Bamboo Care at Bubzyboo

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Jan 312012

Call me crazy but I am already thinking ahead of what our kids should wear on our plane trip to Holland later in the year. With over 24 hours of travelling by plane and spending time at Kuala Lumpur Airport it is important I pick something that is comfortable, soft, practical and suited to different temperatures. I know that bamboo clothing will tick all those boxes so for the baby I might start with the Bamboo Care Yoga Pants from Bubzyboo.

We have had the Bamboo Care Yoga Pants for 3 months or so and she wears them all the time. At the time I picked the pale pink colour but I might invest in the white too for when I want to match it with other colours. They are super soft for playing and even sleeping in and so easy to put on and take off (perfect for on the plane). The pants are made of 70% organic bamboo and 30% organic cotton.

Bamboo and organic cotton fabrics are a great choice for little ones with sensitive or eczema prone skin, at the moment my little miss is doing great (except for her face and feet) but I know it can flare up with the smallest change of diet or weather. Another fabulous feature of bamboo is that it helps regulating the temperature, so during hot weather it cools down and the other way around, an ideal fabric choice for a cool plane trip and humid airports.

Within the Bamboo Care range you’ll find long and short sleeve onesies, yoga pants and singlets in pink, white and blue. Designed for babies the clothing is available in sizes 0-3, 3-6, 6-12 and 12-18 months. My little lady is very chubby so I feared she would be too big but the sizing is actually rather generous and there is plenty of room left for her to grow into these next few months.

To find out more about Bubzyboo, to browse the range and to order online visit

Clothes Plasters by Jennie Maizels

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Jan 302012

This week all Australian kids are back at school, dressed in their freshly laundered school uniforms and carrying a nice new lunchbox. Time to sort through the wardrobe and make a pile of ‘after school clothes’, comfy garments perfect for a relaxing afternoon. You might come across some pieces with a little hole or some scuffed knees or elbows, don’t throw them out because of it! Grab yourself a packet of Jennie Maizels Clothes Plasters and your iron and turn those items into unique works of art, there is plenty more wear left in them.

Clothes Plasters are designed by illustrator Jennie Maizels, a very talented mum-of-two who lives in the UK. The Clothes Plasters are, well, plasters for clothes, created to hide and enforce the little holes and weak spots in your favourite garments so you can enjoy them a little longer. But they are not just practical, they are very stylish too with many gorgeous plasters to choose from in boys and girls designs.

You can buy the embroidered Clothes Plasters as individuals, pairs or even in sets with a special theme. Robots and army emblems for the boys, fairies, hearts and toadstools for the girls, or maybe a circus or London theme? Kids will scrape their knees on purpose when they see these. Once you have picked the spot for your Clothes Plaster you simply use your iron to attach it to the garment, instructions are super easy and fool proof.

Jennie’s talent doesn’t just show from the Clothes Plasters, the packaging is also absolutely beautiful. If you love her designs as much as I do you will adore the special Clothes Plasters Tins, each tin contains 10 different Clothes Plasters and at just $14.73 I think they are a real fabulous find. Keep some Clothes Plasters on hand in your sewing box for quick and hip repairs of all your kids clothes.

To find out more about Jennie Maizels, to browse the range and to order your favourite Clothes Plasters online visit Delivery to Australia is just $5.16.

Jan 292012

On these hot, humid days the baby often runs around in as little clothing as possible, that is fine with me as I think she looks absolutely angelic with her chubby baby belly and thunder thighs. She looks terribly cute stomping through the house wearing nothing but a nappy and her Frilly Tushies. When we go out all I need to do is add a little singlet and she looks fantastic, even if we just go to the supermarket people always spot her little pink ruffles and ask me about the Frilly Tushies.

If you are mum of little girls (or buying for one) and you haven’t heard of Frilly Tushies yet you are really missing out. The sweet Frilly Tushies range is designed and made right here in Australia using 100% cotton. After seeing too many little girls wearing ordinary disposable nappies under their tunics and dresses the designers decided to come up with a stylish solution, a divine ruffled bloomer to wear over the nappy and truly complement the outfit (or maybe even be the highlight of the outfit!).

The Frilly Tushies come in a large range of colours, fabrics and prints and as prices start at only $16 you can afford to buy a few different styles to match all your little girls dresses. Spot, gingham, bright and bold or pastel coloured, there is so much and they are all adorable! There really is a Frilly Tushies design for every little girl and every occasion, think of special events like a wedding, Christmas or even Australia Day!

If you can’t get enough of the Frilly Tushies goodness you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to stop at just the ruffled bloomers. The range has been extended with accessories like matching headbands and hats, as well as several sets complete with bloomers, top and headband. The 3-piece Frilly Tushies Coco Set ($45) features gorgeous pink and brown spotted fabric, a matching pink singlet with heart applique and adorable headband, cute pictures guaranteed.

To find out more about Frilly Tushies, to browse the range and to order your favourite go to or visit your local stockist.

For your chance to win a 3-piece Frilly Tushies Coco set (available in size S, M and L, subject to availability) visit and answer the following question: Aside from the styles featured above, which other Frilly Tushies design do you really like?

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Rubbabu, drive away from $9.95

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Jan 282012

I was very pleased to spot these gorgeous Rubbabu vehicles, proudly parked at Sukimama. Two years ago we were lucky enough to add one of these fantastic toys to our collection but I have never been able to find other designs here in Australia. In fact, Sukimama is the very first Australian retailer to stock these award winning toys.

