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Over the past three years I have met many ‘green’ mums who absolutely love washing with so called soap nuts, leaving me wondering what the excitement is all about. Most of the time I am quite keen to try new things but it took me a little longer to get my head around it this time. A few weeks ago I bit the bullet and opened up a bag of soap nuts from a gorgeous online store called Little Eco.

Little Eco is a relatively new Australian store that focuses on all things eco for babies and kids, for you and even your home. Owner Amanda is always hunting for new eco finds from all over the world so you can expect to find some fantastic and unique products in store. The thing about being eco conscious is that every little bit helps and Little Eco will show you that it is actually very easy to live a little greener.

Back to the soapnuts which, I have learnt, are actually berries and not nuts. Harvested from the Sapindus mukorossi tree in Pakistan the shell of these fruits delivers a soapy lather when mixed with water. So instead of ordinary washing powder you simply add a drawstring bag containing 4-6 soapnuts to your washing, wash like normal and the result is clean laundry. Many cloth nappy users swear by soapnuts and I can safely say my cloth nappies have been coming up squeaky clean.

Soapnuts are 100% natural and biodegradable, they are very durable and super affordable. A 200gram bag of Sindhiya soapnuts ($9.90) should be enough of approximately 120 wash loads, much cheaper than ordinary washing powder and obviously much more eco friendly too. Once completely used you can simply place your soap nuts in your compost bin as they are a natural product.

Speaking of nappies, this Wiggle Tree wetbag is perfect for storing your wet nappies until they can be washed. You can fit up to 5 disposable nappies (or 3-4 cloth nappies), enough room for a day out with baby. The waterproof lining will keep your nappy bag nice and dry and you can just wash your wetbag in the washing machine. Every time you use this stylish bag is one less disposable bag ending up in landfill!

One of the latest brands to arrive at Little Eco is Guava Kids and you have to admit that these are the most stylish mitts you have ever seen. Made from bamboo and organic cotton the little Guava Mitts ($12.95) are perfect for little ones with sensitive skin. They feature a special closure system that will prevent lost mittens, you wouldn’t want to lose these cuties. They keep babies hands warm, baby entertained with bright colours and patterns and avoid scratching, a fabulous design.

To find out more about Little Eco, to browse the range of eco products and to order online visit www.little-eco.com.au.

For your chance to win a $50 Little Eco gift voucher visit www.little-eco.com.au and answer the following question: Aside from the items featured above, which other Little Eco product do you really like?

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  1. I had a wool beanie spun and knitted for me by an older friend and I love it. The warmth it provides is amazing so I would love to try the Fawn and Milk Organic Cotton Knitted Beanie for my freezing little one.

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  5. I love baby wraps. The softer the better. These Double Stretch Swaddling Wraps at gr8x look like something I would love to wrap my little man in.

  6. I have so many photo’s and only just so much fridge and shelf space but Bright Star Kids have some Photo Frame Wall Stickers that I could make a whole feature of and another bonus is my little ones throwing balls couldn’t knock them down.

  7. My son finds things that he calls treasures all over the place but has no where to put them. This Bobble Art Small Plane Treasure Chest at Little Obsessions is just perfect.

  8. I love the Green Sprouts Natural Bamboo Bowl and the Spoon and Fork at Little Eco.

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  13. Little Boo Teak has the brightest baby rattle I have ever seen. The Hess Dolphin Rattle. I have a niece or nephew arriving in a few weeks and this would make a great gift.

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  15. Love the Seedling Nature Stamp Set…would be great for craft and picture making.

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  19. I like the ESP No.1 Indigo Marl Long Sl from Skip to my Lou

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  21. The Speech Bubble Chalkboard from Bright Star Kids is such a fun idea!

  22. The Alex & Charli Puppy Dog Hoodie from looking at you kid is so cute!

  23. Visited Gr8x and love the Tiffany Tote in black & cream.

  24. My daughter has started swimming lessons (in winter) and I hate disposing of her swim nappies after 30 minutes. The cushie tushie swim nappies would be great!

  25. My boys loves to draw and paint. I think the Framed Wall Art – 12 Image Mini Gallery from art eater is a great idea to show and keep their artworks.

  26. Im very taken with the wooden toys and find myself attracted to the Organic Rattle tumbling toy 🙂

  27. Visited Sustainababy… Love the Apple & Bee kids library bag in Parachute.

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  29. Visited Little Obsessions…love the Tiger Tribe wooden Airport box set.

  30. Visited Bright Star Kids… love the Birds on a Wire wall decals.

  31. I love the Dandelion Handcrafted Pudgy Rattle | Mushroom, not only is it retro and crafty and natural so you aren’t having to worry about your little one but it takes you back to art and memories of your childhood and make it so you can pass those on. plus for this family its also very nintendo and would once bubs has outgrown it no doubt be kidnapped for mario play ;p

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  34. The junior gardening kit is great. Gradening keeps them humble!! …..and distracted!

  35. To go with my soap nuts I use the Tumblemonkey dryer balls – in this wintery weather, it’s the best way to finish off drying my cloth nappies.

  36. The Amber Teething Necklace in honey is just gorgeous.

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  40. I love the Scrap Happy Freezer Compost Bin

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  46. I’d have to say the Green to Grow Ecosystem Snack Containers. Having used the Green to Grow baby bottles for Master A, it is a brand that I trust and would recommend. Go Green to Grow!!

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  48. I love my modern cloth nappies, so I’d have to say one of my favourite products at Little Eco is the Bambooty Easy One Size nappy | Red Stripe. We have these in the Zoo print, and the fit and absorbency is fantastic!

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  53. Little Eco stocks my all time favourite cloth nappy brand….. Itti Bitti!

