May 292012

When we bought our house 3 years ago we picked a so called ‘renovator’s delight’. Of course we could have bought a smaller ‘finished’ house, but I am really happy that we went for a house with character and plenty of space. Although far from finished my kids just love their playroom, a little domain of their own filled with toys, dress ups and plenty of other things to keep them busy. They especially enjoy cooking up scrumptious meals and treats in their toy kitchen, perfect entertainment for rainy winter days. So what’s on my little masterchefs’ menu?

The hot favourite at the moment are these adorable Wooden Macarons (Bright Buttons Toys, $14.95) by French brand Djeco. This set of six mini macarons comes in a cute wooden storage box so your little baker can keep them neatly together. The twins are always serving us and any visitors their ‘homemade’ macarons, they even ask you which colour you would like. What flavour makes your tastebuds tingle, is it chocolate, strawberry or lemon perhaps?

As little as they are they know very well that a healthy breakfast is the best start to the day and after the kids have finished their real breakfast they often continue their healthy habit in the toy kitchen. With this cute Qtoys Breakfast Kit (Coccinella, $27.95) kids can make their own toast in the toaster without the risk of burnt fingers. They absolutely love slicing the butter and bun, just like mummy. The set even comes with its own serving tray.

Now this gorgeous Educo Rise ‘n Shine Wooden Coffee Maker Set (Bright Buttons Toys, $34.95) has not arrived in our kitchen just yet but I have put my name down for one as I am sure they will absolutely love it. I am not a coffee drinker myself but hip daddy is, one in the morning to take to work and one at night when he sits down for a rest. Once our set has arrived he will no doubt be taking an extra cup to work.

Toy kitchens come in all shapes, sizes and budgets, see them as an investment as kids will play with them for years. These beautiful pretend plan kitchen toys will definitely add to the cooking fun and being made of wood they are durable and environment friendly.

What meals does your little one prepare for you in the kitchen?

  3 Responses to “A Little Masterchef’s Menu”

  1. Wow. I love Educo Rise n’ Shine Wooden Coffee Maker Set. My little girl will make coffee for her daddy. I have to buy this coffee maker:)

  2. Yes, I too have a renovators delight, very happy we went that way as well. I think the older homes make warmer homes 🙂 These toys certainly beat the old wooden toys when I was growing up too! Jo

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