The Rubbabu toys are popular all over the world and are currently being sold in over 30 countries worldwide. As the name suggests the range is made from rubber, a natural and soft material that is safe for babies and toddlers. At an average size of 9cm they are the perfect size for little hands to hold, push, slide or race and they won’t make noise or scratch your beautiful floors.

Within the Rubbabu range you’ll find 14 different designs in bright, bold colours that kids will love. A police car, an ambulance, a school bus, a race car, a fire engine and even an airplane, lots of choice and it is hard to stop at one. With prices starting at $9.95 they are very affordable little gifts and you don’t have to worry about giving something that is dangerous or won’t last.

Don’t just take my word for it, the more than forty awards won by Rubbabu prove that these toys really are as fabulous as they look. Aside from the vehicles range Rubbabu uses the same materials to create other baby and toddler toys. While you are at Sukimama why not check out the Rubbabu Animal Farm Playset, Geometrical Shape Shorter and Learning Balls.

For more information about Sukimama, to browse the Rubbabu range and to order online visit


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Jan 272012

Just like many other families we thought Australia Day was a perfect day to venture out and explore this beautiful country a little more. Now that the twins are a bit older going out has become a lot easier, they can walk by themselves and with a bit of luck they can go without a day sleep. The baby can walk by herself too, in fact she’d love to walk everywhere if she could, but she definitely still needs her sleep during the day. Unlike the twins who only slept in their own cots the baby quite enjoys a little nap in the pram, nice and cosy under her SnoozeShade.

SnoozeShade was invented by mum Cara, who loved going out with her little girl but the older she got the harder it was to get her to sleep in the pram. Cara realised that there was a big need for a product that would allow babies and toddlers to take a quiet, comfortable, peaceful snooze in the pram without being disturbed by light, noise, activity around and even curious passersby.

After a year of brainstorming, researching and trying SnoozeShade was born, a blackout blind for strollers and prams. For me,  someone who used to leave the house with pegs and a gigantic muslin cloth (which never stayed put), this is a gift from heaven. The SnoozeShade has been designed to fit different pram sizes and shapes and to offer complete coverage. The breathable SnoozeShade blocks out 94% of light and 98% of UVA/UVB rays ensuring a safe and silent rest for baby.

The SnoozeShade is fitted with many clever features to help baby get a restful sleep and mum feel confident about baby’s safety and protection. My favourite selling points are the fast installation (it takes less than a minute for me to put up the SnoozeShade Plus) and the ‘Sneak-a-Peek’ zip for peace of mind. I also love how the look-out panel lets baby look out but sun doesn’t come in, perfect for the bright summer days.

I am currently using the SnoozeShade Plus on my phil&teds Vibe 2 but there are several other SnoozeShade designs to choose from. Thanks to the classic black colour the SnoozeShade suits every pram and doesn’t go out of fashion. The clever design features velcro straps for an ideal fit for your pram, on the website you’ll find an extensive list of prams that have been tested with the SnoozeShade. Prices start at $34.95 and when ordered online delivery within Australia is FREE.

To find out more about SnoozeShade, to order online or to locate a stockist near you visit

Jan 262012

Although I may officially be Dutch I am also a happy and proud resident of Australia. I have been living in Australia for five years now and I have no regrets about making the big move. I have already discovered many beautiful things about Australia including some fantastic Australian brands for children and families. In honour of Australia Day today’s post is about a real Aussie store called Purely4Kids.

Purely4Kids caters for babies, boys and girls all the way up to 14 years old, with a bit of luck this means you can shop for all your kids in just this one store! Australian mums Kim and Amanda have handpicked only Australia’s very best treasures in the fashion, toys, accessories and personal care categories. In fact many of the Purely4Kids items are not only designed but also made in Australia, making this a great place to shop if you are looking for quality products and want to support Australian businesses.

If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting my two little ladies you may have noticed that I absolutely love kimono style garments, the cross-over design is so timeless and cute! I spotted some utterly gorgeous kimono dresses at Purely4Kids, handcrafted right here in Australia by Frankie Small. The Frankie Small label is known for being stylish, durable and functional and the best part is that the garments are made in limited numbers only.

My favourite boys labels instore include Urchin and of course Chalk n Cheese. This fantastic Melbourne based label designs clothing up to size 8, their cool tee’s and polo’s for boys and sweet girly dresses for the girls are very well loved by Australian mums. This season’s Ava dress is absolutely divine with it’s ruffled trims and for the boys I love the striped Pablo Polo. Polo tops are so easy to dress up or down, every boy should own at least one!

To find out more about Purely4Kids, to browse the range and to order online visit

For your chance to win a $50 Purely4Kids gift voucher visit and answer the following question: Which item(s) would you pick if you were to be our lucky winner?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

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Sales & Savings – Week 4

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Jan 252012

Charlipop Kids
What? $5 Cheep Cheep sale
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When? Until stock lasts

All About Baby
What? 40% off storewide (even on already heavily reduced items)
How? Enter the code ‘VIP0112’ at checkout
When? Until February 1, 2012

Mini Sandcrabs
What? 20% off storewide
How? Enter the code ‘Rhymes’ at checkout
When? Until January 26, 2012 at 5pm

Birthday Room
What? Up to 80% off in sale section
How? Prices as marked
When? Until stock lasts

Sticky Biz
What? 10% off storewide
How? Enter the code ‘BTS2012’ at checkout
When? Until January 31, 2012

Bundles of Fun
What? 15% off storewide
How? Discount will be applied at checkout
When? Until January 31, 2012