Feb 122012

The bad weather we’ve had this week has not only affected our mood but now also our health, this weekend we all have runny noses and a sore throat. I am glad we didn’t have anything planned for this weekend because the kids are everything but enjoyable.  Where we adults know that rest is the best solution the kids don’t really understand and the lack of sleep is the cause of lots of arguments, falls and accidents. I can’t even count the number of bumps I have kissed and knees I have cleaned, the only thing that has cheered them up are the fun new Elastoplast plasters I used to cover their scrapes and scratches.

The Elastoplast Disney Princess character strips ($2.49, 16 pcs) made the tears on my little lady’s face disappear in an instant, in fact she has since invented many imaginary sore spots that desperately required a Princess bandaid. We have already worked out that the plasters work even better when you wear a beautiful princess dress up at the same time, the injury is easily forgotten when you feel a princess from top to toe.

In our house an accident rarely involves just one child, usually it is the result of altercation between two of them (by accident or on purpose). Although my son wouldn’t mind wearing a Princess plaster he will be happy to know that the Elastoplast character strips are also available with Cars 2 print, I’ll have to keep my eye out at the chemist. Both styles are easy to remove and gentle on the skin (a must with little ones) as well as water and dirt repellent.

As a family of five we use plasters all the time and not just for the little ones. Like most parents we have tried to use a dedicated children’s bandaid on our own cuts and we know by now they are not suitable for every situation. The Elastoplast Family Pack ($4.47) contains 40 assorted plasters for the whole family: plastic for water resistance, fabric for reliable adhesion and junior for the little ones. A must have for the family first aid kit!

For more information about Elastoplast and to browse the range visit www.elastoplast.com.au, to locate a stockist near you call 1800 103 023.

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