Apr 212012

Those of you who know me personally know that patience is not my best quality, when I have my heart set on something I need to have it, rather yesterday than today. After a period of impatiently waiting this week I finally had my Havoc Denim order in my hot little hands, containing some highly sought after items from their winter range. I was lucky that I put my name down for these hip designs a while ago as they were pretty much sold out the minute they hit our shores!

One of these top sellers is the Girls Luxe Fuchsia Skinny Jean ($59.95, size 2-14), totally on trend with the coloured jeans fashion that is THE look of the winter season. If you are familiar with Havoc Denim you will know that their denim is of the highest quality offering a superb fit and soft, comfortable feel. Whether you go for the fuchsia or purple version one thing is sure, your funky little miss will slip these skinny jeans on and won’t want to take them off.

Another hot favourite is the Boys Amazon Hoodie ($64.95, size 000-14), a real Autumn must-have that will keep the boys warm street style. Just throw it over a long sleeve tee and you’re ready. The neutral colours make it a breeze to mix and match with pieces already in your child’s winter wardrobe. Don’t worry, there is a Girls Hoodie available too and it features the most gorgeous vintage floral lining.

The Havoc Denim Winter range contains six different jeans, six hoodies, a skirt and five different dresses so there really is a Havoc Denim look for every child. After many requests from fashion savvy mums they are also introducing baby sizes (selected styles), widening the size range from 000 all the way up to 14 years old. The biggest news however is the opening of the Havoc Denim online store, so you can now order your favourite new styles online and shipping within Australia is free!

To find out more about Havoc Denim, to browse the winter range and to order online visit www.havocdenim.com.

For your chance to win a Havoc Denim jean or dress of winner’s choice (subject to availability) visit www.havocdenim.com and answer the following question: If you were to be our lucky winner which Havoc Denim item would you choose and why?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

Competition ends May 21, 2012. Sorry, Australian entries only.

  183 Responses to “Havoc Denim giveaway”

  1. I would pick the girls Serrah cropped jacket, looks amazing, my daughter would love this! thankyou for the amazing giveaway xx

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  6. I absolutely love the Unisex Coloured Skinny Jean, that would be my pick!

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  8. Unisex Janeiro Skinny Jean (Bleach Out Blue) for my long legged little man.

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  13. Wrote my status about your jeans : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=755616294

  14. Amazon boys Hoodie would be my pick! Funky threads for my little man to keep him toasty warm when we are outside causing havoc!

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  17. I’d choose the GIRLS DENIM DUNGAREES. My daughter has had a much cheaper version of these, and has lived in them for the last year, so I’d buy the next size up and she’d be set for this year! I love that they can be worn all year round – with a t-shirt in summer, to long sleeves and tights in winter.

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  22. I also love the janiero skinny jeans, smart and casul 🙂

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  28. Boys Denim Track Hoodie, just the thing for my little man….who’s rapidly becoming a giant like his Dad!

  29. Janeiro skinny jean bleach out blue because they’re the best of what’s on offer.

  30. JANEIRO SKINNY JEAN INDIGO BLUE, simply because the other one’s are all to girly for my boy.

  31. Nothing compares to my Jorgia’s eyes,
    Brighter than the clearest skies,
    But the Skinny Jeans in Cadet Blue,
    Remind me of those gorgeous eyes, too!

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  38. My favourite item at Little Boo-Teek is the Designer Kidz Satin Sash Tiered Dress – Pink!

  39. At Whimsy Child, I love the Daily Tea Amate Aves Layered Dress! Too cute!

  40. I love the Lelby’s Bean Chairs – esp in ‘Bluebell Garden’, from Avidiva!

  41. From Bright Button Toys, my three Princesses and my little Prince would love playing in the Villa Carton Castle, after colouring it of course!

  42. That cute little vintage lace dress! I love how they have bought vintage back, and it looks just as good as it ever did!

  43. Liked on Facebook =)

  44. Like Havoc Denim on Facebook! Girls Vintage Lace Pinafore is my pick!

  45. When it comes to children’s fashion, Havoc Denim has got the lot- style, spunk and a whole lot of attitude.I can’t go past the Unisex Janeiro Skinny Jean in Indigo Blue for my trend-setting tot- he’ll be out to impress all the little ladies in these uber chic creations!

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  47. I think if my daughter saw these fuchsia skinny leg jeans, she might actually want to wear pants. As at the moment it skirts only!

  48. I’d pick the Janeiro Skinny Jean in bleach out blue!

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  51. The gorgeous and fun Gathered Dress, so sweet.

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  53. GIRLS VINTAGE LACE YOKE PINAFORE so cute and simple yet can be worn for dressy or casual ware.

  54. new liker of havoc denim on fb

  55. The Girl’s Vintage Lace Yoke Pinafore caught my eye. A stunning piece that could be worn for many seasons – paired with tights, long sleeve shirt would be very cute for this winter.

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  61. Unisex Janeiro Skinny Jean (Indigo Blue) because my little girl has grown too tall for the jeans she word last year!

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  63. The girl’s Maceio crop hood jacket would look so cool with the new ducky sunnies

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  66. I just visited Little Obsessions and I LOVE the Bobble Art Woodland book ends…..I want them in my office!

