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Back in October I wrote about our new vegie patch in the making and how my daughter was loving her purple Rosie Roo gumboots. Well the vegies were planted and we are already enjoying our very first home grown rocket and cos lettuce, I think the tomatoes are not too far off either! Unfortunately the heat has been keeping us inside these past couple of days so we’ve only gone out to water the garden, dressed in style of course and keeping my feet dry in my very own Rosie Roo Designer Wellies.

Let me remind you of some of the great features of the fabulous Rosie Roo Designer Wellies: first of all they are designed right here in Australia, they are hand manufactured with a 100% natural rubber upper and sole which are bonded together so the wellies are completely waterproof. On the inside the Rosie Roo wellingtons feature cotton lining and foam inner soles to make them extra comfortable.

Because not every woman has the same idea about what is hip and what is comfortable or practical designer Jacqui has created a large selection of prints and styles to suit everyone. Gorgeous tall wellies or cute short wellies that are easy to slip on, which style suits you best? You can even grab a matching Rosie Roo umbrella so you don’t get caught out by sun or rain on your next bush walk!

The Rosie Roo Designer Wellies for ladies are available in size 5 to 10, with some styles going up to size 12. As the proud owner of a pair of Rosie Roo Tall Willow Wellies I am making a sport out of wearing them whenever I can, like when I quickly go check the mailbox or drop by at the neighbours. Everyone loves them! I love the extra length, it keeps my jeans clean and creepy crawlers out.

To find out more about Rosie Roo Designer Wellies, to browse the range and to locate an online retailer or stockist near you visit www.rosieroo.com.au.

For your chance to win a pair of ladies Rosie Roo Designer Wellies in your favourite style (subject to availability) visit www.rosieroo.com.au and answer the following question: Which ladies wellies do you like most and why?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

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Competition ends February 5, 2012. Sorry, Australian entries only.

  313 Responses to “Rosie Roo Designer Wellies giveaway”

  1. I love the Willow Tall wellies, anything in green is awesome!

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  7. I love the Tango Tall Wellie. What a gorgeous print!

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  9. I love the willow tree wellies – a bit of funk while outside!

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  14. i love the jazz tall wellie. i grew up on a farm and only ever had ugly looking boots. these would be so cool!

  15. I absolutely love the green tall wellies.

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  17. The Tango Tall wellies are fabulous!!! Love the colours πŸ™‚

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  24. Willow Tall Wellies! Love them, they’re my absolute favourite colour too!

  25. Willow Tall Wellie are my favourites πŸ™‚

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  28. Anita Red Tall Wellies are just fabulous!!

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  31. I adore the Lili Tall Wellie… white is something to fear with two boys and the red NT dirt but in these spectacular looking boots that would rinse clean I’d be envied by everyone.

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  34. I love the Willow Short Wellies they are super cute!

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  37. i LOVE the Willow Tall Wellie! Practical, stylish, cute & green, what more could a girl want to brighten up a rainy day! Gorgeous

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  42. Love the Willow Tail wellies… would great great on.

  43. Black farmers gumboots? Ba humbug! Want colorful, ostentacious.
    So β€œTANGO” tall wellies for me!… I’m a farm girl vivacious!

  44. I like the Anita Red Tall Wellie. It will match my managers leopard skin dress.

  45. I love the Pink Horse Theme Wellies. Perfect for when I visit my family down south to help them do chores on the farm or for jumping in puddles with my children on rainy days.

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  51. My favourite is the Anita Red Short Wellie (SLRT) because they are so pretty! I love leopard print πŸ™‚

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  53. Pink horse, they’re super cute & very similar to an outfit I had when I was a little girl (that I adored).

  54. Anita short red wellie, animal print is my thing & these would be so great in the garden….not to short like my current clogs, and not to high like my boring black gum boots – just right πŸ™‚

  55. Anita slip on clog. I can imagine my wife wearing these in the morning when she goes to the mailbox to grab the paper, in her matching robe!!

