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Last week we took the twins for their 4-year immunisations, most of the time having twins means double the laughs but in this case it meant double the needles and double the tears. The shot itself didn’t upset them much but later that night my big boy got hit with a fever and a rash, not very pleasant especially for my son who is a scratcher. Luckily we have learnt from the past that he will not stop scratching and that innocent spots can turn into permanent marks very quickly. During one of those episodes last year we discovered Busby Pure Tissue Oil which has been fantastic.

Busby Pure Tissue Oil is a fabulous oil blend that uses natural ingredients like avocado oil, grapeseed oil and roseship oil as well as (my favourite) vitamin E to improve the appearance of skin issues like scars, stretch marks, wrinkles and dehydrated skin. The non-greasy oil is developed for use on body and face and it is completely safe for all ages, it can even be used during pregnancy.

In the past few years we’ve had our share of allergic reactions, mysterious rashes and childhood diseases like roseola, I know they can’t always be prevented but I am determined to try my hardest and avoid permanent marks on my children’s beautiful skin. The Busby Pure Tissue Oil moisturised the persistent spots (making them less dry and itchy) and dramatically reduced the healing time, it was gentle enough to use on his face and I am so relieved he is left without a single scar.

Since discovering the Busby Pure Tissue Oil last year I have used it many times, in fact it is one of the first things I try when their skin is looking anything out of the ordinary. Knowing that it is made with natural ingredients I feel it is a safe choice for my children’s sensitive skin. Unlike with some other skincare products they have never shown any negative reaction to it, it always leaves nourished and smooth skin which is exactly what we want!

To find out more about Busby Pure Tissue Oil, to read all about its many uses and to locate a retailer near you visit www.fgb.com.au.

For your chance to win one of four Busby Pure Tissue Oils (100ml, $17.95) visit www.fgb.com.au and answer the following question: What would you use the Busby Pure Tissue Oil for?

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  1. Terrible stretch marks.

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  6. I would use the Busby Pure Tissue Oil for smoothing my scars and treating my wrinkles and ageing problems.

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  11. My hideously dry, cracked and what appears callous covered elbows. They hurt and need moisture desperately, nothing else seems to work.

  12. On my newly acquired, hideous scar, that runs from the base of my throat all the way down to my nether-region. I want it gone!!

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  18. I’d use the Busby Pure Tissue Oil for my feet as I have very dry skin on my heels that nothing fixes – maybe this is the miracle cure!

  19. would definately be using it for my extreme dry skin (which I always seem to get whilst breastfeeding!!!)

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  29. I would use it on my itchy, scratchy son who suffers from lots of dry itchy irritated skin andI’d also use it on my acne scars on my chin.

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  31. I’d use it on the scars I’ve got on my left arm and leg from where I was thrown through a barbed wire fence by my horse…10 years later and they are still there!

  32. I have dry and sensitive skin since I was young. I will use it oftenly as it has lots of natural ingredients which able to solve my skin problems.
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  33. I would add a little to my husbands relaxation oil when I give him a massage

  34. I would use it on my hubby’s elbow scar which he got from fully off his bike. He is so precious with it and always looking for creme’s to put on it.

  35. Sorry that was falling off his bike!!!

  36. Stretch marks!

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  41. It makes me sound old lol, but I would use it on my ageing skin, wrinkles and stretch marks!

  42. I like Busby Australia on Facebook- and I signed up for a free sample while I was there! 🙂

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  47. My favourite at Sticky Biz.com.au is the Boys Large Name Labels- I could really use some of these for my boys lunchboxes- nikko just isn’t cutting it!

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  51. To reduce the appearance of my stretch marks

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  55. Would absolutely love to win Busby Pure Tissue Oil, would definitely be helpful at our house, would use it on my toddler’s dry skin patches behind her knees and on elbows.

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  61. I like Stroller Strap at the Gr8x.

  62. I would use it on two scars my little boy has. At 18 months old the aframe of a trailer fell on his hand (we think he pulled it!) and broke his thumb leaving a small scar across the top of his hand. And at 27 months we had just moved house and for the first time had stairs out the front. My little guys jumped straight down the stairs head first into the gravel and has a scar on his forehead from it! He’s very accident prone as you can see & I’d just love the idea of having something on hand to help with the prevention of scars!

  63. I am a liker of busby australia 🙂

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  66. I would use it on my stretch marks – the bane of my existence!

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  70. Would use it on my ‘nanna, dry, wrinkled hands’!

  71. On myself – definitely, I love using body oils instead of usual moisturizers. Maybe on hubby’s dry feet, too!:-)

  72. I am an e-mail subscriber.

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  75. Babyjo – Short Sleeved Bodysuit is my favourite at Avidiva.

  76. Three Little Trees Red Bolt Romper is my favourite at Looking At You Kid.

  77. Hyper Colour Putty is my favourite at Bright Button Toys.

  78. Travel Nest is my favourite at Earlybirds.

  79. I’d use the oil for dehydrated skin, my skin gets so dry in winter with heaters, air con, cold weather and hot showers this combination makes my skin so dehydrated no matter how much moisturiser i use, so it would be nice to try something different.

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  83. Would love to add some Busby Oil to my evening bath!

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  86. Busby for my stretch marks, sigh.

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  87. My daughter is prone to dry and sensitive skin, it would
    be fantastic to win.

  88. I like Busby’s Facebook page.

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