Jun 162012

As a child my youngest sister and I dreamed of owning all the big Disney movies on video, we knew all the stories and songs by heart (I am surprised how many of the songs I still remember!). Now that I have kids myself and see how much they enjoy the Disney movies I am determined to get my hands on all the big titles so we can watch them together. But that is easier said than done as not all Disney movies are permanently available, some have already returned to the Disney vault and who knows if and when they will become available again?

One of those titles that will soon go back into the vault is Beauty and the Beast, so make sure you grab it while you still can. I think we all remember Belle, a lovely girl who lives with her father in a small village. Everyone loves Belle, including the horrible and very unlikeable Gaston who seems to think Belle would make the perfect wife for him. One day Belle’s father ends up in a mysterious, dark castle where he is being held by a frightening Beast.

Loyal as she is Belle offers to take her father’s place, promising to stay in the castle for the rest of her life. So who exactly is the unfriendly Beast and what is the secret behind the beautiful rose he is protective of? Belle is not impressed by the unfriendly Beast, luckily there is the enchanted castle staff to make her life more bearable.

Against her expectations Belle and the Beast start to grow closer and form a friendship, he even lets her leave to help her dying father. The Beast realises he is falling in love with Belle, and the Beast has stolen Belle’s heart too. When Gaston discovers this he plans an attack on the Beast and gathers a mob to help him. Will this be the end of the love story of Belle and the Beast, or will real love conquer and maybe, just maybe, lift the magic spell that has held the castle and the Beast in its grip for way too long?

As a child I never knew how the Beast became the way he was, I don’t think it ever mattered to me and in their turn my twins have no idea either. All they see is the beautiful Belle, the absolutely gorgeous castle staff and the character transformation of the Beast. In their words ‘At first he was grumpy and angry and Belle made him happy’, and in the end isn’t that just a wonderful message?

Beauty and the Beast is available on Blu-ray ($49.95) or DVD ($39.95) and is on sale at major retailers across Australia until July 31, 2012.

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