  56. I like the solid pink pettiskirt by Oopsy Daisy Baby $80 on Nelly Jean’s website.

  57. At Sustainababy I like the Plan Toys Solid Drum $37.95.

  58. At Bright Star Kids I like the cool Robot Bag tag $3.95.

  59. At Budburst Kids I like the Milky Winter Pyjamas in Cherry.

  60. I like the Willow tall wellies. Something about clashing colours always appeals to me.

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  63. Oh wow, I so want these: Tango Tall Wellies !

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  65. I love the pink horse design wellies they are fantastic.

  66. I love the Pink Horse Themed Wellies – I love horses and pink is one of my favourite colours.

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  69. tango tall wellies, they are bright and cheerful just like me

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  71. I like the Tango tall wellies love this design πŸ™‚

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  78. Tango Tall Wellies are the ones for me!!!

  79. I love the Jazz Tall Wellies!

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  85. Visited Bubzyboo and love the Alimrose Designs Scotty Dog Mobile

  86. Visited Shop for Tots and adore the Babushka Duffle Bag

  87. Visited Sukimama and love the Boon Bath Goods (20 pieces)

  88. Visited Earlybirds and love the Travel nest – what a fantastic idea!

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  95. Willow tall wellies are my favourites!

  96. Love the Matilda doll at Australia Girl.

  97. Love the Eni Puzzles at Suki Mama.

  98. Amber Teething Necklase at Gummy Babies are the best!

  99. Since We Were Kids’ Psi Bands – our whole family could use one of these each! We’re not great with motion sickness affecting each of us.

  100. My pick is the ANITA TALL WELLIES with red trim
    As these have caught me on a flirty fanciful whim!
    Due to their wild print and red rimmed eye-popping style
    Ahead of the other gumboot girls by a wellie whopping mile!

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  104. Love the Tango Tall Wellies….we’re about to move to a 2.5 acre block that is overgrown and more than a little bit scary. Tall wellies will protect my feet and legs from any nasty spiders and snakes hiding in the grass.

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  107. Sponsor 1 – Australia Girl – Matilda doll

  108. Sponsor 2 – Nelly Jean – Pink pettiskirt by Oopsy Daisy Baby

  109. Sponsor 3 – Suki Mama – Eni Puzzles

  110. Sponsor 4 – Earlybirds – Travel Nest

  111. FASHION GUMBOOTS Tall Willow design
    I need to make you mine oh MINE!!
    Made especially for me in my favourite hue
    Rosie Roo I could just kiss YOU!!

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  117. Sponsor 1 – Gummy Babies – Amber Teething Necklace

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  120. Sponsor 4 – Australia Girl – Matilda doll

  121. The Willow Tall wellies are so funky and unique. They’ll be the envy of all the other dog walkers!

  122. Love those gorgeous Tall Tango wellies, a bright splash of colour on dismal days

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  126. My daughter would call these ‘tapping shoes’, (any shoes that are bug, bright and/or make a noise), she would love these!

  127. Love the wellies, and liking on facebook.

  128. I love the willow tall wellie….green is my favourite colour and this one really stands out!

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  133. I love the Fruut play mats from Little Yoyo Styles

  134. From Sustainababy I like sophie the giraffe!

  135. From ArtEater I like the framed wall art.

  136. I like Matilda from Australian Girl!

  137. Willow Tall Wellie

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  139. I love the Tango short wellies – these would be perfect for slipping on for the winter school drop-off!

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  141. Love the Willow Tall Wellies! Nice and bright and perfect for me as I live on a rural property.

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  143. FB liker too.

  144. Tango Tall Wellie – I would purposefully walk in the rain and through mud if I had something that cute to wear

  145. I like the Willow Tall Wellie because it’s nice and bright for a muddy, rainy day.

  146. I’m a newsletter subscriber

  147. Willow tall wellie..

    They look like they belong on the runway with Allannah Hill.

