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Quite regularly I receive emails from readers asking me where to find a certain product, I am always happy to answer these questions and if I don’t know the answer I try my hardest to find out (I love a challenge!). One of the latest questions I was asked was about a personalised swim bag, preferably one that wouldn’t break the bank. Lucky for me this was a very easy one as I spotted some very recently at Charlie Bloome.

You probably remember Charlie Bloome from the All-in-One Kindy Sheet Sets, the super practical combination of a top sheet, bottom sheet and pillow case that are connected so you no longer need to search for missing pieces. Charlie Bloome is all about making parents lives easier and they have been very busy extending the range with more handy products for modern families.

With summer just around the corner (so we hope!) many Australian families are gearing up for lots of swimming, either at the beach or pool. Leaving the house with towels, bathers and dry clothes for every family member can be tricky, but coming home with all of it is even trickier! A personalised swim bag will make it much more likely your kids are bringing home their own items instead of someone else’s.

The fully lined Charlie Bloome Swim Bags (they can be used as library bags too) are very generous in size with plenty of pockets and the zip closures make sure nothing falls out when kids swing their bags around. The carry strap is adjustable to suit different ages. One of these great Swim Bags will cost you just $18 and for only $10 extra it can be personalised with your child’s first name and first letter of last name. These are fantastic prices and much cheaper than other alternatives available in Australia.

To find out more about Charlie Bloome, to browse the range and other order online visit

For your chance to win one of two Charlie Bloome Swim/Library Bags visit and answer the following question: Which Swim/Library Bag design do you like most and why?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

Competition ends January 4, 2012. Sorry, Australian entries only.

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  1. I really like the owl, hoot hoot!! thanks for a chance 🙂

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    Charlie Bloome giveaway – , a hip find from @hiplittleone

  5. The Swim/Library Bag Betsy Bird is cute, absoultely a sensational idea that will keep all my little girls belongings together. One of the best ideas i have seen withi the last year.
    Subscribed to the Newsletter. Thanks.

  6. Love the Betsy Bird swim bag, it’s very cute and a lovely colour 🙂

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  8. Have liked Charlie Bloome on FB too.

  9. I like the Betsy Bird swim/library bag. The design is unisex, the material is durable and I also love how you can personalise it. My son is always getting his things mixed up with other peoples, so this is such a great idea.

  10. LOVE the Betsy Bird design the best. It’s such a beautiful colour and has such a sweet design. 🙂

  11. Love the Mud Pie Ice Cream Tutu Dress from ‘Outlet Shop for Kids’

  12. Love the navy bag because it would hide all the sticky messes that would find their way onto it in the car or at swimming or somewhere while we are out and about.

  13. I like Ollie Owl, but Betsy Bird is very cute too. Hard to choose they are both so nice.

  14. Betsy Bird is adorable. What little girl wouldn’t love it!

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  16. The betsy bird is just adorable – got to say, I also love the all in one kindy sheet sets they have, such a brilliant idea

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  20. Loving the Pink Polka Dot Pacigrip over at bubzyboo

  21. The garden room wall art over at sticky biz is just perfect for prettying up a little girls bedroom

  22. Love the Baobab Teal Mesh Dress over at budburst kids, so gorgeous

  23. The Dimples Merino Wool Cotton Blend Sleepsac over at sukimama is the best idea for winter for those babies that keep kicking off the blankets!

  24. Love the owl, and because it’s a dark colour there’s less chance of it showing up the dirt!

  25. As we have just been to the zoo and saw an Owl in the nocturnal exhibit, my daughter likes the Owl design best.

  26. I love the owl, because my little girl adores them at the moment 🙂

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  29. Betsy Bird is super cute and would be my choice. Bird was Miss Fancy Pants’ first baby sign, her favourite colour is yellow. Also, she’s like my little baby bird, constantly chirping and asking for food and she’s super cute as well.

  30. I visited some more sponsors too.
    Art Eater– the 12 Image Mini Gallery is a very beautiful idea;
    Whimsy Child the Mudpuppy Playscene Room to Play looks like fun.

