because it breaks my heart to get rid of them! Also love that they are recycled & recyclable.

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  79. 41 Orchard – My favourite item is the Elephant family wall stickers (so cute!)

  80. Sustainababy – I love everything! But my favourite would have to be the Serena & Lily Gypsy Peacock Tote.

  81. Whimsy Child – Ed the elephant Agoo bamboo leg warmers <3

  82. Liked Oobicoo on Facebook

  83. I love Orla my girls love dressing up their dolls and this would be perfect because after 2 girls with soo many cute stlylish baby clothes they can be reused and reloved on their own babies! They would spend hours with their baby dressing, undressing doing her hair and putting bows and clips in it, like they do to each other. They are great to each other and this would help them to love their baby like their sister. She even has curly hair like them, and looks a little like Dora their idol!

  84. I like Orla, she has the same hair & eye colour as me so she’d fit right into our family.

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  91. I love the Oobicoo girls Orla doll it reminds me of the type of dolls i used to make in craft at school years ago.

  92. Olwyn cause she bares a striking resemblance to my daughter and would look just as adorable in her outgrown clothes

  93. subscribed to ss&g email

  94. I like Orla the best. She is has thick dark curls just like me. My little girls would love dressing her up in all their old baby clothes

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  98. Ollie is my favourite for my little boy,
    An awesome gift, a perfect soft toy.
    Who said dolls were just for girl,
    I don’t agree, I’m willing to give it a whirl.

  99. Ollie would be a perfect addition to my little girl’s collection of girly dolls as she has a toddler brother whom she adores and tries to convert her girl dolls into boys. She would absolutely love a new addition to her doll family!

  100. I love Orla as she looks like my daughter!

  101. I love the Orla doll – beautiful!

  102. Love the ‘Australian Girl’ Doll – Emily

  103. Love the Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset Barn House from Little Obsessions

  104. Love the Pull Along Deer Lillifee from Bright Button Toys

  105. Love the Adan + Anais Star Light Dream Blanket by Little Boo-Teek

  106. My little girl of four has brown hair therefore she would love to share with the lovely Orla the clothes she is too big to wear.

  107. Liked Oobicoo on Facebook

  108. I would LOVE to win Ollie! We are trying for baby #2 and have been searching for someone exactly like him to help practice having a baby around the house for my 16 month old boy. He loves babies and dolly’s and i know he’ll be mitch’s best friend 🙂

  109. Cute little Orla I’d like to adopt,
    a happy home she’d find with us,
    we’ll dress her up in our favourite clothes,
    a little sister to admire the most

  110. Ollie is my pick. My 5yo grand daughter is expecting a baby brother any time now and this boy doll would be perfect for playing Mother.

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  113. i adore Orla as she looks exactly like my daughter Mia, curly brown hair & cheeky smile 🙂

  114. liked Oobicoo dolls on facebook 🙂

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  117. Farm Animal Finger Puppets at WhimsyChild are my daughters favourite!

  118. I like Olwyn because she’s cute and I think my baby will love her when she’s old enough (and she’ll nearly be there at Christmas time!) 🙂

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  123. I just tweeted about this giveaway (@makeupurmind11)

  124. My favourite at avidiva is the Auto Mobile – Black / White Floral- I need one of these for my car! 🙂

  125. My favourite at Little Obsessions is the Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset – Airport, hours of fun to be had I’m sure 🙂

  126. At Little Boo-Teek my favourite is the Designer Kidz Layered Vintage Dress

  127. My favourite at looking at you kid is the Emma Laue Penelope Pinafore, it would be perfect for my little miss in summer- it looks so cool and light.

  128. I like Oobicoo on Facebook

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  132. I love the shoe labels from Bright Star Kids

  133. From Looking at you kid I love the Two Belles Piper Dress

  134. From Skip to my Lou I love the Paper Wings Smock Dress

  135. From ArtEater I love the framed wall art.

  136. I love Orla, she’s what I envisage my own little girl will look like (when she eventually grows some hair!)

  137. HLO email subscriber

  138. I would choose Ollie so he could join in and play with my daughter’s doll chloe. He could be her brother’s toy too. I love the look of these as they are soft and have nice facial features.

  139. Love Olwyn, for my youngest to play with while her Olwyn look-a-like big sisters are at school xoxoxo

  140. I would chose Ollie, a little brother for my girls to play with. He has awesome hair too!

  141. Olwyn just reminds me of my 2nd son. I can just see my baby boy adoring him as much as he adores his brother.

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  146. I like Olwyn! Because I think she will look the most like my little daughter when she gets a bit older :))

  147. I now like Ooobico on FB

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  150. I like Olwyn the best because she reminds me of me when I was little!

  151. Liked Oobicoo on FB.

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  154. I would have to say Ollie. My little man has been asking for his own “boy doll” since playing with all his cousins dolls. He would love Ollie, I am sure he would take him everywhere.

  155. I have shared on facebook

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  159. LOVE these!! I’d choose Olwyn for my little girl because they both have blonde bunches 😉

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  163. Ollie. Because there aren’t many boy dolls and I have a nephew (Oliver) who we call Ollie.

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  165. Our favourite doll is Orla. Such a clever idea and a great friend for my little girl.

  166. Love Orla (because she looks like my little girl xx)

  167. subscribed to newsletter

  168. Olwyn has blonde hair like my 2 year old who loves her “babies” 🙂

  169. Liked Oobicoo on Facebook

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  172. Ollie as he looks like both my two young boys

  173. Olywin..just like my granddaughter! Cute and cuddly!

  174. Like on facey

  175. Olwyn is my pick. Although they are all gorgeous, she looks most like my doll-obsessed 2yo.

  176. Fan of Oobicoo on facebook.

  177. Sales Savings and Giveaways subscriber.

  178. I follow HLO via RSS

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  180. I visited Avidiva and I love the Tizze Hall Comforter – Lizzie Lamb

  181. I visited Havoc Denim and I absolutely LOVE the Bright Purple Girls Luxe Twill Skinny Jean… do they come in adult sizes?!

  182. I visited Looking At You Kid – and I love the Milky Sequin Birds Tee.

  183. I visited Whimsy Child and my favourite item is the Daily Tea French Terry Shorts in coral pink.

  184. Olwyn reminds me of my little girl when she has her ponytails in!

  185. Like Oobicoo on Facebook

  186. subscribe to email

  187. subscribe to RSS

  188. follow on Network Blogs

  189. love the Framed Wall Art – 12 Image Mini Gallery at Art Eater

  190. Liked oobicoo on fb and subscribe to imail:)

  191. I really like Ollie because both my little boys would love to carry this little fella around and include him in their mis-adventures 😉

  192. Liked Oobicoo on Facebook =)

  193. Orla – but they’re all brilliant

  194. I Subscribe to the weekly Sales, Savings & Giveaways email

  195. Ollie,his hair reminds me of my son,who would love this doll as he has two older sisters,they might then leave him in peace,I’d also love to keep and dress Ollie in some favorite clothes. Shared on facebook

  196. I like the doll called Orla. She wears her hair like my granddaughter who only attends school 3 days a week at the moment and when babysitting her, I would be able to keep her entertained with the lovely doll.

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