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Last month we spent a few days in a rented holiday house close to the beach and had a fantastic time. After our first get-away experience in July I was not as worried about the kids sleeping in a strange environment but you never know how things will go. This time the twins got their very own bedroom with two bunk beds which they thought was very exciting. I am sure the combination of tiring play at the beach and their own selection of things from home is the reason why they slept brilliantly. Of course we took the BabyZoo Sleep Trainer Clock (because no one likes getting up early, especially not on a holiday) as well as their BabyZoo Night Lights from Parents Like Us.

Of course the BabyZoo Night Light ($29.90, available in green and pink), also known as Gus the Turtle, looks absolutely adorable and any child who has seen the move Finding Nemo will love getting their own little turtle buddy. However there is more to this night light than just the looks. These lights are battery operated (2x AA) so you won’t need a power point (perfect for on trips and holidays!) and they don’t get warm so kids can safely hold their glowing friend in their little hands.

My kids have always slept with a night light and I know it comforts them to watch the light when they go to sleep or wake up during the night. The BabyZoo Night Light switches on by pressing the turtle’s shell and switches off by pressing it again so it’s easy for the kids to do themselves (saves mum having to go in!). The four different time settings allow the light to stay on for 10, 20 or 30 minutes or even all night through, until turned off.

Parents Like Us offers a carefully selected range of items, picked by and for parents just like us. The store is relatively new and the range is purposely kept small, focusing only on hip, innovative baby essentials that you won’t find in every store. One of their opening specials is 30% off selected Cherub Baby products. You can pick up a 2-pack of Colour Changing Natribottles for just $21.95 (RRP $31.95), they change colour when the milk is too hot for your baby (how easy!) and of course they are BPA free.

To find out more about Parents Like Us, to browse the range and to order online visit Australian orders over $50 are shipped free of charge.

For your chance to win a BabyZoo Night Light visit and answer the following question: Aside from the current range, which other item(s) would you like to see in store?

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  1. I’m a Google friend

  2. I’m subscribed

  3. I like Parents like us on FB

  4. I LOVE the Babuska Dolls!!!…I have always wanted a set

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  7. subscibed:)

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  13. Aside from their fantastic current range, I would love to see a small range of safety items for the house, such as power point covers, etc so that I can purchase numerous items at once that I would need as a new parent. Also a small range of manchester, such as cot sheets, etc – again so I can make a few essential purchases at once, which will save me on time and also postage costs.

  14. I would also love to see a few exclusive small prints in bold and bright colours that you don’t see in other stores that you can purchase for the nursery walls.

  15. with a name like “parents like us” i think you should stock the ergo baby carrier 🙂

  16. i subscribe to the newsletter

  17. i like parents like us on facebook

  18. am a newsletter subscriber.

  19. I would love to see lunch bags for on the go. Somewhere to keep the bottles, snacks and juice. Bright colourful lunch bags to brighten up your day.

  20. I have LIKED LIKED Like Parents Like Us on Facebook

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  22. I am already a subscriber to the Hip little one newsletter, but followed the link and entered my address, JUST in case 🙂

  23. I have written about this giveaway on myFacebook page and left the URL, so all my friends will know too

  24. Hand Crocheted Baby Rattle is my fav, a reminder of yester-year from Sustainability.

  25. Just love love love Lelby’s Bean Chairs – Bluebell Garden from Avidiva

  26. Mud Pie Giraffe Bloomer’s are fantastic!!! I even signed up to their emails. Thank you, Hip Little One

  27. Catimini Spirit City Floral dress, specially made for a little miss, how cute! Dress by Mickey House Kids!

  28. Would love to see some more wooden toys in stock

  29. Facebook liker

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  32. newsletter subsciber

  33. Visited Sustainababy and love the flatout babybear…looks sooo soft!

  34. i visited Little yoyo styles and really liked the Kidcraft Vintage play kitchen so gorgeous!

  35. i visited Mickey house kids and loved the pink berries knit vest love the colours

  36. Also visited the outlet shop for kids and liked the Mudpie bunny dress, my miss 4 woud love it.

  37. I LOVE the Babuska Dolls – my daughter would love these

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  41. I’d love to see some Modern Cloth Nappies in store – brands like GroVia or Bumgenius 🙂

  42. New liker of Parents Like Us on facebook

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  44. And I subscribe to the Hip little one newsletter

  45. I visited Rudy & The Dodo and love the words on the ‘”bus scrolls” print – bed time’

  46. Visited Sustainababy and love the Plan Toys Tea Set

  47. I also dropped in to Shop for Tots and love their Seedling – Recorder, designed by me

  48. At Bubzyboo I love the Bamboo Care Yoga pants in pale pink

  49. I’d love to see some special harness/carriers. The ones in the local stores are very generic, but sometimes I see someone on the street with some fabulous sling that baby looks so happy and natural in.

