Apr 202012

The days are already getting shorter, the trees are changing colour and they are slowly starting to drop their leaves, real Autumn weather is not far away! There is no better way to get in the spirit of Autumn than with the all-time favourite fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Right now this sweet girl with her vibrant red cape is more popular than ever!

1. For Walls Little Red Riding Hood wall decals $39.95 at Shop For Tots
2. Oobi Red Riding Hood Cape $129.95 at Shop For Tots
3. Ebulobo Red Riding Hood Bowl, Spoon and Mug Set $24.95 at Coccinella
4. Ebulobo Musical Red Riding Hood $49.95 at Coccinella
5. Decole Little Red Stapler $16 at Candy Stripe Cloud
6. Wooden Little Red Riding Hood Stickers $6.95 at Two Owls
7. Alimrose Designs Red Riding Hood Hand Squeaker $17.95 at Shop For Tots
8. Little Red Stationary Box $7 at The Kawaii Notebook
9. Little Red Riding Hood Toothbrush Holder $9.95 at Rudy and the Dodo
10. Red Riding Hood Gingham Basket $28.95 by Blossom Accessories
11. Little Red Riding Hood Write-In Invitations $15.95 per 10 at Inviteme

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