Feb 042012

A little while ago I wrote about Coccinella and all the unique eco products available in store. Owner Renata has managed to secure some of the world’s best eco friendly brands, some of them very hard to find here in Australia. I first laid eyes on the French Ebulobo toys last year and was very impressed, so I was excited to see the new Ebulobo Happy Farm family arrive at Coccinella.

The Ebulobo Happy Farm is a colourful animal toy family that is eco-friendly and lives in a quiet rural community. Each of the five family members has a different role to play: managing the vegie patch or selling cheese, producing milk or looking after the kids in the little village, together they really are a fantastic bunch. The Happy Farm range consists of 9 different toy designs: soft dolls, activity dolls and even a musical doll.

The Ebulobo activity toys offer a bit of extra stimulation and entertainment. Take Anemone the Cow, she comes packed with a flower mirror, milk bottle rattle, squeaker cheese and a yummy brown cookie teether. Her sweet pink and orange colours make this a perfect gift for a little girl that is sure to be welcomed with open arms. A smaller (but just as cute) version of Anemone is available too, without the activities she is more bedtime friendly and my baby girl has taken to her immediately.

Don’t worry, instead of waking your baby before dawn Bob the Musical Rooster will (hopefully) put your little one to sleep by playing a lovely Bob Dylan song when you pull the flower. Babies love music so this little fella will be a favourite in no time. Don’t you just love his colourful plumage? Bob’s job is to entertain the rest of the friendly Ebulobo gang by playing songs on his guitar, I think he is absolutely gorgeous.

To find out more about Coccinella, to browse the Ebulobo range and to order your favourites online visit www.coccinella.com.au, prices start at $34.95.

  4 Responses to “Ebulobo Happy Farm at Coccinella”

  1. Thank you for the fab review

  2. I love Antoine. Could you tell us how big they are?

    • Hi Nat,

      Antoine is just gorgeous isn’t he? But really they all are so cute in their own way, I would love to have them all.

      I just checked the measurements with Renata at Coccinella. The activity dolls are 45 cm tall, the regular dolls (they have a bell in their bodies) are 25 cm. The adorable Bob the Musical Rooster is 38 cm. I hope that helps!

      Have a lovely weekend.

  3. I bought several toys for from this store and my children love it! Now, I am absolutely creasy about the Cow!

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