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  54. Im intrigued by the AmbeRocks Amber Teething Necklaces over at AviDiva – something I’ve not come across before

  55. Love the gorgeous little hot pink polka dot pacigrip at sincewewerekids – neccessity for any house with a bub that loves to toss the dummy

  56. Liking the Beep Beep Baby Sling in Retro Watermelon over at Whimsy Child – looks awesome

  57. I enjoyed browsing the It’s a Present link over at Hip and Hot. Good concept

  58. I would love to see a sleep trainer clock that has a sun and a moon on it.

  59. I subscribe to the HLO newsletter

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  61. I would like to see some boy versions of the babushka dolls. My daughter has a set and loves hers and I would love to get one for my son, but not dolls

  62. The dummy thermometer looks like it would make a difficult job much easier!

  63. newsletter subscriber

  64. I would love to see more storage ideas for children,like cute boxes or shelves,drawers to keep toys & books & anything else in!

  65. Like Parents Like Us on FB 🙂

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  68. Shop For Tots-I love the Zzzoolight Elephant Dream Lamp,gorgeous!

  69. Sticky Biz-Garden Room Wall Art

  70. Mickey House- Eleve Blue Elephant Hoodie Top

  71. Sustainababy-Plan Toys Tea Set

  72. I love the current range. An addition I would be interested in is floating thermometers for the bath (even better if it can be used in the bedroom too).

  73. I am a fan of Parents Like Us on facebook.

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  76. I follow @parentslikeus on Twitter

  77. I tweeted about the giveaway with tags (JessieBoan)

  78. I visited Sticky Biz – I love the Chirpie Invite.

  79. I visited Shop For Tots – for bathtime I would love the Baby Luxe Bamboo Wash Cloths.

  80. I visited Sustain A Baby – I love the Studio Skinki Playon Crayons!

  81. I visited Rudy & The Dodo – I love the wooden book ends in the birdies design.

  82. Now follow Parents Like Us on Twitter 🙂

  83. Cooper has cerebral palsy and soft corner and hard area protectors would be great as he always hurts himself on corners etc

  84. I agree with Shiralee Kidd — it would be great to have some boy coloured versions of the babushka dolls.

  85. GFC follower

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  87. I think a good range of floor mats would be perfect.

  88. I liked Parents Like Us on FB.

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  91. I visited since we were kids and liked the Psi bands.

  92. I visited whimsychild and liked the Coco and Ginger dress- pink batik.

  93. I visited Bubzyboo and liked the Punk baby skull top.

  94. I visited avidiva and liked the ecosystem green to grow formula and snack cup.

  95. Would like to see some kids feeding sets with plates and cutlery sets etc.

  96. I like Parents Like Us on Facebook

  97. I follow @parentslikeus on Twitter

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  100. More learning toys. I love the old-fashioned wooden toys and would love to see some of those brought back.

  101. simple easy stylish door and draw locks. A range of safety things.

  102. Liked on facebook.

  103. Subbed to HLO newsletter.

  104. Bubzyboo’s Scotty Dog Mobile is so cute.

  105. Booloo Babe have these Genesa Forge Bamboo Velour Training Pants in such bright colours.

  106. I love the framed wall art at Art Eater it is a simple but great idea and would brighten up the room.

  107. Check the cute Ulubulu – Mute Button on Black Silicone Designer Pacifier at Little Yoyo Styles. Just says it all.

  108. I love nappy bags so would love to see these on the site

  109. following parents like us on facebook

  110. following parents like us on twitter

  111. Handy little crafty knick knacks that we could use to add an individual look the our little one’s outfits

  112. Have liked

  113. I am stalking @parentslikeus on Twitter..

  114. Already a google stalker.. 🙂

  115. already a subscriber..

  116. I’m like a bird I”ve twittered away…lol

  117. Whimsy Child love the Coco & Ginger “Ginger” Dress in orange batik, Avidiva liking the Kicky Pants – Bamboo Party Dress with Bloomers, Shop for Tots needing the sheet set with Red Stars and last but not least Australian girl doll I love love love Matilda..

  118. Music boxes…from pretty ones to chunky ones!

  119. Have already liked both pages, subscribed to newsletter and am now following on twitter. Love the Slumber Bear

  120. I’d love to see some cot sheets that are preferably organic

  121. Liked on facebook

  122. I think a range of MCNs (modern cloth nappies) would be great for the store!

  123. I have liked Parents Like Us on FB.

  124. I follow Hip little one with Google Friend Connect

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  126. I love the framed wall art from ArtEater

  127. I love Matilda from Australian Girl

  128. I love the Amber necklaces from Sustainababy

  129. I love the WillowBlu bags from Little Yoyo Styles

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