Jun 172012

Picking the right skincare product for your baby is not that easy, all those hard-to-spell ingredients mean nothing to us but they can have a big impact on your baby’s health which is why more and more parents choose an organic product. One of the market leaders in organic skincare is Aromababy by Catherine Cervasio, this fantastic Australian label has received praise from many ordinary parents like you and I as well as celebrities from all over the world.

Why did Catherine start Aromababy? Which Aromababy product is her all-time favourite and what do parents need to look for when selecting skincare for their baby? Find out the answers those these questions and more in today’s Sunday coffee.

What does your ideal Sunday look like?
My Sunday usually begins with a chorus of “good mornings” from my two beautiful sons, an amazing black coffee from my Nespresso machine (affectionately known as my “George Clooney”) and avocado on toast or two boiled eggs. A quick shower then I’m out the door for my son’s soccer game. It’s rare that I get a sleep-in but I love it! I’ll usually spend the remainder of the day cooking, squeeze in a jog around our beautiful, semi-rural neighbourhood and just enjoy the family time.

Why did you start Aromababy?
When I started Aromababy there really was “no organic baby skincare” in the world. Ours actually was the first baby care to use neonatal research as a guide AND be formulated without petro-chemicals, parabens, propylene glycol, sulphates and countless other ingredients thought to be linked to skin irritations. I had just been retrenched, found out I was pregnant with my first son and was becoming very concerned about the use of particular chemicals in baby products and their possible links to infantile eczema which was affecting up to one in four babies at that time. Armed with an existing background in product development, (I had recently developed a body care range for Sportsgirl)I really wanted to do something innovative that would also make a difference to others’ lives. As soon as I launched Aromababy, I went straight to my local, private maternity hospital and also a babies’ charity, explained my story and offered product.

What do you love most about running Aromababy?
The best thing about running my own business has definitely been the ability to work around my two sons who were the inspiration for my work. For me it would have been pointless had my success taken me away from the very thing I love the most. The fact that our skincare has also helped so many babies (and adults) with eczema and sensitive skin follows closely in second place. I love my charity work plus I’ve met some amazing people along the way.

What is your favourite Aromababy product?
My fave Aromababy product would have to be our ‘hero’ product: Barrier Balm.
Originally formulated to soothe nappy rash, soon after being launched this product began to generate feedback relating to the healing of eczema, then cradle cap, windburn, chafing and the list continues.

Now it is used for everything from lip balm and cuticle conditioner on super models, to a soothing treatment for sunburn and scalds for babies and adults alike. Barrier Balm has even been used in the Breast Ward of a cancer hospital, on women post radiation therapy – it’s truly amazing and I’m so proud.

What do you think parents should watch out for when selecting skincare for their baby?
When I launched Aromababy it was because I had already spent some years developing skincare, reviewed countless research articles and combined those neonatal recommendations with the most appropriate, effective natural and organic ingredients that would be suitable for babies.

Since the success of Aromababy there has been a steady stream of new brands launching (and failing) all claiming to have been developed out of ‘neccessity’ and then also ‘suitable from birth’ or ‘safe for eczema’ which can be both misleading and potentially dangerous claims.

I suggest parents always look to an industry leader, avoid as many chemicals (and essential oils/perfumes for newborns) as possible and keep it simple. The more ingredients in a product, the more likely the skin will react to one or more ingredients. There is no need for a natural baby cream, for example, to contain six or eight herbal extracts. Choose a shampoo substitute and/or bath product that is not highly foaming – bubbles = detergent and thus, dry the skin out. Choose one basic lotion/cream that is unscented, a great nappy barrier product to protect and soothe and a wash product that is unscented to begin with.

To find out more about Aromababy, to order your favourite products online or to locate a Aromababy stockist near you visit www.aromababy.com.au.

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