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Feb 032012

I know you may find it hard to believe but until this week we had never taken the kids out for dinner. Some people manage to take their little ones out to restaurants from a very young age which I think it fantastic, we just couldn’t do it. When the twins were babies we didn’t find the idea of trying to feed a baby each (and ourselves) very relaxing so we never did it. Baby 3 was born before the twins turned two and the thought of three small kids in high chairs in a restaurant would scare even the most organised and calm parents so we kept putting it off. But as we were invited to a birthday dinner this week we decided to bite the bullet and go…

On Tuesday it was time for our big outing and we were well prepared, the restaurant had reserved one high chair for baby and we brought along our Toosh Cooshes for the older two. At 3 years old the twins may be too big for high chairs but they are still a little bit too small for regular dining chairs, making it hard for them to eat properly and not make a mess. And this is exactly where the Toosh Cooshes come in.

The Toosh Coosh is a kids support seat designed right here in Australia by clever mum Jo. After searching high and low for a simple, portable, stylish support seat for kids she decided to create her own solution to the problem. If you imagine trying to eat your dinner at a table that is too high for you you’ll realise that eating mess free is not easy. Bringing the table down is not an option but making your seat higher is!

Unlike other booster seats the Toosh Coosh features a stylish, timeless design that is not too babyish for older children, its neutral colour options (charcoal/red) will fit in beautifully with your interior. Conveniently packaged in its own carry bag you can easily take your Toosh Coosh to friends, family and restaurants so kids can sit up at the table and you can have a relaxing meal together.

Obviously this fantastic seat is not just useful around meal times, the twins use their Toosh Cooshes all the time to do drawing, playdoh or other crafts at the big kitchen table. The Toosh Coosh sits really well on our dining chairs (it sits really well on every chair we have tried it on!) and they do not slide even when the twins hop on and off. Sticky fingerprints are easy to wipe off and its compact size makes it easy to store, because isn’t storage space something we all never have enough of?

The Toosh Coosh kids support seat costs $59.95 or $109.90 for a sibling pack, at the moment you can enjoy free delivery Australia wide.

To find out more about Toosh Coosh, to take a closer look at the design and to order online visit Keep an eye on the Toosh Coosh Facebook page for the latest news and specials.