Dec 062011

People who know me personally will know that I don’t give my children lollies, chocolate or ice cream, in fact they eat rather healthy all around. You may think this makes me a mean mum but as they have never had it before they don’t feel like they are missing out at all. Of course I know that kids love a cold treat in summer and a piece of watermelon gets boring after a while too, so I was really excited to learn about the Zoku Quick Pop Maker from Sukimama.

The Zoku Quick Pop Maker makes yummy home made ice blocks and does it in a flash, hence the name. Say goodbye to the impractical old school ice block molds that take over a day to freeze and hello to the fabulous Zoku Quick Pop Maker which takes just 7-9 minutes to deliver a freshly made, healthy ice block for your little ones to enjoy. Do you think it sounds to good to be true?

I’ll admit that I thought it sounded rather magical and maybe a little glorified but I was wrong. When my kids ask me for a treat I get out some fresh ingredients (fresh fruit, yoghurt, natural fruit juice), grab my Zoku Quick Pop Maker from the freezer and fill the three compartments. You can watch the ice blocks freeze and just 7 minutes later my kids are enjoying their ice blocks.

The Zoku concept is actually very simple: the unit containing a refrigerant liquid is kept in the freezer so it is frozen at all times. First you insert the sticks in the cativities, then you pour your ingredients in and your future ice pop starts freezing from the outside in. Once you can see that the contents are frozen you use the Super Tool (supplied) to gently release the ice block from the mold, pop on the drip cup and you’re ready!

The Original Zoku Quick Pop Maker can make three ice blocks at a time, and up to 9 nine ice blocks before it needs to go back in the freezer. The first round will be the fastest and it take a little longer each round. There is also a Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker ($56.95) available which makes two ice pops at a time. If you think even 7 minutes is too long to wait you can make your Zoku ice blocks ahead of time so you always have some on hand, they can be stored in the Zoku Quick Pop Storage Case ($29.95).

Once you have mastered the Zoku Quick Pop Maker you can expand your repertoire by adding pieces of fruit, create different patterns and add flavoured cores. You can even turn your ice pops into little artworks by using special Zoku accessories like the Zoku Character Kit ($21.95), no store bought ice block can beat these cheeky creatures! There are many Zoku video’s available on YouTube to provide tips and tricks.

For more information about Sukimama, to take a closer look at the Zoku Quick Pop Maker and the Zoku accessories and to order online visit

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