Jan 132012

For the past 6 months or maybe even a year the twins have been asking to go to school, in most cases my answer was that they could go to school when they would wear undies full time (hoping to encourage them to become toilet trained). Now that they have ditched the nappies they feel it is time to go to school, in fact my son has already asked me if he can show the teacher his undies. Let’s hope that when the time for school finally comes later this year the novelty of undies and toilets has worn off. Until then we are enjoying ‘school at home’ which is fun and easy with the School Zone products by Hinkler.

The Hinkler name is well known all over the world, their extensive range of affordable children’s and adults products has been translated in many languages, you may have seen Hinkler books at your local book store, department store or newsagent before. From learning to colouring, puzzling to cooking, pictures to sounds, the range has something to offer for all ages and stages. The Hinkler School Zone series is developed for children aged 3-11 and combines learning with fun, a winning combination.

In the School Zone range you’ll find nearly 70 titles that will help your child practise skills like writing letters and numbers, counting, sounds, letter recognition, alphabetical order and much more and all in an age appropriate manner. Little ones can start with the Tracing Trails Workbook, teaching them to trace lines using fun games and stickers, slowly working their way to tracing letters.

My three year olds have been practising their letters for a long time and can’t get enough of it so the Giant Alphabet Workbook is their idea of heaven. With 224 pages of letter fun they won’t leave the kitchen table for hours. They can even work together, doing a page each, without too many fights. I love how these books are educational without it being obvious, it is all very low key and fun. If they don’t get the exercise right that’s fine too, they still love the colouring in.

I am keeping my eye out for one of the School Zone Write & Re-Use Books, the wipe clean pages will allow the twins to practise as many times as they like. This will be extra handy on long trips when you can only take limited supplies. Once they get a little older I think they will love trying out the School Zone Software & Workbooks too, they come with a Workbook and CD-ROM full of games and puzzles that kids can do on the computer.

To find out more about Hinkler, to take a closer look at the School Zone products ($4.95-$19.95) and to locate a stockist near you visit www.hinkler.com.au.

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