  148. LOVING the Tango Short Wellies, so cute πŸ™‚

    Follow Rosie Roo on FB, sub’d to the newsletter and RSS feed as well as the networked blog.

    Have tweeted and shared on FB!

  149. the Willow gumboots no doubt about it

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  153. I adore the pink horse wellies because they are different, fun, funky and practical.

  154. The Anita Red Tall wellies are fantastic, there is no limit to where you can be glam now

  155. They are soooo cute πŸ™‚

  156. The Tango Tall Wellie would make a magnificent wet weather **SPLASH** as I head up the street. I’m loving the divine colours.

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  160. I love the Anita tall ones – so cute!

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  162. I like the willow tall wellies

  163. Willow Tall, says it all,
    in such super boots, you’d never fall…
    Into a watermelon patch, yet they’d surely match,
    how divine, I’d like them to be mine!

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  166. I like the mother garden wooden eggs toys at Little YoYo Styles.

  167. I like the wooden flower press at Rudy and the Dodo.

  168. Tango tall are so me! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

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  171. The Tall Willow Wellies are wonderful

  172. the tall willow talk wellies. because they are funky, and my daughters name is Willow, my wife would love them.

  173. just think these are great

  174. I love the Tango wellies – they would bring a spot of sunshine to a rainy day

  175. i like the angie tall wellies… more my style πŸ™‚

  176. already a liker πŸ™‚

  177. oh i love the Anita Red Tall Wellies as they are such a pretty design with the red and leopard print πŸ™‚

  178. Rosie Roo designer Wellies FB liker

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  181. avidiva – Four Cow Farm – NAPPY BALM looks worth a try πŸ™‚

  182. earlybirds – love the tjacket and velour pants πŸ™‚

  183. sustainababy – Plan Toys Tea Set

  184. nelly jean – Love Henry pink shorts

  185. WOW I’ve never seen anything like these before “love the designs” my favourite would be Anita Red Short Wellie!!! New liker now added to FB.

  186. Pink and green are my fave colours so willow tall wellies take the cake, icing and candles in my book. There is nothing better than bright colours to make me feel cheery on a dreary rainy day!

  187. Those wellies are too cute they are so a must have. πŸ™‚

  188. Fashion chic at its best, these are simply amazing…..I love them all!!

  189. I Like Rosie Roo on Facebook

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  191. Tango Tall Wellie.as it reminds me of Paris

  192. love the brollies and the slip on clogs!! – looks as though a lot of Queenslanders are in need of your tall wellies at the moment!!

  193. I love the Willow Tall Wellie!

  194. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these – i love the tango tall wellie – need them on a wet property and these will not blend in with the grass πŸ™‚

  195. liked rosie roo on facebook πŸ™‚

  196. am a subscriber to the newsletter

  197. from sustainababy i like the eco-kids eco-art pad

  198. from shop for tots i like teh Beatrix Dieter Monkey Backpack Big Kid

  199. from whimsy child i like teh ‘Stun Flutter Dress in Spring Mix

  200. from bubzyboo i like the Kaboodle Kits For Kids – Treasure Box

  201. shared on facebook πŸ™‚

  202. Love the Willow Tall wellies! Just what I need for sloshing around in the vegie patch with all this rain.

  203. The leopard print wellies with pink tops are my favourite as I love anything that is leopard print!!!! Having these would be a dream as I could go somewhere that is messy, but still look good!!

  204. Love to win a pair of Rosie Roo’s Designer Welles for my niece they look very funky…

  205. Love the Willow Tall Wellie – perfect for this crazy wet season.

  206. Shared on facebook

  207. I love the willow tall wellie, the colours just look awesome together!

  208. I love the Anita wellie πŸ™‚


  210. I love the Pink Horse Theme Wellies the best – the horse print is gorgeous, the pink is beautifully feminine.. and they’re available in sizes 5 and 6 – wonderful!!