  67. I love the girls denim dungarees, they are the cutest

  68. I would choose the GIRLS GATHERED RIO DRESS because it is SO hard to find long sleeved dresses for little girls, and this one is gorgeous.

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  75. UNISEX JANEIRO SKINNY JEAN (INDIGO BLUE) – my daughter would love them, and added bonus she could pass them down to her brother 🙂

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  79. I would choose the Unisex Janeiro Skinny Jean – my son would look great in those.

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  82. I would love the Pipa Quilted Pinafore – so sweet!

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  84. Love the girls gathered Rio Dress

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  89. I would choose the Girls Luxe Fuchsia Skinny Jeans in Size 2. They are adorable!

  90. I love the Beatrix New York Little Kid Esther Bunny Backpack from Sukimama

  91. I love the Little Tee-Tee – Arielle Dress from Bubzyboo

  92. I love the Ulubulu – Mute Button on Glitter Purple Silicone pacifier on Little Yoyo Styles

  93. I love the Faux Fur Vest – Humble Bumble from Nelly Jean

  94. […] them all and wear this Australian label all the time. If you haven’t already make sure you enter the Havoc Denim giveaway and your son or daughter could soon be walking around in Havoc Denim too. (I am sneakily waiting […]

  95. girls lux purple skinny jeans as its mine and both my daughters favourite colour, and it would be great to add some colour to the wardrobe over winter, and get lots of compliments on them! I liked and shared you on facebook and I know lots of people who are going to be buying from you once I tell them about your website!

  96. I absolutely love Havoc Denim- Girls Luxe Fuchsia Skinny Jean

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  100. http://www.havocdenim.com/product/girls-allegra-ruffle-dress Just love this dress, the sleeves are just gorgeous and it has a retro feel with a timeless quality!!

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  104. The Girls Luxe Twill Skinny Jeans in Bright Purple would be my pick for sure!
    They look amazing!


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  108. The Giraffe Winter Jacket by Noo from Ladybub is soooo adorable!


  109. The Preschool and Daycare Label Kits from Bright Star Kids would mean no more lost clothing, yay!!!

  110. The Wooden Cash Register by Educo from Bright Button Toys would keep my little girl busy for hours on end. She’s totally fascinated by shopping and the concept of money at the moment.

  111. The Designer Kidz Satin Sash Tiered Dress in Pink from Little Boo-Teek would be the perfect gift for my daughter’s 4th birthday!


  112. Love the Girls Vintage Lace Yoke Pinafore! 🙂

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  117. Bright Star Kids-Constructions Trucks Wall Stickers,my son would love these in his room!

  118. Little Obsessions- Alimrose Designs Princess Doll

  119. Shop For Tots-Cocoon Culture Dreamy Owl Beanbag in Green

  120. Little Boo-Teek- Bebe Zac Long Sleeve Pocket Tee

  121. Love the UNISEX JANEIRO SKINNY JEAN, would look awesome on any of my boys 🙂

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  127. I’m loving the Vintage Lace Dress, so gorgeous!

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  131. I checked out bright button toys and found they have an awesome range of kids felt scene puzzles

  132. Love the Girls Vintage Lace Yoke Pinefore 🙂

  133. am an email subscriber.

  134. The Vintage Lace Yolk Pinafore would look gorgeous on my little miss of four.
    The premium denin edged with lace is a style she could wear any place.

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  136. I would choose the Allegra dress – its very cold here in Canberra and looks like the perfect choice with a nice pair of tights.

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  145. If I was lucky enough to win I would be getting a pair of unisex indigo blue jeans for my teenage daughter 🙂

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  151. My favourite item at Little Obsessions is the Alimrose Designs Martha Doll Rattle, adorable!!

  152. My favourite at Yoplait is the blueberry yoghurt- yummo!

  153. My favourite at Outlet Shop for Kids is the Frilly Floral 3 Piece Set- so pretty!

  154. My favourite at earlybirds is the ribbed hats- I love squishy little babies in hats, so cute!!

  155. I love their Girls Vintage Lace Yoke Pinafore, so pretty!

  156. Havoc Denim FB liker.

  157. I follow HLO via e-mail.

  158. I like Small Address Labels at Sticky Biz.

  159. I like an All-in-One at Earlybirds!

  160. I like Djeco Farm Building Blocks at Little Obsessions!

  161. love the Janeiro Skinny Jean, perfect for my little princess

  162. I like Matilda Dolla at Australian Girl!

  163. lliked on facebook and subscribed to mailing list

  164. Their Girls Gathered Rio Dress is lovely and so comfy for colder days!

  165. Following you via e-mail…

  166. Favourite item at Havoc Denim – Unisex Janeiro Skinny Jean (Black Ink)!

  167. Favourite doll at Australian Girl – Belle.

  168. Bumbo Baby Chair with Tray Table – BLUE is lovely at Avidiva.

  169. Love Amber Teething Necklaces at Gummy Babies.

  170. Love Havoc Denim’s Unisex Janeiro Skinny Jean!

  171. Like Havoc Denim on FB.

  172. I am subscribed to your e-mails.

  173. I love Matilda Doll at Australian Girl.

  174. I love DaVinci Art Cabinets at Art Eater.

  175. Apple & Bee Eco Tote – at Sustainababy!

  176. The Stroller Strap at the Gr8x.

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