  31. Ollie owl hands down!

  32. liker on fb

  33. I love Ollie the Owl for a special little girl named Olivia

  34. Ollie the Owl is cute!!

  35. I have liked Charlie Bloome on facebook (as Lisa Jamieson)

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  37. Ollie owl

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  40. My favourite is Ollie Owl. I’m in love with Owls at the moment – I am slowly getting quite a collection.

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  43. Ollie owl is so cute and just perfect of My boys.

  44. I like the Ollie Owl because both my boys and girls would love it.

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  46. I like Charli Bloome on facebook.

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  49. I visited Rudy & The Dodo and I love the Cardboard Build and Colour Your Own – Boat. Cool idea for holiday fun.

  50. I visited Sukimama and I love the Baby Nova BPA Free Cooling Teether Animals.

  51. I visited Budburst Kids and I would love the Mae Mae Designs Strawberry Shortcake large headband for my neice.

  52. I visited Nelly Jean and I love the boys Yellow Checked Cotton Pants from Humble Bumble.

  53. i think the owl is really cute

  54. I already like Charlie Bloome on Facebook

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  56. My favourite bag is Ollie Owl!

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  59. I love Matilda from Australian Girl

  60. I love the Amber necklaces from Sustainababy

  61. I love the WillowBlu bags from Little Yoyo Styles

  62. I love Betsy Bird, because of her wide-eyed innocence.

  63. I like Charlie Bloome on Facebook

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  67. Sponsor 1: Booloo Babe – I love the Catbird Baby Mei Tai Carriers

  68. Sponsor 2: Budburst Kids – I love the On The Gro Kush-ee Mat – Little Birdy

  69. Sponsor 3: Sukimama – I love the Love To Swaddle UP Organic

  70. Sponsor 4: Bubzyboo – I love the Love Bugz Coolaboo Nappy – Wild Thingz Zebra

  71. My favourite design is Betsy bird because its so cute and love the bright yellow 🙂

  72. Charlie bloome facebook liker

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  76. Visited Gummy babies and liked the Dash baby wipes clutch – red

  77. I really like the Ollie Owl design, who doesn’t like owls and the navy matches the school uniform!

  78. Owl as I’m hooting for it

  79. Like on facebook

  80. We are Huge..mungus fans of Hoot the owl so I’m betting my son would love Ollie. With pre-school next year he’ll need a waterproof library bag. It’s mandatory in the NT.

  81. Liked Charlie Bloom on facebook.

  82. Subscribed and loving my weekly emails. Thanks HLO.

  83. We love the elephant storage bin on Rudy and the Dodo. Any storage is great storage but these are so cute.

  84. How gorgeous is the Squid Ink Black Cheeky Chickies Button Up Booties at Sustainababy. I’ll have a new niece or nephew next year and these could be for either.

  85. This looks soooo cool a Herbie the Ouch pack at Shop for Tots. Has a gel pack for freezing and a velour zip up cover. Great. Beats the wet flannel my son always asks for.

  86. How adorable are little cowboys. This Cowboy Checked Shirt at Nelly Jean is great. It is a shame they only have 1 yr old sizing. Might be a great present for my nephew.

  87. I love Ollie the owl as it is very cute! I love the idea of a boobook too- a type of owl- perfect for a library bag.

  88. I loved Charlie Bloome on FB.

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  90. I visited Gummy Babies and liked the Lamaze Prance-a-lot toy.

  91. I visited Bubzyboo and liked the Punk Baby black and blue pirate hoodie.

  92. I visited avidiva and liked the baby jo Little apple blossom blanket.

  93. I visited Early Birds and liked the organics travel nest- perfectly snug!

  94. I like betsy bird swim bag the most.

  95. HLO follower with networked blogs

  96. psi bands – since we were kids

  97. matilda from australian girl

  98. bubzyboo – little tee-tee zara dress

  99. Love the Betsy Bird design, so bright and cheerful

  100. Email subscriber

  101. Sustainababy – love the Uimi Milly Blanket

  102. Rudy and the dodo – love the ‘always remember’ print

  103. Australian Girl Doll – Matilda is my favourite

  104. Arteater – love the framed wall art

  105. ollie owl looks so smart and like the story teller for the books that will go in the library bag

  106. I’ve liked Charlie Bloome on FB!

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  108. I love the Ollie Owl design – as a (very mature-age) student of Library and Information Studies, the owl represents my new career choice!!