  211. I like Rosie Roo on Facebook

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  215. Sponsor 1 – I love the Le Toy Van Ice cream Sundae at Whimsy Child

  216. Sponsor 2 – I love ‘Emily’ at Australian Girl Doll

  217. Sponsor 3 – and the Babyburrito Tic Tac Toe Changing Pad at Avidiva

  218. Sponsor 4 – and the Bath toys by Boon at Shop for Tots

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  223. I’d like the Tango Tall because they have a good few colours in them so will go with more outfits. I live in Coffs Harbour where it rains A LOT so I would so love to win a pair of these!!!

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  229. The Tango Short wellies…..love them and NEED them right now as I paddle in the mud just to get to my front gate! They look comfortable and pretty and they would add a little sunshine to my life!
    I liked on facebook!

  230. I love the tall anita wellies!

  231. I follow Rosie Roo on fb

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  233. I like Tango Short Wellie (SBSPT) because they are pretty and they are long enough to keep my feet dry and short enough to not be too hot

  234. I Like Rosie Roo on Facebook

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  238. Angie tall Wellie: polka dots with laces that are black. Look chic and amazing.

  239. Liked Rosie Roo on fb

  240. Subsrcibed to weekly sales and giveaways

  241. Anita red tall wellie! OMG! Why not!

  242. TANGO SHORT WELLIE is my pick,
    Colourful hue and fashionably schmick!!
    Tiptoing through tulips in these gorgeous shoes,
    I’m picking flowers with pleasure – thanks Rosie Roo!!

  243. Like Rosie Roo on FB

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  245. The Rosie Roo *Anita Tall Wellies* have my heart! <3 With all this rain I would live in them haha so fashionable!

  246. the Tango Tall Wellies are my faves – sooo colourful for a dull rainy day!!

  247. These would be for my wife is is looking for a replacement to her beloved hunters – the Willow Tall Wellies – traditional with a taste of funky fun!

  248. I LOVE the Abby Tall Wellies. They bring a bit of beach glam to the rainy glum you’d have to pull them on for!

  249. The rosie roo designer wellies would add a bit of glam as I slosh around in the paddocks with the horses. I’d be the best dressed farmer in town with the fancy rosie roo wellies!!

  250. Liked on Facebook (facebook name Claire Is)

  251. the green ones, they stand out and blend in with my garden bed

  252. The Tango Tall Wellies would fit right into my sub-tropical garden!

  253. Subscribed to Hip little one via RSS.

  254. Arteater’s 12 Image Mini Gallery.

  255. stickybiz.com.au’s individual photo canvas.

  256. I love the Anita Red Tall Wellie, they’d blend in really well with our black and white cows!

  257. Whimsy Child’s Ada Ada Scoria – Wings

  258. Love the solid white petticoat at nellyjean.com.au. So gorgeous!!!

  259. The Anita Short Red Wellies are for me,
    with a cute animal print so lovely,
    my feet will stay dry in the rain,
    no more wet shoes for me to drain

  260. Have Subscribe to the weekly newletter

  261. I love the Willow Tall Wellies – the colours are great and would really liven up a miserable day

  262. Anita Slip On Clog – who says you can’t be stylish while gardening!

  263. Like on Facebook

  264. Subscribed to Sales, Savings and Giveaways! Fingers crossed to win! xoxo

  265. Subscribed to Hip Little One’s RSS… another entry for me πŸ™‚

  266. The ‘Made by Rebel’ jewellery advertised on Hip and Hop was so original… thinking about buying a lego brick ring πŸ™‚

  267. As for which wellies I like the most, I’m with you on the tall willow ones! Already fantasising about the outfit I’m planning around them – I’m thinking blue jeans, white tank, and a bright pink lip to match… A sixties hairdo and Audrey hepburn eyes will be in order too, I think. Keeping the outfit itself simple will let the wellies have the limelight, and the limelight they will have! If I don’t win these, I think I’ll buy them anyway, just to see the looks on my girlfriends faces πŸ™‚ xoxo

  268. i love the Tango Tall Wellie there so colourful and playful.