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  57. I liked little echo on fb, my daughter would love the so young lunch box in pink giraffe as its her favourite animal!! I also suscribed to the weekly sales and giveaways

  58. I do like Green Sprouts Warming Plate. Now is winter time, my baby’s food is easy to be cold when I feed him. This plate is helpful.

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  63. Tizzie Hall Comforter-Bizzie Bunny at Avidiva is my favourite

  64. Kiniki Utility Sweat Pants at Looking At You Kid is my favourite.

  65. Peter Rabbit Naturally Better – Classic Gift Set at Sustainababy is my favourite.

  66. EDTOY Transformobile Bulldozer at Little Obsessions is one of my favourite toys.

  67. The waste not saks – there’s a design to suit every member of the family. And some heirloom tomato seeds – nice to have on hand to tuck into a card and mail off.

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  69. Moomoo the Moocow is adorable. I so want one…

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  71. The Waste Not Saks – Snak Sak | Pink Sweet Tooth are great

  72. Love the ‘Australian Girl’ Doll – Emily

  73. Love the Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset Barn House from Little Obsessions

  74. Love the Pull Along Deer Lillifee from Bright Button Toys

  75. Love the Adan + Anais Star Light Dream Blanket by Little Boo-Teek

  76. The Natural Kids Bamboo Sleeping Bag appeals to me. Such soft fabric, so nice to wear and the bag is easy to use in a car seat so no disturbing a sleepy infant- or struggling with straps.

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  79. I like the look of the Green To Grow Ecosystem Snack Containers in the sea turtle. Great for packing snacks for kids when out & about & love that they free of all the nasties!

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    Little Eco giveaway at @hiplittleone ! Win a $50 voucher to spend in the Little Eco store

  85. Skip To My Lou-Woon Lulu iDoll

  86. Looking At You Kid-Love the Boohoo? Ruffle Skirt

  87. Little Obsessions-The Makedo Find & Make Shop

  88. Little Boo-Teek-Jujo Baby Stripe Hooded jacket in denim

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    Cushie Tushies Aqua Swim Nappy. My 4 months old daughter is going to have her first swim soon and It would great to let her wear this eco swim nappy.

  90. The Jack and Jill Organic Strawberry Toothpaste would be good to try… not sure if my toddler will spit it out though!

  91. I’m a big fan of wooden toys and I really like the Green Sprouts | Wooden Heart Rattle 🙂

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  96. I just tweeted 🙂

  97. At Sustainababy I love the Cheeky Little Soles She’s a Star baby shoes- super cute! 🙂

  98. My favourite at Skip to my Lou is the Milky Tutu Legging- Pink- so ruffly sweet!! <3

  99. My favourite at Yoplait is the Passionfruit Cal-tivate, I love the flavour and the extra calcium is great for me at the moment 🙂

  100. Love the Mollycoddled Apron Towel

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  106. little obsessions – Melissa and Doug Wooden Bake and Decorate Cupcake Set

  107. looking at you kid – Miss Treasures Brown Shimmery Pants

  108. avidiva – BabyLuxe Organic Terry Hooded Towel

  109. skip to my lou – Pure Poppet Natural Play Makeup Kit

  110. I would love some Little Bamboo Fitted Cot Sheets and Bassinet Sheets for my new arrival.

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  115. At Sustainababy I like the Cheeky Little Soles Walkers in Scarlett.

  116. At Gr8x I like the Cindy Double Zip Satchel in Black.

  117. At Little Obsessions my son would enjoy the Seedling DIY Pirate Treasure Map.

  118. At Looking At You Kid, I love And the Little Dog Laughed ‘Elbert’ the Elephant.

  119. At Little Boo-Teek my favourite is the Designer Kidz Layered Vintage Dress

  120. I have tweeted this giveaway.

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  125. I Love the Little Alouette Wooden Skittles Set, might look at some for the kids for christmas, they look so fresh and clean. Light enough to use inside without damage and robust enough to use outside with space too 🙂

  126. I love the wooden Little Alouette Skittles Set from Little Eco, much better than those cheap plastic ones!

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  131. A Green Sprouts Wooden Brush and Comb Set is just the knot-busting super duo I need!

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  135. i like the idea of the FREEZER PODS great for freezing breast milk baby food and other baked goods would come in every handy…
    NAPPY PLU OVER COVERS are great water proof and breathable makes nappy covers fun with all the colourful designs…

  136. I love the Cushie Tushies Aqua Wetbag, what a great way to have all your bubs bits and bobs for the beach or pool all in one bag.

  137. Natural Kids Bamboo Sleeping Bag is absolutely gorgeous.

  138. Liked Little Eco on facebook

  139. I love love love the Natural Kids Bamboo Sleeping Bag. My friend has one and cant stop raving about it! 😀

  140. My favourite at EarlyBirds is the Earlybirds Bigger Birds Romper- how wonderful that they now stock clothes to fit older babies! 🙂

  141. I love love love the Seedling – My Amazing Chalkboard roll in Red. Such a shame it’s not currently in stock!!

  142. I like Little Eco on Facebook

  143. I’m signed up to your emails

  144. The ‘Alice’ Shoulder Bag Black and Cream’ is my favourite from gr8x

  145. The Frog High Chair from Coccinella is my favourite!

  146. Love the Lelby’s Bean Chairs – RED Orchid from Avidiva.

  147. The Butterfly Chalkboard Wall Sticker from Bright Star Kids is my pick!

  148. I like little eco on facebook

  149. I love the swim nappies, so cute!

  150. I am subscribed by rss

  151. Any of the BPA free bottles as they are stylish plus best for bub

  152. I love the Jack N’ Jill Bio Toothbrushes. I recently saw these on another website and thought they were a wonderful idea and would love to try them (along with some certified organic toothpaste of course)! I think dental hygiene is very important and with these products you can look after the earth too.

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