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When I was pregnant with the twins I read all kinds of pregnancy and baby books, hoping that they would prepare me for the big journey ahead of me. I fell pregnant with baby number three when the twins had only just turned one so I thought (hoped) my memory was still pretty fresh and I would remember everything once the baby was born, besides that I didn’t have time to read up anyway. I was terribly wrong, there were lots of times where I wasn’t sure about something and I know the Simply Baby book would have been a life saver.

Whether you are a first time or fifth time mum you will love the Simply Baby book, a compact reference guide with quick and easy to understand answers to all your baby questions. Designed for busy parents on the go this book does not contain random fluff, unnecessary information and silly jokes. The Simply Baby books covers all important topics like Sleeping, Health, Eating, Development and more in just 114 pages and there is even room for personal notes. It will take you only 1.5 hour (roughly) to read from cover to cover, or do a few pages every day whilst you rest your feet. This book may be small in size but is definitely not small in information.

How many sleeps does a two month old baby need and how long do they sleep for? How much (breast)milk does a 4 month old baby drink? What are great first finger foods? What to do when baby chokes, gets burnt, has a fall on the head? Which milestones does an average baby reach around 6 months of age? These are just a few of the many questions that are addressed in the Simply Baby book. The First Aid section and emergency contact page are fantastic and it would be a great reference for babysitters or carers if something was to happen.

Written by a mother and a pediatrician this book offers professional advice about things all mums need and want to know about (raising) their baby. The two authors have managed to make important information available in bite-size chapters that are easy to read and understand, they even included in-depth nutritional information and sign language, something you usually only find in very specific, thick books that will take weeks to plough through!

To find out more about the Simply Baby book, the authors or content and to order online visit The book costs just USD $13.95 making this is a fabulous useful and affordable gift for new mums.

For your chance to win a copy of the Simply Baby book visit and answer the following question: Which one of the chapters would you most like to read?

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  59 Responses to “Simply Baby book giveaway”

  1. What.A.Brilliant.Book. I would love to read the starting solids section, it would be great to get some guidance

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  6. Those Kaboodle Kits at Bubzyboo are the best idea ever, perfect little Christmas present

  7. The girls reward charts at stickybiz are a brilliant idea

  8. Love the Retro Chic MudPuppy Magnetic Dress Up over at Whimsy child

  9. Those Psi Bands at sincewewerekids would have saved my sanity during my 2nd pregnancy – best idea ever

  10. The newborn breastfeeding chapter is what I’d most like to read

  11. I follow via GFC (Danielle Knapp)

  12. Definitely the ‘Sleeping through the night’ section!

  13. I liked Simply Baby on FB.

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  15. I subscribe to the HLO newsletter.

  16. I visited Whimsykids and liked the lunch punch sandwishes sandwich cutters.

  17. I visited Bubzyboo and liked the mida owl pjs.

  18. I visited sticky biz and loved the bucket hats- free postage at the moment!

  19. I visited avidiva and liked the Babyjo Aiko single layer pjs.

  20. I visited Sustainababy and liked the Baby Beehinds wet bag- paw prints!

  21. I would most like to read the Chapter about eating…

  22. Simply baby facebook liker

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  25. Hip little one newsletter subscriber

  26. I visited ruby and the dodo and liked the Wooden lacing beads princess 🙂

  27. Newborn breastfeeding would be a great chapter for my daughter who is having our first granddaughter.

  28. Following on twitter @mauvemary

  29. Google Friend connected.

  30. I would love to read about the baby sign language, it’s really frustrating (for both of us i’m sure) not understanding what my daughter is trying to say some days. also subscribed to newsletter, have liked on facebook

  31. I would love to read the Eating Chapter particularly about liquid feeding amounts for various ages.

  32. I like Simply Baby on facebook.

  33. I am following Simply Baby on twitter.

  34. I follow HLO via GFC.

  35. I am an email subscriber to HLO newsletter.

  36. I have tweeted about the giveaway.

  37. I visited Avidiva and I love the personalised girls onsie.

  38. I visited the Mickey House and I love the MeToo Cute Bunny Backpack in red.

  39. I visited Whimsy Child and I love the Coco & Ginger “Ginger” dress in Orange Batik.

  40. I visited Outlet Shop for Kids and I know my daughter would love the Mud Pie Purple Ballet Slippers!

  41. I would like to read safety and first aid

  42. gfc follower

  43. email subscriber

  44. The chapter on Sleeping.

  45. GFC follower

  46. Newsletter subscriber.

  47. Love to read the chapter on Baby Sign language

  48. HLO subscriber

  49. I’d read the Signs of Serious Illness chapter, because I still get freaked out by the idea of a sick baby,,,

  50. Weaning from breast milk to formula would be good to read, so I can learn how to get my baby used to formula for when I go back to work.

  51. Liked Simply Baby on facebook

  52. Sleeping as this is so important for both Bubs and parents and ideas are so helpful

  53. Liker on fb 🙂

  54. Chapter id most read is safety

  55. I’d like to read the ‘eating’ chapter.. It covers everything I would need to know!

  56. following on twitter 🙂

  57. I’m an email subscriber 🙂

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