  269. I call my daughter Rosie Roo

  270. Rosie Roo Gumboots are just the hoot. Tall wellies short wellies in funky disigns so stylish and comfy you’ll even wear them when sun shines.

    And thats why I would love my very own pair of Anita Reds.

  271. anita red tail wellies- love! πŸ™‚

  272. new liker on facebook

  273. subscribed via rss

  274. i’m also a newletters subscriber πŸ™‚

  275. Liked you on my fb page. My friends are going to be lovesick crazy over these as well.

  276. the short ones are amazing <3

  277. Rosie Roo Tango Tall Wellies are Fabulous, love the colours, way better than the dingy black uglies I wear to milking at the moment!

    Liked Rosie Roo on Facebook and subscribed to sales and giveaways email.

  278. Willow slip on clogs. I would wear them every time I went outside as they just slip on and of course they are so gorgeous – cutest pink flowers.

  279. I have like Rosie Roo on Facebook for another entry please.


  281. I love the Willow Tall Wellies!!

  282. I LOVE the Willow Tall Wellies best with the great combination of bright green and pink, the funky buckle, and the oh-so-cute little flowers. I can splash around in these with my little girl and be as silly as I like!

  283. willow tail wellies are cool!

  284. already a subscriber

  285. like on FB

  286. I love the Abbey Tall Wellies! I can be the Rock’n’Roll Mummy walking the kids to school on rainy days. πŸ˜€

  287. I absolutely need the ‘Tango Tall’ Wellies for those rainy days when I park my car next to the deepest puddle and have no choice but to step through it. If i had a cute pair of wellies like that I could just waltz right through that puddle and look fabulous while doing it!

  288. Just love the Angie Tall Wellie, so cute. We are starting our own vegetable garden as a way to try and get our 4 year old daughter to eat her veggies. If we can be looking fun and cute at the same time I think she would really get some fun out of it… And so would I πŸ™‚ a beautiful way to spend time together

  289. Willow Tall Wellie – they are so funky and definitely not the type of gumboots you wear on the farm.

  290. The pink horses are so cute. They remind me of my childhood.

  291. I really love Abbey Wellies, look really sophisticated!

  292. I like Rosie Roo Designer Wellies on FB!

  293. I subscribe to the weekly Sales, Savings & Giveaways email!

  294. I like the Le Toy Van Ice cream Sundae at Whimsy Child!

  295. At Australian Girl, I like Emily Doll!

  296. Like the Babyburrito Tic Tac Toe Changing Pad at Avidiva!

  297. Like the Solid Pink Pettiskirt by Oopsy Daisy Baby on Nelly Jean’s website.

  298. Love Love Love the tango tall wellies!!

  299. Liked Rosie Roo on Facebook

  300. Subscribed to the weekly Sales, Savings & Giveaways email

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  302. Blog follower

  303. Really liking the idea of the Boon Groovy Plate b& Bowl with Modware Set – Grape/Kiwi @ budburstkids.com for a little girl who like to sort food.

  304. I love anything in animal print as I jump through the puddles in the wild streets of Melbourne.

  305. Think the mini art gallery at art eater.com.au are great idea

  306. Really want an psi band from sincewewerekids.com.au

  307. Pink Tulle Skirt Mademoiselle Chic love it and even better 20% off at the moment!

  308. The Anita Wellies, they are so stylish, will look great with jeans or even the tracky-bums. They are black and brown, so they will go with anything, which is awesome when you are at home and dont have time to think about colour matching. They would disguise some of the “dirt” you get on them too, until you get to clean them (essential to keep them looking as fab as they are!).

  309. The Jazz Tall Wellies look stylish and funky, perfect for the winter weather watching the local country football!!

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