  109. Ollie Owl…looks like you can have a HOOT of a time using that for the day!

  110. The owl, as it reminds us of hoot and giggles.

  111. Liked Charlie Bloome on facebook

  112. Love the owl design, it’s a hoot
    And it’s practical in colour to boot!

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  114. Writen about this giveaway on my Facebook page and left the URL

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  118. Sponsor 1 – Sustainababy – the Uimi Milly Blanket

  119. Sponsor 2 – Rudy and the Dodo – Elephant Storage Bin

  120. Sponsor 3 – Bubzyboo – Pink Polka Dot Pacigrip

  121. Sponsor 4 – Australian girl – Matilda Doll

  122. Ollie Owl! We have a thing for owls in our house 🙂

  123. Already a liker of Charlie Bloome on FB 🙂

  124. I like Swim/Library Bag Ollie Owl, it reminds me of hoot and my daughter adores him.

  125. Like Charlie Bloome on facebook

  126. We have a thing for owls at the moment so I think 3 year old Hunter likes the Ollie Owl bag the best. I like it best because it’s a darker colour and harder to get dirty 🙂

  127. Subscribed to Charlie Bloom via FB

  128. Sponor Sticky Biz – I love the Beezy Beez Reward Chart

  129. Little YoYo Styles, I love the Apple Green Gift Suitcase – what an awesome idea, I used to have a little brown one for my “lunch bag” when I started school like paddington bear!

  130. I also love the litecup from Sukimama

  131. Ooooo! And Ears the Bunny from Gummy Babies

  132. The owl is my pick
    For us it does the trick!!
    Love the colour and design
    I need to make it MINE!!

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  138. Sponsor 1 – Australian girl – Matilda Doll

  139. Sponsor 2 – Sustainababy – the Uimi Milly Blanket

  140. Sponsor 3 – Rudy and the Dodo – Elephant Storage Bin

  141. Sponsor 4 – Little YoYo Styles – Apple Green Gift Suitcase

  142. already a charlie bloome liker on FB

  143. The owl suits this household perfectly as my kids are awake at night just like one

  144. i love the all in one kinds sheets sets these would be perfect for my 2 kids both at kindy 🙂

  145. i love the all in one kindy sheets sets these would be perfect for my 2 kids both at kindy

  146. Love the Besty Bird. So bright that you couldn’t lose it.

  147. Liker of Charlie Bloome on FB

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  152. I love an Ollie Owl design, I like both the colour and a little owl picture!

  153. I like Charlie Bloom on Facebook – Olga Teslenok.

  154. I am your e-mail subscriber!

  155. I visited Australian Girl and I love their Matilda doll!

  156. I visited Whimsy Child and love their Ada Ada Alonite – Woven Dress.

  157. I visited Sukimama and love their Boon Odd Ducks!

  158. I visited Shop for Tots and love their Oobi Amelia Dress – Apple.

  159. Love the Besty Bird design. My little one loves birds in general, would like to win this one for her!

  160. I am your e-mail subscriber!

  161. I visited Gummy Babies and love their Lamaze Prance-a-lot toy!

  162. I visited Australian Girl and absolutely love their Matilda Doll!

  163. I visited Hit & Hot and love their Cuties and Pals luggage sets.

  164. I went to Sukimama and love their Dimples Merino Wool Cotton Blend Sleepsac.

  165. Ollie Owl is my fave

  166. and tweeted!

  167. The Betsy bird design is perfect as it is cute and bright!

  168. I subscribe to the weekly email

  169. I love Ollie the Owl – what a sweet design!

  170. Liked Charlie Bloome on FB

  171. I absolutely love the Betsy Bird design!

  172. I follow you via e-mail. 🙂

  173. I visited Australian Girl and like their Matilda doll!

  174. I visited Budburst Kids and love the Mae Mae Designs Strawberry Shortcake headband!

  175. I visited Sukimama and like their Dimples Merino Wool Cotton Blend Sleepsac.

  176. I like the Pink Polka Dot Pacigrip at Bubzyboo.

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